Knitting Project Bag Morphing

Several months ago I had an urge to make a drawstring bag, so I whipped one up from scraps. I recently started using it as a knitting project bag, and quickly realized that I was in need of a zipper pocket to hold extra circular needles, stitch markers, my scissors, and other sundry stuff — like my phone and my keys.

So the bag has to morph!

I whipped up another one, but added the zipper pocket on one side.


It’s made from fabrics left over from my turquoise Algorithm quilt that I completed in December. You can see it here.

Here’s the first one I made with fabrics left over from the first red and yellow Algorithm quilts I made. See the quilt here.

It’s basically a pattern I made up after seeing several pouches I liked, incorporating features from several bags and made in a size that’s good for the types of projects I make. I finally wrote down all the measurements for the bag pieces, so the next one should be a little quicker. I have several friends who want one.

I pieced the wonky log cabin panel on a piece of  muslin, which holds it all together nicely.

The pocket I added on the front is roomy and will be really practical.


It’s a great bag for a smaller project like a hat or socks. It has a nice deep gusset and is quite roomy. The drawstring makes it so the mouth opens wide so it’s easy to get things in and out.


I’m thinking of writing up a tutorial for this pouch, similar to my Zipper Pouch Tutorial, seen here.  Leave a comment if you’re interested in a tutorial for this.

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