Another Bag On Top of the Pile

I finished this bag last night. It’s basically a Frankenbag but with a different approach to the piecing. So I’m going to count it as a Frankenbag,

One of my favorite things about this bag is the lining. How good is this Onion Rings???

Here’s a snippet view of the bag front with a little lining showing.

I tried a lot of different options for the lining before I pulled the onion rings out of the drawer. I was thinking something colorful, definitely another Brandon Mably design. But none of them spoke to me. As soon as I draped the onion rings on the inside of the bag, it spoke to me.

And of course, here’s the tag I love so much.

I will definitely make at least one other bag with this same treatment to strip sets. I pulled out some of the KFC strips a friend gave me a couple years ago to see what would work. I used some of the strips to make this bag a couple months ago:

I still have quite a few strips left. Probably enough to make three of the wavy bags. So I put some fabric combos together tonight to see how I liked them. This is the first one.

I like this combo. It’s very random, but has darkness and brightness across the strips. I might make a bag using these strips next. I would not include a fabric like I used the jumble in the first one. I want a completely different effect in the next bag.

It’s interesting to me how taking a photo of a set of fabrics really helps you see it differently. This next set felt really good to me until I looked at the photo, and I see a couple pieces that must be swapped out.

But I do like the sort of muted pastel feel. It feels vintage and romantic to me.

More Frankenbags have flowed in the last few days from blog readers. This first one was made by Jody Walton Soberon. It’s her first Frankenbag and she said it only took her three days longer than she expected! I think she did a great job. I love that big banana leaf on the back, and the lining is really good!

The next bag is another one from Cherry Naylor. I think Cherry has made nearly as many of these bags as I have! She’s definitely got it down. She’s great at choosing fabrics, putting them together in great designs, and her bags look really well made. I can feel her on my tail!

The last bag tonight was made by Shirley Riddle. I just LOVE her fabrics. And her combo of wavy and straight line quilting on this side of the bag is really great! Hmmm. More ideas! And look… a cute little pupper in the photo! Wow. The more I look at this photo the more those fabrics make my brain tingle!

I still need to start sewing the blocks of my ice storm quilt together. They’re all pinned into rows. Just sitting there… looking at me all disappointed.

If you’ve been thinking about picking up some Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics, there are a lot of shops with good sales right now. I’m guessing they’re trying to liquidate current inventory in preparation for the new collection that is imminent. It’s a great time to dive in! I picked up a few pieces the other night that I’ll share when they arrive. One piece in particular has me vary excited… and I have no idea what I’m going to do with it!

13 Replies to “Another Bag On Top of the Pile”

  1. Can’t wait to see what Kaffe fabric combos you come up with when the new line comes out. Your way with color is just amazing. I’ve been busy “purging” here and just getting rid of “stuff” that’s been accumulating for far too long.

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  2. Love the new bag and the lining really wakes you up 🙂 The name onion rings makes me hungry so I need to call it maybe the outer limits, lol. Shout out to Miss Shirley Riddle! Love the reds and purples together and also your puppy! What breed? Too cute 🙂

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    1. Check out the pattern that I linked to in the previous blog post. Then, I sewed the strips together and made the French teams 2×2, rather than sewing all the strips together first. It made it easier to keep them straight.

      Other than that, just dig in!



      1. Officially embarrassed! Have been on vacation and read the last post before the first!! I just got through with all my emails and found your first post with the instructions. Thanks so much for your response to my question though. And wanted to let you know how much I love seeing your dogs work the sheep. My grandpa raised sheep and it brings back sweet memories.

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