Busy Hands and One Fewer WIP

I have been in video meetings from 9 am to 5 pm for two days and have one more day to go. Yesterday I got very stir crazy. So I decided that today I wanted to have some hand work next to my desk to keep my hands occupied while my brain was working. So I looked around my sewing room last night and pulled out the green batik blocks that I made a few weeks ago. They had been stacked and labeled in rows.

I pinned all of these rows together during the meeting this morning and felt more at peace during a stressful and draining day.

And I got them all sewn together tonight, so this quilt top is done! This is the second quilt top I’ve finished in January

The blocks are tall so there are only five rows here. It went together quickly.

It’s funny, but I like this quilt better on this bed than I did on the design wall. There are some really pretty spots in this quilt top.

As I was pressing a section of this as I was putting the rows together I noticed how nice the back looks. I do like it when the back of a quilt looks almost as nice as the front. Even though it will never be seen, it gives me satisfaction to know that something looks nice.

I’m going to pin together the final two rows of blue 16-patch blocks tomorrow morning and hope to finish that top up tomorrow night. Then I can move the 72 scrappy batik 16-patch blocks to the bigger design wall.

The blue 16-patch and scrappy batik 16-patch quilt tops will be #14 and #15 that I’ve finished since we started isolation back in March.

6 Replies to “Busy Hands and One Fewer WIP”

  1. Wow – you get so much done! I think the top looks better on the bed too and love the extra bits of color here and there. I made the crockpot chicken tortilla soup you shared and we love it! I doubled everything and it was FULL to the brim 🙂 I didn’t find fire roasted tomatoes so used regular diced and added some Mrs. Dash chicken seasoning and more garlic. Best tortilla soup ever! Thanks!

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