Wrapping Up Our Holiday Weekend

I woke up this morning to about an inch of snow. This is a HUGE deal in Portland, OR.

People have been freaking out about this storm for days. Often times, anticipated storms turn out to be nothing, sort of like this one. Other times, they turn out to be something quite substantial. Portland is just not set up to deal with snow. They don’t have the infrastructure to clear roads, so we are at the mercy of the weather to melt snow so we can all get back to normal. They don’t even plow the freeways!

We took a three mile walk after a late breakfast and the weather was gorgeous! Although it was cold and we really had to bundle up.

After our walk I decided to dig in and finish the seven night sky tree ornaments that I started last week.

I knew that if I didn’t get them done now, I’d never get them done. So now they’re in a bag in my sewing room closet with all the other ornaments I made this year that didn’t get given away.

I hope I can find them next year.

After I got those done I hit the kitchen to make broth out of the turkey carcass that I brought home with me after Christmas dinner yesterday. I have several friends who will make sure that I don’t leave after dinner without the bird’s remains. I just love turkey soup and it breaks my heart when people just toss their carcass in the garbage.

And my friend who sent this one home with me left a ton of meat on the bones, so I had enough for the soup and I have a large bag to enjoy in sandwiches this week.

After I got my stock simmering I decided to make a test quilt label that I can put through the washing machine to see how well the printing holds up. I attached it to an old quilt sandwich that I use when setting up my machine for FMQ.

This is the label right after I fused it and zig zagged it to the quilt sandwich.

This next photo is the label after being put through the washing machine with some clothes.

It looks exactly the same to me, which is really great news! I’ll keep putting this back in the washing machine again and again to see how long this will last. But I’m thinking I have a new method for making quilt labels! And it’s so easy!

However… I probably will use a little bolder font in the future as the thinner one gets lost.

I decided the boys and I needed to take a lovely night time walk in the snow so we headed out around 7 pm. It was so pretty. There was just a thin layer of snow on the roads and a gentle snow was falling. It’s cold out, but not something you can’t dress for.

Rico and Bender didn’t seem to mind! They do love their walks.

When we got home I had a nice bowl of homemade turkey soup. It was so good and I just LOVE any kind of home made soup. I have enough in the fridge for a few lunches and put four big containers in my freezer. I LOVE having a freezer full of home made soup. I pretty much live on it during the winter. Right now I have the turkey soup, some split pea soup, pinto beans and ham, chili, chicken tortilla soup, and some beef stew in my freezer. Yum!

After dinner I felt like I wanted to do a little sewing so I sat down and made four of the geese units for my Ruffled Feathers Quilt. These will be blocks number 8 and 9 when the outer fabrics are sewn on. I need 20 blocks for the top. The blocks are BIG!

Here’s the first seven blocks of this quilt top.

I received a gift package from my friend who introduced me to Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics the other day. She’s the friend gave the Arboretum quilt kit to. And she bought me a beautiful piece of Kaffe’s paisley jungle in tangerine to use on the back of my Arboretum quilt.

OMG! I just love that fabric!!! It’s one of my all time favorite Kaffe designs and color ways!

She also sent me a really pretty bird seed bag!

That’s going to make a really fun tote bag! And it’s not as huge as the farm stock feed bags.

I have a few more Frankenbags to share tonight! Some people have been very busy getting ready for holiday gift giving!

This first one is from my friend Eliza Claire. She’s done a simple stripe design out of Kaffe’s mosaic circles and some Tula Pink fabrics. And then she went bold with the lining using Philip Jacob’s geodes in yellow! Pow!!!

She also made this bag for a friend using a patchwork goat on the front. She said it was a lot of work to make that block. But it’s really cute! She used a really bold orange lining and made the handles out of a really yummy blue cork!

These next bags were made by someone who asked that I not use her name. She’s probably in the witness protection program. They were made all from previous project leftover pieces. I just love those rich and earthy batiks. And that bold horizontal stripe on the second one is a really nice idea.

These next bags were made by Maddie Pepe. She’s been busy! I just love the colors in the first one, and the black and white fabrics with this are soooo good. That stripe is so fantastic! Ooh. That wonky block on the second one is from a pattern I just bought last week. I’ve seen a quilt made on that pattern on Pinterest for several years and finally learned the name of it. That may be in my future soon! And the last one is so good the way it lets those huge prints sing! that single bloom in the last photos is so spectacular! Nice work Maddie!

