Friday Night Finish and Another Start

I got so much done on this Ice Storm bag last night that I didn’t have much left to do tonight to wrap it up.

This will go in the mail tomorrow. Here the back side.

And look at how nice this is!

I’m loving that each one I do is just a little better than the last one!

Here’s some detail.

I got this done so quickly that I dug out my Aboriginal fabrics trip quilt left over strip tubes and whipped up some panels for my next bag.

Good grief! Those fabrics are so amazing!!!

Here’s the other side.

I’m having fun using up these old strip tubes. But I have a LOT of them! I could make a lot of bags out of these babies!

Rico has a sheep herding lesson tomorrow at noon. Then we’ll probably follow that up with a nice field run. We’re meeting friends for some dog agility training at 4:00. So it will be a busy day.

Sunday is a free day. I’m thinking we may get out and take a walk on a trail somewhere. It would be good for all of us to see something different.

28 Replies to “Friday Night Finish and Another Start”

  1. I WISH I carried a purse! This is another one I’d beg you to sell me!!! I’d have an entire closet full by now, if I did! Great job! Beautiful fabrics! Stop tempting me! (Just kidding)


  2. I love the aboriginal bag your putting together! I have some of the same fabric I will have to try out in the near future. Your really going to town on these awesome bags !! It takes me forever to put one together!! Have a great weekend !


  3. I love the subtle little touches of pink and blue in the sorta-monochromatic bag. I live for the morning posts to start my day with your beautiful work. 😊


  4. Beautiful ice bag! I found some aboriginal fabric for $11.00 a yard ☺. I will put it away for later. I did a wonky block using your tutorial – it was so much fun and freeing! I will use it in a bag soon. Have a fabulous weekend💕💕

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