My Crumb Quilt Top is Done!

I’m just going to celebrate how happy I am with how this turned out with lots and lots of photos!


The whole enchilada.cr3

More views…



I think I am definitely keeping this one for myself!

33 Replies to “My Crumb Quilt Top is Done!”

  1. This is like a beautiful diary of all the KF quilts that have gone before as well as a testament to “no piece is too small”. Such a fun and inspiring quilt!

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  2. Absolutely love your crumb quilt. You’ve inspired me to start one. I have made 725 masks and donated so time to get back to creativity and use up all my scraps. Thanks so much and I’m glad you are keeping this one.

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    1. Holy cow! That’s a lot of masks. What a great thing to do to help keep people safe! I’m glad you’re ready to do something that will feed your spirit!!! Have fun!


  3. Yes, you need to keep this one, it brings you so much joy 🙂 Loving the red borders, they embrace the colorful crumb blocks so well! Good Job!!!

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    1. Thanks Pam. I’m so glad I went with the red sashing instead of the black and white jumble. It lets the blocks be the star, rather than competing with them.


  4. Oh my, that is absolutely stunning and the red sashing is perfect. You have an amazing eye for color. I am new to Kaffee fabrics, so will have years to gather scraps but hope someday to make one of these or a strip quilt. Lived in PA where dark colors were the norm and moved to NC two years ago where everything is bright. When you buy Kaffee fabrics do you buy what you like in particular or do you buy with a quilt in mind for that fabric? I am absolutely addicted to these fabrics and also can’t wait to see your aboriginal quilt.

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    1. I have a pretty good stash of Kaffe fabrics that I go to first when putting a quilt together. And then I buy what I’m missing. I do have favorite fabrics that I go to and use a lot… and this red guinea flower is one of them. It’s just so amazing.

      I have a couple quilts I’m thinking about making right now… mostly just color ways at this point, more than pattern. I’m collecting photos of quilts where I like the color combos and will then dive into my stash and see what I can put together that speaks to me. Then I’ll fill in with fabrics that I’d like to include… fabrics that may complement, or bring a pop of color, or that I’m missing in my stash.

      One of my favorite parts of making a quilt is the first steps of playing with fabric and color combos.


  5. AJ, your crumb Kaffe is stunning, and the sashing choice is perfect! Thanks for all the photos. I never throw any Kaffe “crumbs” away. I’ve tried “crumb” piecing before and it seemed so stressful and I wanted each block to be perfect. Just what is your theory for working with tiny little scraps? Inquiring minds want to know!

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    1. One of the things I love about crumb piecing and other improv piecing is that it’s really hard to make a mistake. And sometimes some really wonderful things happen. I like to do crumb piecing production line style. Sit down with a pile of beautiful scraps, sew one piece to another, then chain piece one after another. Then cut them apart and press, then sit down with that pile and chain piece those pieces to each other. Have some good music playing and sing along!

      I am probably going to do a blog post about making this quilt and will include a link to a video on how I do the crumb quilting. It will serve as a sort of “pattern” for making this quilt. Will include basic measurements for piecing, but won’t include yardage needed.


      1. I’d love to be able to see a video of your crumb quilt process as I’m an audio visual learner. Crumbling is really scary for me.

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      2. I’ll see if I can get a tutorial for making this quilt onto my blog this weekend. It should be pretty easy and quick to write up. Editing the video will be the hardest part since my personal computer is on the fritz. But I’ll give it a try.


    2. The thing that I find fun about crumb quilts is that they don’t have to be perfect! But then that perfect approach to piecing isn’t my favorite part. Never look close at my points and joints!!! I always look at imperfections and think, “no one will ever notice that. I’m not entering this in a quilt show!!”


    1. Thank you! I think those spots were a pretty good idea! I’m really loving all these gorgeous spot fabrics right now! They are so simple and yet so brilliant!


    1. Thanks! It’s always disappointing to me when I can’t get a photo of a quilt that shows what it really looks like. I’m pretty happy with how these turned out.


  6. Where is the Love button?! That is fantastic, colorful and wonderful! Oh, and did I mention beautiful as well? I love what you do with KF fabrics!

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  7. Lucious colours forming such a happy quilt and we need all the happy we can get. Never would have thought to use that fabric for sashing but it works perfectly.

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    1. I had originally gone a completely different direction with the sashing but never had that feeling that it was right. But this one really spoke to me when I tried it with my blocks. Funny how something But then I rarely take the safe route when selecting a sashing!


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