Wrapping Up a Long Holiday Weekend

I had a great day today filled with dogs and friends! It started when I met friends at 10 this morning to do some dog agility training. We did a little training and a lot of talking. A friend who had a knee replacement recently was there and we had a lot of catching up to do. It was great to see everyone.

We met at my friend’s place in Oregon City, southeast of Portland. She has a beautiful piece of property and a really nice horse arena that she uses for dog training. It rained off and on while we were there so it was nice to be able to be under cover.

My boys definitely enjoyed themselves.

After dog training one friend and I went and played some pickleball. The weather had cleared up a little by this time and it was so good to be outside and moving around! Nothing better! We had the pickleball courts all to ourselves! We are having so much fun playing pickleball!

When I got home I hurried and did a little tidying up around the house and had an early dinner to be ready to head off to my dog agility class at 6 pm. Rico was a good boy, but you already knew that!

Here he is, saying “Come on! Let’s play!!!”

There was a gorgeous sunset view from the arena. I had to get outside with my boys and take some photos.

Here’s Mr. Photogenic! Bender never takes a bad photo.

What a good poser!

Rico got in on it too.

The skies were so amazing all day long!

This is such a gorgeous time of year here! Here’s a few more photos.

Bender is so funny. He will leave me to go and get in his crate in the car from quite a distance.

And look… he made it!

I didn’t get home until just before 10 pm. That hour long drive is a trek at the end of the day!

I had thought I might get another hat sewn tonight but I was just too tired when I got home. But I have been thinking the last couple days about a project that I was working on when I bought my Bernina six years ago. It’s been sitting in a drawer ever since.

It’s a shoulder bag made from batiks using the Bonnie pattern from Swoon. If you search for this bag on Pinterest you’ll get a ton of results. There are a lot of them on there with some fun fabric and color combinations.

At the time I was afraid that my old machine wouldn’t be able to sew through all the thickness of the handles. But I also remember that this project stalled because the idea of making a zipper pocket had me totally intimidated.

And look at me today! What was I so afraid of??? It probably wouldn’t take me more than a couple hours to get this all assembled. I’m glad I put all the pieces together with the pattern!

And while I was digging in that drawer I found a table runner I made that I have completely forgotten about.

Thanks to everyone who commented with suggestions and tips for making sewing my hats easier. I’m definitely going to try some of them out.

I have a couple Frankenbags from readers to share tonight. This first two were made by Kate Goodspeed. Two very strong and graphic bags that she made while vacationing in Mexico. She had to use fabric that is less than she wanted, but she’s back in the states now and has access to her stash.

These next bags was made by Sandee Henricks. I love how colorful the first oneis, made from Laurel Burch fabric. The dog panels are really fun! And everything about that bee bag is absolutely fantastic! It’s such a pretty yellow and those panels are wo wonderful. It was perfect for International Bee Day!

Now we have this bag made by Niki Sage from some Australian designs combined with some gorgeous Kaffe fabric… in fact, one of my favorite Kaffe designs!

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!

And I’m sorry to report that the one thing I had hoped to accomplish this weekend, making the Octopus backing for my Ice Storm quilt didn’t get done. But when I have the chance to be out and about with people, I have to make that a priority.

Here’s to a short work week!

A Great Sunday… and a Little Productivity

I had a great Sunday… much of it spent with friends.

I met a couple of friends at noon to to play pickleball. It rained up until the time I left home, but we lucked out that it stopped raining and a nice breeze dried off the courts quickly. It was a perfect temperature to be outside doing something physical. So comfortable. The wind did make the ball do some crazy things so we had to be on our toes.

After pickleball I followed one of my friends to her place and we did a little dog training. I also let the boys run in her field.

After a quick run to Costco I took the boys for their evening walk and it was so nice out. Nice and cool and we had the neighborhood to ourselves. While we were out I let them run loose in the park for a few minutes.

After dinner I hit my sewing room and got one hat sewn together.

You’d think after making a few of these I’d be better at it. But this one really gave me fits. It all went together pretty well until I was sewing the two crown pieces to the brim. I managed to sew a couple of tucks into the brim, so had to pick out two areas and sew them again. The tucks were minor, but they would have driven me crazy if I hadn’t fixed them. So I thought it was better to fix them before I sewed the opening shut and did the final topstitching.

And look at that amazing fabric — Philip Jacobs Luscious. It’s really something. The pops of wine and ochre here and there give me chills!

