Finally, Doing Something I SHOULD Do

I took today off from work because my calendar was free and I just wanted another day off. I got up first thing and went to Costco during senior hour. When I got there at 9 am, there probably weren’t more than 30 cars in the parking lot. I got my shopping done really fast and was home in no time. Then I took the boys for a nice long walk before it got too hot.

Bender spend most of our walk completely tangled up!

I wasn’t terribly productive today. I did fold and put away a bunch of fabric that I’ve purchased lately.

Then I decided that I needed to get some quilt backs done so I can get quilts off to my long arm quilter to get them done in time for the holidays. I don’t want to be rushing at the last minute.

I have two quilt tops that already had the backs made. And I made two more backs today. I have one more backing to make for my holiday quilts.

The first one was pretty quick. I bought one of the new Kaffe wide backings for my blue KFC sixteen patch quilt.

I had seen some people recommend that you pre-wash the KFC wide backings. So I did wash and dry this. It was a little difficult to deal with… It’s so big! But it will be beautiful on this quilt.

I mean… look at how gorgeous this is!

The colors are just gorgeous and the feel of the fabric is very nice and soft.

I was worried that I would have thread everywhere after washing this, but was surprised that the edges were pretty neat. And then I felt a bump in the fold of the fabric and I pulled this out!

I could make a piece of jewelry out of that! There might be some dog hair in that wad.

Here’s a blog post on this finished quilt top.

The other quilt back I finished tonight was a batik one which made it go together really quickly… just one big seam.

This quilt top was made from a bunch of batik scraps I had on hand. It was sort of an impulse. I had seen a quilt done with improv wedges and really like it. So I pieced these on 8.5 x 11 paper piecing sheets as a foundation. It went together really fast!

Here’s a blog post on this scrappy quilt.

Here’s the first of two quilts tops and backs that have been sitting in the closet ready to be quilted.

This is the quilt top in that photo.

Here’s the other quilt that’s been ready to go for a while.

This was the first Aboriginal fabric quilt I ever made. I just love those fabrics.

Here’s this quilt in an earlier blog post.

The quilt I still need to make the backing for is a repeat of this Aboriginal quilt top. Here’s the top with the backing fabric I have. I’ll probably finish this backing tomorrow.

Here’s all these quilts and backs all bundled up and bagged with the binding fabric… ready for my long arm quilter.

I’ve been thinking about my next Franken bag. I’m going to make a blue one from fabrics left over from my KFC blue 16 patch and some bolt end scraps that Sylvi at sent me. I’ll probably get these panels done tomorrow.

I got photos of a few more Frankenbag from blog readers since my last post.

Here’s one from Joan Smith. I love the earthy tones on this bag with those pops of purple. Yum! And you know I love those black and whites! This feels like a warm room on a cold winter day.

This next bag is from Maddy Pepe. She made this bag from scraps from another bag she made (see first photo). I really like this one! I love how one side of the bag is blue and the other side is red. And the graphic black and whites she used are so good.

And how good is that lining? Amazing that a white lining can make me feel like this one does!

Thanks to Joan and Maddy for sending photos of their Frankenbags!

10 Replies to “Finally, Doing Something I SHOULD Do”

  1. One of my favourite ‘chores’ is folding and putting away my fabrics, especially the newly bought ones, I have that pleasure today of dealing with my new Anna Maria Horner fabrics. I was interested to read about the washing of the KFC backing fabric -I bought a piece, sight unseen online but I don’t like the sateen finish so I think that will being into my stash sale next month. Love the blue fabrics selected for your next bag, I’m really enjoying seeing these.


    1. I think someone said somewhere on the internet that washing would remove that sateen finish. And it did take it away a little, but it’s not the same as the regular KFC fabric. but I think it will be really nice and cozy on a quilt. I just hope my long armer doesn’t have any issues with it.

      And I’m with you… I love getting home with new fabric and opening it all up, looking at it, feeling it, and then refolding and stacking it. I just LOVE that! that’s one of the reasons I like going fabric shopping with a friend… she can drive while I fold fabric!



    2. I’m in Western Australia. My long-arm quilter says it’s not necessary to wash the slightly sateen-finish Kaffe backings as when the quilt is washed it will only make the quilt look a tiny bit more quilted. One quilt is with her now and one I gave my son and wife hasn’t been washed yet so watch this space! Any comments and feedback gratefully received.

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      1. I washed that wide quilt backing because I had heard they shrink significantly. I don’t normally prewash any of my fabrics.

        it’s lovely on the quilt. Really yummy!



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