Two More Bag Bodies Done

I’ve had a productive couple days of sewing. Yesterday I worked on this new Frankenbag, but I made it from all new fabrics. Not scraps.

I’m considering this the front of the bag.

And I’m calling this the back. Although it really doesn’t matter which is which.

The only difference between the front and back is how I cut the sections of pieced strips.

I love the straight line quilting on this one. I like the way it plays with all the circles and dots in the fabric.

I made this from a charm pack of Kaffe Fassett paperweight fabrics that I’ve had for several years. I could never figure out what to do with it. One charm pack isn’t much fabric. So this was a perfect way to use up that little collection of fabric. I have enough left over to make another bag. Thinking of maybe going with a green paperweight for the borders on the next one.

The red at the bottom will be the lining on this bag. I chose the red because the body of the bag feels a little dark to me and I thought the red fabric would brighten the whole thing up.

All I have to do to finish this is make the lining and sew it in. That’s a pretty small part of making these bags.

The other bag body I finished tonight was the one I made for my panel tutorial. Here’s the front.

The fabric at the bottom will be the lining. I think that will be a really fun pop of vibrancy! And I quilted this with straight line quilting and I love it!

Here’s the back of the bag.

And I have to say, I LOVE the back of this bag! Makes me want to make more on this idea!

I’ve received a couple more photos of Frankenbags that people have made following my tutorial.

Here’s another one from Elizabeth Wellenstein. I just love these saturated blues and purples! She made this for her mother in law’s 88th birthday!

And here’s one made by Nancy Elizabeth Ewert. She said she used some orphan blocks left over from a Gypsy wife quilt.

There are so many things I love about this one. I love the fussy cut blue millefiori. I love that vertical line of yellow and green nestled in with those stripes. I have all kinds of ideas after seeing this one.

Next up, I want to finish the three bags that still need linings. Then who knows what I’ll make. I would like to figure out a way to add a zipper closure to the top of my Frankenbag. I have some ideas, but I’ll have to plan it out and make at least one prototype. More on that as my ideas firm up.

If you make a bag, remember I’d love to see it and would love to share it here. Email me a photo at

16 Replies to “Two More Bag Bodies Done”

  1. Endless possibilities ! It is so much fun seeing everyone’s unique creations of the Frankenbag ! I am going to attempt your very well written tutorial in the near future !

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    1. I’m loving seeing what others are making. It’s giving me so many ideas! When you make your bag, be sure to send me a photo of it and I’ll share it on my blog.


  2. Did you say that you used a visible batting on your Frankenbags! I’ve been trying to find the post that mentions it, but no luck. Can you tell us again what product you use? It gives your bags such nice “body”. Thanks again for the great tutorial. I see Frankenbags in my future!

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    1. Yes. I use a “FUSIBLE” Pellon batting. #TP971F Fusible Thermolam Plus. I bought 10 yards from Joann’s at 50% off. I’m hoping the feel of the bags will soften over time… like a favorite quilt. If you want more lasting structure you could certainly use a product that will give you that.

      I’m thinking of making one of these from the strips sets left over from my Ice Storm Quilt. Can’t quite figure out how to do that yet, but it will probably happen.


  3. Hi Agilejack,

    Quick question- do you use a foam-type batting for stabilizing your totes? They stand alone so nicely in your pix, surely a regular cotton batting doesn’t offer that support????

    Thx, Donna

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    1. Donna; I used a fusible Pellon high loft fleece batting. I want it to become soft and comfy with use… like a favorite quilt, rather than staying structured and formal. If you want to maintain more structure over time you could certainly use anything you like in place of the fleece/batting.


  4. I’m sure that a long time ago you told us the pattern you used but I did not write it down, please tell us again, or give appropriate dimensions. Thanks. They are all lovely

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  5. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity! I’m going to make one of these bags and it will be better than my usual because of your ideas.

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    1. Paperweight is one of my favorite Kaffe fabrics. I’ve wanted to make something out of just those fabrics for some time. This one wasn’t exciting me much until I quilted it and then it all came together! The quilting adds such amazing texture and makes it all seem line one cohesive piece.


  6. Your bags are just beautiful! Started my first frankenbag yesterday and taking more time than anticipated because I’m just learning your techniques. I am looking forward to making these and want to thank you for so kindly sharing your tutorial. Fun!!!

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