Repurposing Some Pandemic Play

Several months ago I sat down one evening, kind of spontaneously, and started making some crumb blocks from my batik scraps. I didn’t have any particular thing in mind. I just kept putting crumb blocks together, ended up squaring them off, and added some improv piecing, wonky batik borders, and some black and white borders to make it all bigger.

Here’s a blog post about making this piece. And another one.

I liked this piece, but I didn’t love it. I thought it might make a fun wall hanging, but I wasn’t driven to quilt it.

And tonight I pulled it out and cut two 17×17 pieces out of it…

…and made it into this… and I love it!

And the flip side…

I think this is so much better as a bag than it was as a wall hanging!!! I feel pretty good about the decision to cut it up.

I will line it with this green batik. Nothing better than a nice bright green batik!

There’s still enough of this piece to make one more bag and some additional pieces for a third bag. I have no regrets about cutting!!!

A couple more blog readers shared photos of their Frankenbags today.

Judy Jaudan made this on on her Singer Featherweight. I’m envious of all the blues! I rarely make things out of blue fabric and that means I have very few blues in my scrap pile. But I need some!

Here’s the other side. I’m really going to have to use some of that striped fabric in one of these bags! And I love that little pop of pink!

The other bag was made by Sylvie Dupont. I love those pops of red, and onion rings is always amazing when you cut it into strips. And again, there’s some of that gorgeous blue that I’m so jealous of!

Here’s the back of the bag, made with some fun crumb piecing.

Thanks to everyone who has shared photos of their Frankenbags. You’re really knocking my socks off with what you’re making and I’m having a blast seeing your projects!

6 Replies to “Repurposing Some Pandemic Play”

    1. I agree on both! I’m so glad I cut this wall hanging up! Now I’m looking at other quilt tops I’ve made this year and am wondering about how to repurpose them!

      And yes… people are making some really fun and gorgeous bags! It’s so fun to see the different appraoches.


  1. Oh …. I know just what to cut up into a Frankenbag! I have UFO’S that will never see the light of day, but a Frankenbag? Why not! Keep on spewing out your ideas, Annie, you’re on a roll! And I’m reading and listening.

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    1. I’m looking at all my quilt tops the same way!!! And I do still have strip tubes left over from my two trip quilts… which will probably eventually be showing up in bags. Just can’t figure out how to do it…


  2. Hi Annie! I’m BJ’s sister. I think the wall hanging looks much more interesting as a Frankenbag. I’m planning on making several with some of my UFO’s. Thank you for sharing so generously with all of us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Judith! Nice to meet you! Thanks for commenting and be sure to send me photos of what you make and I’ll share on my blog.

      I’m going to look at all my finished quilt tops and see if I want to repurpose any of them.


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