Fourteen Out of Twenty Done

I finished the last of the remaining flying geese units for my Ruffled Feathers quilt on Tuesday night and have started chunking away on the last ten blocks. Tonight I finished four blocks. So this means I have only six blocks to finish and then I can get this top done.

The blocks are big, so once they’re done and I get them moved around where I like them, the top will go together really quickly.

It’s nice to be on the downhill slope of this quilt top. But I am thinking about replacing those yellow jumble rectangles with other fabrics. They are annoying me a bit. I’ve stopped sewing any more of them into blocks.

My friend and I were laughing the other night that we’ve gone a little crazy buying fabric online during the pandemic. So tonight I went into my sewing room and organized all my new fabric to take a little inventory of what I’ve purchased.

Most of these pieces are half yards, some are yards, and there are a few two and three yard pieces. There are also three quilt back size pieces in there. My rough calculation tells me that this is over sixty yards of fabric!

WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING??? I can’t even fathom how long it’s going to take me to use up that fabric. Plus, this is only the Kaffe Fassett Collective fabric I’ve bought. I’ve also purchased an Aboriginal quilt back, a batik quilt back, and nine one-yard pieces of white on white fabrics. And… some Kaffe fabrics that’s I’ve purchased online since I’ve been isolated at home have been sewn into two different quilts.

I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’m currently waiting for three separate packages of Kaffe fabric to arrive. I’m not sure I could tell you what’s in each of them.

But I’m ok with it all… it’s all a bright spot in a difficult time.

22 Replies to “Fourteen Out of Twenty Done”

  1. Fabric’s so much more expensive here in Australia. I can only dream of having a Kaffe Fassett stash like that… It’s a really enviable collection and there are one or two there I’d give my eye teeth for.
    I hope you reconsider your thought about removing the yellow rectangles. They add a ‘ping’, a certain sparkle to the overall effect, and I worry the overall effect will be flatter without them.

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    1. I agree with you, Kate! The yellow jumble needs to stay as its a bright spot in this design. I love all these Kaffe fabrics, but I think the quilt will be kind of mushy without the yellow. Just sayin’.

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      1. I’ll think about it before I make a decision. I might feel better about it once I get all the blocks done and start moving them around on the design wall. I don’t relish the idea of replacing those blocks.


    2. I feel bad that you don’t have ready access to all this amazing fabric. It’s so wonderful to work with. Hard to make a bad quilt with it. And re: the yellow in my quilt… I’m already having second thoughts. I won’t be rash! thanks for your input!

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  2. Burst out laughing when you said ..WTH am I doing with 60 yards of fabric. My Covid project was to fold stack fabric onto shelves instead of in bins. I lost count after 300 yards ROFLOL. HOARDING IS NOT GOOD. but I’ve made 500 masks and didn’t buy fabric ! Am loving you ruffled feathers quilt!!

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    1. You’re actually using fabric! It’s important that you restock!!! So funny but I’m not sure what I think of that ruffled feathers quilt… it’s so busy and chaotic! And it gets more chaotic with each block I add. But there is something really appealing about it. I can’t wait to see it quilted and wrapped around someone!


  3. I can relate. A good friend brought me back to reality and told me I wouldn’t live that long to use all the fabric I have. She surely doesn’t understand.

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  4. I, too, have indulged myself in many different KF Collective half and full yards in the past 6 weeks. Some of it isn’t due for another month or even in January but I NEEDED those fabrics. They make me happy (and the news from the outside world is definitely not doing a lot of that right now). At the same time, I’ve been planning quilts to actually USE a lot of that fabric – time will tell how those plans hold up. Enjoy your stash (and I vote to keep the yellow jumble).

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    1. Getting a lot of votes in favor of the yellow jumble. I will certainly give it lots of thought and will play on the design wall before making a decision. It took me some time, but I’m finally motivated to sew and have been pretty productive the last two months. I’m giving quilts as holiday gifts and still have two tops to get done. then need to get four quilted in time to ship. so I have some stuff to get done!! This is all helping me stay occupied and let my creative juices flow… and counter all the awfulness in the world.


  5. What if you remove the yellow ‘bothersome’ fabric but only the rectangles and not the triangles?
    I adore these blocks, this quilt makes me smile each time you post it!

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    1. that’s what I was thinking of doing. The smaller pieces don’t bother me, but the big rectangles do. I’m going to give it more thought and wait until I finish the last blocks and move things around on the design wall before making a decision. Looks like I’m the only one who is bothered by them. That makes me feel a little better about them.


  6. I would leave the yellow you have in there and just not add any into the last 6 blocks. That will water down the amount overall and it will just be a peek here and there but not the main attraction.

    There is nothing wrong with adding to your stash. It is cheaper and safer then a cruise and it is making you extremely happy.

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    1. On Wanda! You are so right about spending money on fabric! Cheaper than a cruise. We get double the pleasure, double the fun. First, when we purchase the fabric, and again when we sew it into a wonderful quilt.

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    2. Good idea on the yellow. Everyone who has commented pretty much agrees with you. I won’t make any decisions until I get all the blocks up on the design wall and move them around to see how they look before making any changes.

      Yes… buying fabric is MUCh safer than a cruise! It is making me happy and I can easily calculate the money I’m not spending on gas and travel and other things with all this isolation. It’s all pretty much a wash.


  7. love the flying geese! I have been purchasing the new Kaffe line (Aug 2020). It is vibrant and wonderful! Have purchased too much but plan to have a long winter of sewing!

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      1. I’m really dreading the dark of winter. It gets dark here at around 4:00 pm in the dead of winter. All this brightness will help with all that darkness. And it will be warm too!


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