Distracted Again… Another Impulse.

I dug into my smaller batik scraps this afternoon to start a project I’ve been thinking about.

I saw this project on Instagram a couple of months ago and have been fascinated by it. An old friend of mine from Salt Lake had seen it too and signed up for the class that teaches you how to make it. And she finished her project this weekend. Here is Eliza Claire’s sea glass wall hanging. It has quite a few KFC fabrics in it, which I love!

She followed an online class made by Exhausted Octopus on Instagram. If you scroll through Exhausted Octopus’ Instagram posts you’ll see pictures of her own sea glass pieces as well as the pieces by people who have taken her class. For detailed instructions you should definitely check out her class. I’ve heard really good things about it. It’s also worth some time to check out her Instagram page. She’s pretty damned creative!

I’m going to give a try to figuring this out on my own. I think I’ll do it with with raw edge applique and free motion quilting. So I ordered some Heat and Bond ( double sided fusible adhesive) and some charm squares of lighter batiks. I was pretty sure I’d find the scraps I needed among all my batik scraps, but I was surprised at the large selection of the colors I want.

Here’s all my batik scraps bonded to the Heat and Bond.

And the lighter neutrals…

Then I cut all these small pieces apart using my rotary cutter. Then I drew shapes on the paper backing and started cutting.

So much cutting!

I still have to cut the pile of aqua pieces. Then I can start selecting pieces and arranging them on the background.

Here’s a view of how I’ll arrange the pieces on the background. I looked at a lot of the sea glass quilts on instagram and identified common features of the ones I liked the best. And then I tried to emulate those features. My shapes are pretty different from others I’ve seen.

I bought a whole bunch of white on white fabric last summer and I’ll use a piece of that for the background and binding.

I’ve been wanting to make a wall hanging for a friend for a couple of years and have never been able to decide on a pattern. I think this will be perfect for her. I’m going to finish it at 20×36 inches. It needs to be big enough to cover an electrical panel.

I had the day off work today for the Martin Luther King holiday and I got up this morning and had a good breakfast and then loaded the dogs in the car and drove out to the Banks Vernonia Trail for a fantastic eight mile walk. The weather was so amazing! I walked in just a light fleece… no other jacket. We got some wonderful sun along the way.

There were more people on the trail that usual, but not bad considering today was a holiday.

19 Replies to “Distracted Again… Another Impulse.”

  1. I’ve admired those pebbled pieces on IG too. Yours is going to look fabulous with those batik fabrics! Lucky doggies you have to enjoy a beautiful walk on a sunny morning. Here in Iowa, we walk our 2 dogs daily, but many of the walks are bitterly cold and on snow-laden paths. Looking forward to watching your quilted pebbly garden project grow!

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    1. I’ve lived in Portland for almost 11 years now. We get a lot of rain in the winter. The good part is that I never need to wear much more than a rain jacket. But it does get dreary. I miss an occasional snow storm but I don’t miss the cold temps! Our twice daily walks are helping to keep me sane!

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  2. I just smile to myself every time you interrupt one project and start another – I do the same thing! You just never know where your new best inspiration is coming from and when it will hit. That’s how UFO’s are born. When you get THAT excited about something, you just have to go for it! I’m living vicariously thru you for the time being as I am sick with Covid. No energy to do anything sewing related, but it hasn’t kept me off the internet. Please keep inspiring me, it’s easy for you!

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    1. Oh no!!! I hope you’re feeling better every day. My brother and his wife both got Covid and they bounced back really quickly. I hope you have a similar experience. I’m glad I can help keep you inspired as you get better. Be sure to check in and let me know how you’re doing! And I’ll keep trying to inspire you!!!


      1. Thank you, Annie, you inspire me every day! I’m feeling a little bit better every day. I don’t have lung involvement so that’s really good. I just feel very weak and dragged out. As soon as I start fondling fabric again I’ll know I’m really recovering.

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  3. I love this project. I collect beach glass and am really drawn to this. Do you know that there is beach glass fabric? Just Google it. It might make a nice backing or inspiration. There is an especially pretty blue and green one — someone on Etsy has some. Not batik but just lovely.
    From Susan in Bend (and sometimes Bandon)

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  4. I love your quilts. Seeing them has given me inspiration to start collecting more KFC for a quilt. I’ve done one using KFC. Loved it. Gave it to my cousin.
    I also love hearing about your dogs. I have a McNabb shepherd except for color looks just like your black/white dog. Is he a McNabb?

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    1. Ooh! I remember when I first started collecting Kaffe fabric! I gathered it for some time before I could make myself cut into it. Now I can’t wait to get cutting!

      My dogs are both border collies. I’m familiar with McNabbs. I’ve had a couple of friends who have had them. Can’t imagine living without these dogs right now!!! it’s nice to have someone to talk to!


  5. OMG! Your idea to cover an electrical panel rang bells with me; we have a kitchenette downstairs that has an upgraded panel no longer covered by a cupboard door. I could make a mini for it! Probably not beach glass, but something. Yours is going to be beautiful!

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    1. If it was MY electrical panel I might just do some fun paint on it. But this is for a friend. It’s a crazy big electrical panel! This wall hanging till need to be a little bigger than 15×38 to cover it!


    1. Haha! My life is not as interested as it seems! It can be pretty repetitive and boring at times. Maybe that’s why I try do so many different things… to keep the boredom away.



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