I also like a simpler lining that doesn’t compete with the main fabric. I think it really allows the main fabric to be the star while offering a bold color with a simple but strong pattern in the lining.

It’s amazing to me that I can sew flat pieces of fabric together and end up with something so three dimensional. It makes me feel so powerful!

Amazing that with all the pining I do I still ended up sewing tucks into this thing. I’m still trying to figure out an easier way to do this… maybe glue? I’ll have to give it some thought because I’d like to speed up the construction a little.

Imagine the mess I would have had without all that pinning!

Here’s a few more pictures because I like to look at this fabric… and this dog!

Another good day on tap tomorrow. Meeting some friends in the morning for some dog training and then more pickleball. And then agility class tomorrow night. I’m making the most out of my long weekend!

A Quick Saturday Update

I got up this morning and after a breakfast of fresh pineapple with yogurt and granola and a good cup of coffee, we were on our way to Rico’s sheep herding lesson. The forecast called for rain so I was all prepared to come home soaking wet. But we really lucked out and it was gorgeous! And… Rico was such a good boy, especially after having two weeks off! It felt really good to be out there.

On the way home the clouds opened up and it rained most of the afternoon. So I knew most of my day would be spent inside.

So before I headed home I hit a fabric store up near where we do herding and picked up a few fabrics to make some hats… like I don’t have any fabric in my stash that would work. Sheesh.

Here’s what I came away with.

Here’s a closer look at each one. You can get a larger image by clicking on the photos.

I spent a good deal of time today cutting out the pieces for hats. Then I’ll just be able to sit down and sew like a sewing fool!

I cut out fabric for five hats today. Since I figured out how to get two hats out of two half yards, I cut enough for one large and one medium hat from each fabric combo.

The set at the bottom was to use up a smaller piece of the pink brassica that I had on my sewing table. I had just enough fabric for the outside of a hat. So all in all I have seven hats cut and ready to sew.

Tomorrow I’ll cut a bunch of fusing and get at least one of these put together. I do want to make at least one quilt backing tomorrow.

I did do a very small sewing project today. I sewed a 1.2 inch tuck into the hat I made that was so big. I just love that hat and want to be able to wear it.

Here’s what it looks like from the outside of the hat. I’ll just have to be sure to keep this pleat at the back of my head.

And now it fits perfectly! And that makes me happy because I love this hat!

Another mostly rainy day tomorrow. A good opportunity to get some stuff done.

Friday Night and a Blue Hat

Thank God It’s Friday! And a long holiday weekend at that. I’m so glad I get a long weekend.

After a quick dinner and a 3.5 mile evening walk with my boys, I hit my sewing room and started cutting! I was really careful cutting out these fabrics and realized that I can cut all the pieces for the lining and outer hat for TWO hats from two half-yard cuts.

Oh my goodness! That aqua millefiori is so amazing! I don’t typically love the look of fussy cutting and rarely do it, but I did fussy cut the top of this hat and I’m glad I did. It’s so cool! If you look at the top piece sitting on the table, you’ll see it’s NOT fussy cut. I didn’t have enough fabric to fussy cut both. And I do love the more random look of the one on the table!

And I’m very happy that this hat has a pretty good fit! Finally!

Rico got in on the act tonight!

He finds this all very stressful. But he was a good kid and very cooperative, even though he was horrified. He did get some cookies for his effort.

Here’s a few more photos of this hat.

Before I wrapped it up for the evening I cut the fabric for another hat from scraps. This will be a smaller size of the combo I made last week. I love that combo and that hat is just too big. This smaller one will make me happy!

I didn’t have enough of that jumble to cut the top of the hat lining. But this will be fine since I don’t plan on wearing it with the lining out… but it might actually be fun that way!

It’s amazing how difficult it’s been to get a hat that fits right!

I saw this table runner on Facebook today and it gave me an idea. It was made by Stefanie Wolicki Jarrell. She made a strip set and then cut the set into different width pieces and then reassembled them.

I’m thinking this would be a great way to treat the left over Ice Storm quilt strip tubes to combine with the octopus fabric. I think I’ll work on that tomorrow. It should come together quickly and I’m pretty sure I have enough strip tubes to pull this off.

And I have to say, that turquoise binding is the best thing!!! It just sings!

I thought about starting on that tonight but I need to do some measuring and re-measuring before I start.

It was beautiful during our afternoon walk today. There is a second wave of flowers, trees and shrubs blooming. The rhododendrons are in their glory right now.

