Rainy Friday Night Starting a Rainy Weekend

It was cloudy most of the day and finally started raining early this evening. The forecast is calling for rain most of the day Saturday and Sunday. It doesn’t look like I’ll get much in the way of outside time. So I’m planning some weekend projects.

I had to run to Costco tonight to pick up one of Bender’s prescriptions, so I did just a little bit of shopping while I was there.

When I got home I hunkered down in my sewing room to sew another bucket hat. This time, I wanted to try some techniques I saw on this tutorial by Made and Making earlier today. I finished the hat and wanted to jot down some notes on how the tutorial worked.

The tutorial has you sew some lines of stitching prior to sewing pieces together, has you do a fair bit of clipping seam allowances, and uses a completely different approach for sewing on the outside of the hat top to the brim.

Although these techniques all worked, I’m not sure they’re worth the extra time for me. The part I did like was the approach for the final step of sewing the right side crown to the brim and lining. It has you fold and press down a centimeter of fabric all the way around the bottom of the crown. Then you pin this carefully into it’s final position above the brim, making sure that the folded and pressed edge just barely covers the line of stitching that attached the crown lining to the brim. Then one line of top stitching finishes the hat. There’s no need for an opening to turn the whole thing right side out.

So I did like how much easier and simpler this was than the method I’ve been using, but my lining turned out taller than the outer hat, so the two pieces of the hat don’t fit together as well as they do on my other hats.

You can kind of see the bumps and folds of the fabric in the lining. It’s not horrible, but it bothers me. I’m thinking maybe I folded over and pressed too much fabric. That would make that difference. I’ll have to decide if I’m going to try that method again. I’d like to be able to perfect it!

Now moving away from the techniques, take a look at this amazing fabric!!!

Eye candy time!

So, what’s on deck for this rainy weekend? I need to do some grocery shopping. I think I might do some light housekeeping. I’d like to finish two quilt backs. And I think I’ll make a hat or two.

I’m really hoping there will be some breaks in the rain so we can get outside.

18 Replies to “Rainy Friday Night Starting a Rainy Weekend”

  1. Yesterday, I did exactly what you did to attach the outside to the rest of the hat. Mine fit perfectly but I don’t like the finished look and I’m questioning if the hat will launder as well. I’m thinking that I’ll go back to attaching the outside as before with right sides together with a bit larger opening for ease in turning it all right side out. Then the final top stitches. I’m also using a poly cotton thread for top stitches. The color is more vibrant as well.

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  2. I made a hat after seeing the pictures of your first hats. I followed the Orange Bettie tutorial and it went together well. I’ll send you photos!

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    1. That’s the pattern I use now. I like that it’s cut on the fold and I like the smaller pattern pieces for the interfacing. None of the tutorials has really thorough instructions so they assume you have some basic sewing knowledge. But this one works well for me.



  3. Great hat! I do love that you take your readers through step by step as to what works and what doesn’t … or just isn’t as good a way as some other that you have already done. And that Bender!!! He looks so dapper in the hat. Much better than the pot or Rico with a slobber face. hehehe

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    1. I originally started this blog as a way to keep notes on projects that I was working on… what changed, what worked, what didn’t. And then a few people discovered it at the beginning of the pandemic and it took off! It’s been a fun projects!

      My boys are definitely individuals. Both sweet as can be.



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