Moss Garden Nearly Done

I’ve been sewing along on the Moss Garden blocks and the top is nearly done. I finished the right four vertical rows last night. Tonight, I completed all the five left side vertical rows except for one horizontal seam.


Tomorrow night I’ll sew the final horizontal seam on the left, and the long vertical seam to connect the two sides.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to use for a border on this quilt. I’ve tried a lot of different options and have landed on this combination.


I’ll do a small inner border of the red strata and a larger outer border of the lotus leaf in citrus. I like the strata for the smaller border because of all the colors in it. I had to order these two pieces of fabric so will have to wait a few days to finish the border. I know that I should have some of the that lotus leaf somewhere. I used it as a backing for my turquoise Algorithm quilt and had some left over. But I can’t find it for the life of me.

The backing will be the turquoise zig zag. I got a large piece on sale last fall. Haven’t decided yet what the binding will be.


These fabrics… seriously! They are so amazing!

15 Replies to “Moss Garden Nearly Done”

    1. Hahaha! I have such a hard time parting with quilts I make. But how many do I really need? I don’t have any on my beds. I do have one that I use on the sofa all the time. But I do think this one will be for me. I really like it. The colors really make me happy!

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  1. Love the two border fabrics, especially the Lotus Leaf. I, also, would like to know where you order your Kaffe fabrics. One can never have enough Kaffe’s!

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    1. I have several online sources I tend to go to over and over for Kaffe fabrics. First is Island Quilter. They are close to me and ship fast. So if I need something to start or finish a project quickly, I tend to go with them. I also use Glorious Color. They have a wide selection, good prices, and relatively quick shipping. I also really like Good selection. Quick service. Great customer service. I will occasionally buy some from Hancocks of Paducah, but their shipping is really slow. I also have a local store that has a really good selection of Kaffe fabrics. I’m not going there much now because the proprietor doesn’t wear a mask! Luckily, the customers do. They also don’t tend to stock new collections.


  2. Hi from southern coastal Oregon! What size are your blocks, and what chair do you use that allows you to sit for so long, or do you stand? Thanks, LOVE your KF quilts.

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  3. I love the red stripe for the first border. I don’t pull that one off the shelf often enough. AND I love Lotus Leaf in all colors but especially Citrus.
    I have started putting all of the long leftover pieces from backings in one box and that makes it so easy to find them when I need them.
    I need to add your email address to my email program because you are a no reply in blogger comments.

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    1. WAnda; I’m with you on the lotus leaf. It’s one of my favorite Kaffe designs, and that color way is so amazing. Good advice on organizaign fabric. I remember reading one of your blog posts several years ago about what you do with scraps and I’ve been trying to follow that advice since. Sometimes I’m better about others. And my email, for your records, is agilejack at yahoo dot com.


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