Frankenblobs and Ice Storms

I got the body of this bag constructed last night, but it was too late to finish the lining. So after work tonight I hit the sewing room to get this done before dinner.

I like the way this turned out. I may try some other color combinations in this blob technique. Might try this with some batiks.

Here’s the back of the bag.

And my favorite little tag.

I went a little conservative for the lining. I used the same white with black fabric that I used on the front. I like it, but still prefer a more vibrant lining.

I’ve decided that I’m going to finish up my Ice Storm quilt. The blocks have been up on the design wall for too many months. So tonight I got the rows all tagged and stacked the blocks up in rows.

I thought I’d pin a few rows while I watched the Olympics. I got all seven rows pinned while I watched some equestrian events and the US women’s indoor volley ball team!

These blocks are pretty big so this should all go together pretty quickly.

We’re in a bit of a heat wave again. Not as bad as the one a month ago, but still warm. I took the boys for a walk this afternoon to get a break from work and it was pretty toasty! We found a dried artichoke on the road.

So random.

I took some time today to officially get some vacation time scheduled. I checked my calendar, talked to my boss about a few things that are coming up, and decided on The last week of August and first week of September. Now I need to figure out what I’m going to do. One thing on my list is to paint my sewing room. The walls are a bilious bright sky blue, and I HATE it! I’m planning on painting it a bright off white. And then I’m going to make some bright wall hangings to bring in some color.

I received some more Frankenbag photos over the last few days.

This first one was made by Cheryl Reinagle. I love the cool colors on this, and those fish are so cute! Cheryl tried crumb quilting for the very first time! I love that so many people are pushing themselves to try something new!

This next one is from Paula Aldrich. I love this blue Aboriginal fabric she used on the zipper placket! And how pretty is that blue with the off white? Paula also made a zipper placket, using a little bit different approach than me. But it turned out great!

I noticed yesterday that there is a bloom on my new Rose of Sharon, and it’s going to be so pretty!

A friend of mine dug this up from her yard and gave it to me last spring. She wasn’t sure what color it would be. Looks like it will be purple! I can’t wait to see the bloom open up.

Gotta go to bed. I have a long 3.5 hour meeting starting at 8:30 in the morning! Yikes!

16 Replies to “Frankenblobs and Ice Storms”

  1. Love your latest creation with the seaglass, and It is also fun to see what others are making as well, as you share photo’s of their Frankenbags, lots of inspiration going on!

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  2. Since I recommend your blog to friends, they’ve been after me to teach them the basics of making some Frankenbags! My own fault, I suppose. Now to dig out all my own orphan blocks and get busy with another one… that I don’t gift away too quickly!
    Love your lables too, re-post those details please.

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  3. I like the sea glass /blobs, reminds me of jellybeans ☺️. The road picture is cute, the boys so obediently waiting on mama to get done. 🥰

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  4. What a great idea to use your left over sea glass pieces. Never occurred to me!!! I know I had a bunch left. I will have to see in what “special “ place I put them!!! Your bag is beautiful!

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    1. These aren’t actually left over pieces, but using left over pieces is a great idea. I’m saving the pieces I have left to make a sea glass quilt for myself. Hoping to have a lovely one hanging on the wall above my sewing table!



  5. Anne, I’m getting ready to make an Algorithm quilt but have a question on how you did yours vs. the book directions. Did you just cut a 10” block in half and not cut out the 2” center pieces or did you cut that out and save for another project? I want to make my center piece all the same. If I cut 2” strips how long did you cut them? Hope you can make sense of what I am asking. Thanks, Sheila


  6. Hello Anne,
    I just recently found you and your blog. I was looking through your beautiful creations and I have a question. Your Feb. 23rd, 2021 blog titled Ice Storm is Coming Along-26 blocks Done, I see a quilt behind/beside on right side of your Ice Storm quilt. I mean the extremely colorful quilt right next to it. First, is it the same pattern as Ice Storm, and secondly is this your pattern or do you share what pattern it is ?
    Thank you sooo much for your inspiration ! You rock !!!
    Sincerely, Joan

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    1. Joan; Thanks for your nice comments.

      You’re right. It is the same quilt. Here’s a blog post that shows you more:

      If you go to the cover page of my blog and search for “trip quilt” you’ll find more blog posts and photos about the fabrics I used, and some tricks I used in constructing this.

      The pattern is from a free tutorial by Bonnie Hunter.

      It’s a really great quilt to make. I had wanted to make one for quite some time and decided that the pandemic was a great time to try something different!

      Thanks for reading!



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