A Little About Agilejack

I work and live in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Some think I maybe work too much. Although I enjoy my job, I work so I can do the things in life that I really enjoy. I know how to leave it behind at the end of the day.

When I do leave work behind at the end of the day I hang out with a lot of dogs, and a lot of dog people.

At home I hang out with three dogs.


Forrest is a 14-year-old Jack Russell and the apple of my eye (seriously… I LOVE this dog!).


Bender is a 4-year-old border collie who is loaded with enthusiasm, and loves everyone he meets.


Rico is my border collie puppy born November 1, 2016. He is an incredibly good puppy with an independent streak.

I’ve trained my dogs for and competed in dog agility for many years… although I’m currently not on the competition circuit — old dogs, canine health issues, and puppies. We’re working diligently on rectifying that!

To keep my mind sharp, keep my creative juices flowing, and to practice the mathematical skills I never developed in school… I quilt. I’m pretty new to the sport, and I love it. The thing that I get the biggest kick out of is figuring things out myself, and bright colors!

bright colors

Ooh. Look. Some bright colors!

I really don’t have a desire to follow a pattern to a T. I want to riff off of an idea, bringing my own fabric combos, crazy bright colors, and obsessive drive to each new project.

Swearing Girl

 Oh, and… I like to swear. Really like to swear.

(You can check out some videos of my dogs here: https://www.youtube.com/user/billie84105)

(photos by https://cleverdogsblog.wordpress.com)

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