Determined to Finish this Thing!

I am really getting itchy to start a new quilting project, but I am determined I will finish this Ruffled Feathers top before I move onto my next quilt. I know myself well enough to know that if I set it aside, it will sit for months.

So I gave it a little thought and since the most time consuming part is making the geese units, I decided to dig in and get the remaining needed geese sections completed. And then the blocks will go together really fast from there.

I have completed seven of the ten sets needed to complete the final ten blocks for this quilt top. I will probably finish up the remaining three sets Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and then I’ll trim all the units and start removing the paper.

Before I started working on these final sets I selected fabric for each pair of templates. That way I can really get through them quickly as I don’t have to stop to select fabric for each one.

If all goes well I could finish this quilt top this weekend and then move onto the next project.

I would have gotten more sets done tonight except a friend of mine is choosing fabrics for a black Kaffe Fassette Collective quilt and she wanted me to help her select fabrics. So I pulled out my black Kaffe fabrics and took photos to send to her. Then we spent an hour on the phone looking through online stores to find black Kaffe fabrics.

And now I want to make a black quilt!!! Look at these amazing fabrics!!!

I’m pretty positive there will be one of these in my future.

12 Replies to “Determined to Finish this Thing!”

  1. Thank you for sharing. Your colourful projects are fabulous !
    I just spotted your face mask photo with the chameleon fabric…. and your two glorious pooches……where did you buy the fabric and what make is it ?
    I live in UK so don’t hold out much hope of being able to buy it here, but who knows !
    Look forward to seeing more of your projects for inspiration. 💕

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    1. I bought that fabric a couple of years ago at a local quilt store. I just checked the piece I have left and there’s no selvedge left so I have no idea what it is. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. I just love that fabric!


    1. That black quilt will be down the line behind a couple I want to have ready for Christmas. But the fabrics have me pretty excited! I am determined to finish the Ruffled Feathers quilt before I move on to anything!

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  2. I would never even think there were enough Kaffe fabrics with a black background to have any variety. Now that I see them displayed I’m amazed. I took your advice and started on a “new” project yesterday and really got interested in working on it. Lots of bias edges so I have to do very careful pinning and sewing, but it’s making me slow down to enjoy the process. I just may be out of my slump!

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    1. Yay for being out of your slump!!! It helps to do something new, even if it’s walking a route that’s different from your usual route. And the funny thing about black Kaffe fabrics… I went online last night and bought nine more pieces!!! Can;t wait to see how they work with what I have and then decide on a final grouping… and eventually a pattern. I’m so glad you started a new project!


  3. I have a whole selection of Kaffee fabrics and can’t decide on a pattern since the designs are quite large. I love bright colors and follow your site for inspirations.

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    1. Wow! Thanks! I love making things with big blocks out of these fabrics to let the prints shine. And then I do things out of smaller pieces that are pretty cool too (like my crumb quilt that’s at the top of my blog page). It took me some time when I first started to get to where I could actually cut into my Kaffe fabric. Now I can’t wait to start cutting! Have fun!!!


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