Wonky Log Cabin Quilt


Finished this quilt top recently after several months of  making these blocks every now and then. They are free-form wonky log cabin blocks. Really fun to make. Really relaxing. Great thing to do at the end of the evening when you want to do some sewing, but know that paying attention to something complicated isn’t in the cards.

At first I pictured the sashing in a zebra print. In fact, I bought the black and white that I actually used because I liked it and thought it would suffice if I couldn’t find a zebra print I liked. After looking for a couple of months, I DID find a zebra print I liked, but it just doesn’t work well in the quilt. Or, this one just worked much better.

I recently finished this top because I wanted to get it off my design wall. So I cracked along over a couple of weeks and cranked out the blocks, then got the sashing done and the top assembled in a weekend.


And it’s been sitting there for months waiting for me to put together the backing. I had thought I’d use up some of my odds and ends black and white fabrics and piece a backing. Then when I was on vacation I found a cow hyde print black and white fabric on sale and bought six yards of it. I want to use it for the back, but can’t seem to talk myself into it.

I added some black and white borders, along with one thin aqua border.


It’s a good size quilt. This is it on the double bed in my guest room.


I just love these scrappy batik quilts. They are so bright and happy. And the graphic black and white just makes all those colors pop.


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