Moss Garden Quilt Top is All In One Piece!

I sewed the final two seams on my Moss Garden quilt tonight. I still have to add the borders, but the fabric I ordered won’t arrive for a couple of days.


Without the borders this measures about 80 x 80 inches. Haven’t decided on the size of the borders yet, but I’m guessing they will add at least 10 inches in overall width. So this should be a nice queen size quilt when it’s done.

These pictures feel pretty accurate in color and value to me. I hurried and took photos  after we got home from our evening walk. There was just enough light left.


I’m actually liking all the fabrics I used now that’s it’s put together. There were a couple I was questioning, but now I think it all works.


Just look at these amazing fabrics! Gah! So amazing.



Someone asked me for a list of the Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics I used, so here it is, design name first, color way second:

Coleus: Yellow

Enchanted: Green

Tiddlywinks: Red

Brassica: Moss

Brassica: Yellow

Jumble: Pink

Jumble: Turquoise

Geodes: Red

Succulent: Lime

Dream: Moss

Lady’s Purse: Red

Bouffant: Green

Big Leaf: Pink

Lotus Leaf: Lime

Strata: Red

Zig Zag: Aqua

Zig Zag: warm red

Roman Glass: Emerald

Ferns: Turquoise

Jupiter: Green (hard to find. can use Malachite instead)

Millefiore: Green

I typically buy half-yard cuts, but a few of these were thirds. Plan accordingly because you can’t get a large block and a full strip of smaller blocks for the nine patch out of one third yard width.

I have at least a dozen 9.5 inch blocks left over, plus a small pile of 3.5 inch squares. A decent amount of other scraps too. You could certainly plan more precisely and not have as much left over. Good thing I like scrappy quilts!




20 Replies to “Moss Garden Quilt Top is All In One Piece!”

  1. Gorgeous, beautiful work. It’s an enviable collection of lavish colour and design, and I really love how you’ve put them all together. Have you decided what colour to bind it with? Difficult choice, I imagine – I’d love to see it in green, but so many different colour would work.

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    1. I am actually thinking something in the green family for the binding. I might just use the backing fabric for the binding, or might use the emerald Roman glass. I’ll audition different options once I get the borders on. But probably something green.

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    1. Fun! Can’t wait to see how different you’re looks. I hope you can find that big leaf. I’ve had a piece in my stash for who knows how long. I do think I’ve seen it online recently. And some of those fabrics were only used in the nine patches… most of the smaller scale prints — jumbles, zig zags, ferns. Isn’t a generous stash a wonderful thing!!!


  2. Wonderful, as always! You really have an eye for color. My quilt (from the same pattern) turned out to be more orange and green, but that was about 20 years ago. Yours has more rose and turquoise and it’s a better combo. I look forward to seeing what the border is and also back and binding. Another win!

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  3. This is stunning. My local quilt shop has an extensive Kaffe collection. They also have online ordering. Quilt Expressions, Garden City/Boise Idaho.

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      1. My sister lives in Eagle and she’s taken me there to shop when I was visiting!
        I think we made a few trips there, as a matter of fact. Great shop. I think I’ll have to look online and see what they have in Kaffes.

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      2. I think they have something like 6,000 bolts of fabric. I’ve never been in the store, although I drive from POrtland to Salt Lake every summer… except this summer.


  4. Thank you for sharing your quilt journey – it’s absew-lutely beautiful!!!!
    Can you please share how much border fabric you needed for this lovely work of art? I’m guessing 3 yds, is that about right?

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    1. Oh no. that’s way too much for the border. I’m planning a 5 inch border of the lotus leaf. the quilt is 80×80. So I need around 350linear inches of border fabric. If my fabric is 42 inches wide, I need 8.33 five-inch strips to border this quilt. 8.33 times 5 inches is just under 42 inches total fabric needed. So that’s less than 1.5 yards. I would always buy extra to account for my bad math. And if I make a mistake, i want to make sure that all of my border fabric comes from the same bolt. So I would buy at least two yards of the lotus leaf to border this quilt. It will take a lot less of the strata because that border will be much more narrow.


      1. Hi A. J.! You’ve led me astray yet again. I, of course, had to go online to Quilt Expressions to check it out, and had to buy more fabric. They had an Alexander Henry fabric that I’ve been looking for!!! Thanks for such a great blog and having a blog posse that shares info.

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  5. That’s absolutely gorgeous! Your posts have inspired me to try my hand at the same pattern with some of the Kaffe Fassett fabrics I have. I started cutting out squares this evening!

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    1. Fantastic! I hope you have as much fun making it as I did. I finally got all my borders on last night. Mine is big so it took hours to finish the borders, but I’m really happy with how they look. I’ll take photos this evening. Happy sewing!


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