Back to work tomorrow for a very hectic week. Here’s hoping it’s a successful one!

30 Replies to “Wrapping Up Our Holiday Weekend”

  1. Love those night sky ornaments ! Your yard has a great view of a variety of trees coated with winters blessings and the photo of Rico and Bender with their paw prints in the snow is awesome, those two enjoy some great outings ! Soup inspiration, ham and potatoe soup in this house for dinner tonight ! Looking at your projects makes me think of getting back into my sewing room, and possibly creating another fun Frankenbag, enjoy seeing the ones you share on the blog. Have a great week and Happy New Year ! Niki

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  2. What pretty snow- we finally got some last night- about 2 inches and the trees are just beautifully coated with it. It’s bit dark yet but I will take pics soon.
    That Kaffe from your friend is my absolute favorite!!!!!

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  3. Dear Anne, I so enjoy your emails I save them all. Today was the quilt label and you printed it on a computer I think. My question, how did you do it? I have tried with those fabric sheets meant for ink jet printers and the ink seems to wash out even with pressing it several times. Please share the process if you can. Joanne Ross, Tacoma, WA.


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  4. that orange kaffe fabric is to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think i love the night sky ornaments even better than the others….there will e some lucky folks next year.
    love the frankenbags . . . still have to get one made, so keep showing the inspiration
    thanks again for showing us the pups and the fabric goodies!

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  5. Hi Anne,
    As usual, your work is so inspiring! And soup! My favorites on rotation are cream of mushroom, corn chowder, zuppa toscana, french onion soup, beef stew, and seafood chowder. I love to have a freezer full of soups too.

    Now, if I could only be as productive as you are…..a goal for next year. Happy new year!

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  6. Beautiful snow โ„ Love to see your dogs having fun in it too!
    Happy New Year ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿพ
    Looking forward to new inspirations 2022 and hope to get a Franken bag done too!
    I am loving my new sewing machine… It does so much ๐Ÿ’•

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  7. Love those ornaments! I think I’m going to have to make some of those for next year. Where did you find the dark sky fabric? Was it in your stash or is it a new acquisition? That light snow outside looks beautiful. We don’t get very much snow in southwestern VA. I grew up in NH and MA and winter and snow are synonymous. Pretty to look at but don’t want to deal with it. Been there, done that! Happy New Year!

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    1. I had the black polka dot fabric in my stash. I took a photo of the selvedge the other day for someone else. I’ll post it in my next blog post, along with the white.

      Snow is unusual here as well. We do get at least a small storm or two each winter. It doesn’t take much to shut POrtland down! this much snow will keep people at home for days!!! It was very nice to not have to worry about driving in it, working from home and all.


  8. 1. Love thre night sky trees hanging on the wreath. Sooo Pretty.
    2. Are you using a standard ink jet printer? Treating the fabric with BubbleJet 2000 or anything else?
    3. The boys are adorable in the snow.
    4. Great Ruffled Feathers blocks.
    5. Ooohhh, Super friend who sent you the fabric.
    6. Thanks for sharing photos of my bags. Your so generous to us.
    7. You have made my pandemic time so much more interesting and I’m extremely grateful for your generosity. You gave me something to look forward to!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1. Thanks! I like the effect.
      2. Standard inkjet printer. I didn’t treat with anything, just hit it with heat from the iron. I did see one tutorial that suggested you use vinegar to help set the color. I’m not familiar with Bubblejet 2000. I’ll google it.
      3. They’re adorable everywhere!
      4. Thanks! I want it to be done!
      5. Yes. She’s a good friend. She’s the one who introduced me to KFC fabrics!
      6. Thanks for sending them along!
      7. Awww. Thank you! I’ve needed my creative time to help me get through. All the people who are connecting through my blog are a really nice bonus that I never saw coming!



  9. I’m absolutely in love with your Frankenbags! Some time ago, ono0ne of your blog pages, I saw a black and white bag, done in squares. I lost it, couldn’t find it again…anywhere! Could you post a picture of it again…somewhere?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the only way for me to find what you’re looking for would be to scroll through all my blog posts, one by one, and look at the photos. And even then I wouldn’t know if I had found the bag you’re thinking of or not. I delete the photos that blog readers send me after I post them. So they don’t exist anywhere but on my blog.

      good luck and happy searching!



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