Cleaning Up This Mess

I haven’t felt great the last couple of days. I’m feeling the need for a vacation and I think I’m not drinking the water I need to be drinking. So I haven’t felt much like sewing .

I did get a little spurt of energy after our walk tonight and got into my sewing room and started cleaning up some of the mess that’s been driving me crazy.

I’ve needed to organize and put away fabric that I’ve purchased over the last few months. There was so much fabric stacked up on my sewing table that it was getting in the way of feeding fabric through my machine.

I also had stacks of the black and white fabrics I’ve purchased recently, as well as the new KFC fabrics that I’ve purchased in the last couple weeks that needed to be put away.

I started by cleaning out some drawers in the Ikea dresser that I use for fabric storage. I was able to free up the three smaller top drawers and got all of my black and white fabrics put away. This is all the new black and white fabrics I’ve bought recently, as well as the black and whites that I already had.

One of these drawers had a mess of batik scraps. One had Kaffe scraps. I can’t even remember what the third had in it. It feels so good to see all of this organized and put away!

I took all the new KFC fabrics and the stuff that was stacked on the sewing table and sorted it all out by color. This photo shows all that fabric plus the newest Kaffe fabrics that arrived today (my second order of the new stuff… because I just wanted more of it!).

I was able to clean out one large drawer in my dresser that will accommodate all these KFC fabrics. But in order to get all this organized and put away I need to combine it with the KFC fabric that’s already in the dresser.

So I’ll have to pull all of this out and then put all the fabric back in according to color, with a few exceptions. I keep all my spots and all my paperweight, Roman glass and millefiori in one place. I’m thinking I can get this done tomorrow night.

Maybe having this mess cleaned up a little will help motivate me to get back in there again!

We’ve had glorious weather the last few days. It definitely feels like spring here in Portland.

My yard guy has been here this week doing some serious pruning of my apple tree, which has gotten sort of out of hand. The yard feels so clean and neat with that tree trimmed up!

I also have him planting some new trees that will eventually provide some needed shade for my patio. Our previous attempt at using bamboo in galvanized steel tanks has not proven successful. The bamboo will come out and these tanks will be used as raised garden beds.

I’m hopeful and positive that these three new trees will provide some nice shade in a few years and make it so that I can use my patio on summer evenings.

11 Replies to “Cleaning Up This Mess”

  1. I hope your feeling better soon, it is looking like spring in your area with the green grass and nice back yard. I too am in the process of revamping my sewing room, new paint,new flooring, large cabinet from Ikea to store my fabric. Your enthusiasm and beautiful quilts definitley are inspiring !

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    1. Thanks! I’m feeling better today but I’m glad it’s the weekend! I need to paint my sewing room. It’s a bright blue color that was there when I bought the house and I really hate it. I love color on my walls, but I think I want to paint my sewing room a light cream color… that way the color of the fabrics will be the star and the walls won’t compete!

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  2. Seeing your stash of Kaffe’s makes me gasp! Oh my, I have Kaffe envy. I think I have to revamp my Kaffe stash also as its out of control. Maybe the next rainy day. Hope you feel better soon. Allow yourself to rest while you’re not feeling up to par. Your body is telling you to slow down!

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    1. Thanks. I feel better today. The gorgeous weather here is helping. We have a couple more nice days before the rain returns.

      it feels good to have all my fabrics more organized. Sometimes my brain starts feeling like my sewing room looks! It feels good to have it all cleared out!

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  3. I hope you feel better soon. I have been in the same.mindset. My sewing room is in chaos. Give yourself a rest from it. I may straighten up later. Have a nice cup of tea and sit.outside. Hugs.

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  4. Sorting fabric and restacking and organizing is a nice low key task when you don’t feel up to par. Maybe you just need a good dose of Vitamin D-3 either straight from the sun or in supplement form.


    1. The weather here has been really fantastic this week. It can be such a nice time of year here, but the rain is coming back in a few days. I did one of my work meetings on the back patio this afternoon. It felt really good to be out in the sun!

      I love folding new fabric! It’s so fun to feel each piece and look at it more closely. And with Kaffe fabrics the colors are just so amazing.

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  5. Oh, my jealousy is great at your wonderful organizational skills. Your folding skills…Just lovely. I got new fabric too…and it is all over the place. My daughter lives in Portland too She lives on NE 9th Ave. Such a lovely city.

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    1. I’m in SW Portland, so on the complete opposite side of town. I hope she likes Portland. This is a wonderful time of year here.

      There’s something really soothing to me in folding and organizing fabric. It’s so fun to look at each piece and enjoy the color and pattern. I eventually get to the point where the chaos really bothers me and I have to do something about it!

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