A Break from Our Routine

Today was finally Friday! It was an amazingly cool and lovely day here. I don’t think it got much past 65 or so and the clouds stuck around all day so it was really cool and wonderful.

I took the dogs for a 2.5 mile walk before lunch today and then had to go into the office to sign some paperwork in the afternoon. I decided that since I was out and it was cool, I should take the dogs along and then find a nice walk on the way home.

So we stopped by Lewis and Clark College and walked around campus on this gorgeous day. We wandered all over the place, saw lots of really pretty landscapes, and not more than five people in 3.5 miles.


I just love this photo. Oregon has some really amazingly big trees. These two stood there like sentinels along this path and it looked like a perfect place for a photo of my boys.

I’ve never been on this campus before and didn’t want to get lost, so I asked my phone to mark the location of my car so I could use my map app to find our way back.  That made me feel confident enough to take sidewalks, trails and roads as I saw them, and not worry about having to stay oriented. That made the walk really fun as I just turned and walked a dirt trail, went up that staircase, walked that winding sidewalk and strolled along roads with no traffic as I saw them. We saw landscaped gardens, patios, patches of forests, lots of birds, and athletic fields. Around every corner was another surprise.

This gorgeous building houses the college president’s offices. It was very grand and stately.

Here’s an even more stately view with some stately canines.


This is the less stately rear view. There were a couple of people out enjoying the patio. They seemed to think we looked very suspicious. We might have been the only people they saw all day!


We came around one corner and saw two of these sculptures outside of an art gallery.


My dogs are willing to jump up on anything when I ask them. Looks like maybe they’ve done this before!

One of the coolest things we found on campus was this covered bridge. I wanted to walk back and forth across it several times and look down into the forest below.


And of course, the obligatory photo of dogs on rocks.


It was really nice to get out and walk in a new area. It’s really good for my spirit to see new things and stimulate my brain. And the dogs love it too. They like their regular walks, but any time we walk in a new place they have an especially wonderful time.

I’m going to take advantage of this campus for walking more often. It only takes a few minutes to get there and it will be nice and shady when it’s hot. It’s supposed to be 100 degrees here Sunday and Monday… after being in the mid 60s today!!!

12 Replies to “A Break from Our Routine”

  1. Thanks for sharing that, looks like a wonderful day. Our air quality in NE part of the state is terrible. A bit cooler here as well mid 80’s vs. 101 the other day. Harvest is happening which means I stay indoors. Love how green it is in your neck of the woods, but love my Blue Mountains. 🙂 Blessings.

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      1. Yes to fires… they are all around us. Smoky much of the past month… Only a couple still giving off smoke currently, air quality is still poor. We got past the hottest days and my plants all think it is October… soo bye bye midnight sky petunias. 😦 Check out a satellite image sometime, they really show when the smoke is having a hey day!

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  2. Lovely photos! It was cool and cloudy here in NW Wa yesterday and part of today. Thursday, I decided to take a day off from tending the yard/garden. So, I started a baby quilt from fabrics the mom-to-be bought when she was in Ghana. A new experience for me to work with Ankara fabrics. My days off are not from a job per se, but a welcome change from the summer usual!

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  3. Omg Annie, imagine what may have transpired had you not cut your bangs! Those people on the patio would surely have called for the vans with the storm troopers to come to their rescue. They’re probably still shaken by the sight of Benders sinister ear.

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  4. Thanks for the beautiful Bender & Rico pictures! They are so handsome 🙂 That campus is gorgeous, love the big trees. We somehow got some cooler weather here in Northeast Texas, only 91 but heat index of 102….
    We are promised highs around upper 80s for a few days, we shall see. I hate summer and long for Fall!

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    1. We’ve been having a really lovely and mild summer. Supposed to be 100 degrees her tomorrow and Monday, but then back down to the mid 70s. I’m sitting on the patio with my breakfast as I type this and when a breeze comes up I need a sweater!


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