I’m so lucky to live in a neighborhood where people love having a lot of flowers around!

Rico has a herding lesson tomorrow morning and there is 100% chance of rain, so it looks like we’re going to be getting wet. We’re supposed to be pretty wet this weekend, so it might be a productive weekend for me.

I Should Keep My Hands Off Fabric When I’m Tired

I decided to cut out the pieces for another bucket hat tonight. One of the pieces of fabric I was using was just a quarter of a yard.

So, what did I do? I cut the interfacing piece from the main fabric. The interfacing pieces are smaller than the main hat pieces.

And that means that I don’t have enough fabric to cut the crown pieces from the right pattern.

I’ve asked a friend if she has some of this fabric, and I’ve found it on two different websites. So I’m not totally stuck.

It was after 11 pm when I was cutting these pieces. I had a feeling I might be making a mistake, but I kept on going until BAM! Looks like I’ll need to cut out another hat tomorrow so I have something work on.

I was going to make the lining form my crumb quilt tonight but I just couldn’t face wrestling with all those big pieces of fabric. So I made the VERY wise decision to put that aside for when I’m fresher.

As I walked the boys tonight I was on a phone call with a friend. We got to talking about our fabric stashes and I was reciting to her all the larger pieces of KFC fabric I have that were purchased with backings in mind. I have a few.

That’s fifteen large pieces of fabric that are enough for a backing. Nine of them are actually meant for a specific quilt that’s either done or in process.

The red piece on the top will back this quilt that is nearly ready to sew together.

That ochre and purple fabric will be the back for this quilt in process for my guest bedroom.

The tangerine Paisly Jungle will be the backing for my Aboretum quilt that I’ll make from a kit.

The Octopus fabric will back my Ice Storm trip quilt. I LOVE this backing with this quilt top!

I think I might try to get this quilt backing put together this weekend. I don’t have plans to have it quilted immediately.

The green Antwerp Flowers will back this Lucky Stars quilt eventually.

This gorgeous red spiral shells fabric was initially planned for this chaotic black quilt. But the quilt isn’t worthy of that gorgeous fabric. So not sure what I’ll back this quilt with or what I’ll use that gorgeous shells for…

… but it won’t be for this chaotic mess!

And finally, this wonderful blue backing fabric will be used for this quilt.

This quilt was made from fabrics left over from this quilt. (I really wish that quilt would photograph better. It’s so much prettier in person than it is in photos!)

I was so tired of dealing with bias edges by the time I go this done, I may never do another quilt that involves bias edges.

Before I wrapped up the evening in my sewing room I sewed the elastic into the back of this huge bucket hat. And it refused to gather.

I think this happened because of the thickness of the hat around the brim and the fact that I used the wrong elastic… the only elastic I had… some lingerie elastic. It’s just not substantial enough to pull the layers of the hat together. So I had to rip it out.

I’ll pick up some better elastic this weekend.

It was a lovely day today although cloudy. After our afternoon walk I could hear an odd noise as I worked. And I realized it was Bender snoring like a buzz saw!

With the increase in his epilepsy meds, he sometimes sleeps like the dead! But the good news is that he’ll be 12 weeks seizure-free on Saturday. He’s still a little bit dopey from his meds, but he’s a little better every day. It’s so nice to be on another stretch of time without a seizure.

One more day of work and then a long weekend!

A Much Easier Backing Done

I had to run to the post office tonight so I didn’t have much time after our walk to get any sewing done. So I decided to make a quick backing for my scrappy trip quilt.

I finished this quilt top over a year ago. I’ve had the fabric for the backing for at least 9 or 10 months. It’s about time I get this backing done.

That red fabric for the backing is a Kaffe Fassett design called Mosaic Circles and I just love it. When I was making this quilt I was picturing this fabric for the back and I was really fortunate to find it on sale.

This quilt is small enough that there was no need to add any extra fabric to the backing. I was able to use two pieces of fabric sewn side to side and it’s the perfect size. And the real benefit is that the design is busy enough that I didn’t feel that there was a need to try to match the fabric.

I think that once it’s quilted that seam will virtually disappear. Have I mentioned how much I hate trying to match fabric on a quilt back?

I was very careful in measuring this quilt top to determine the size of the back. I think I measured seven times before I cut.

I didn’t want to have a repeat of the issues I had with the quilt back I made last weekend. And I have to say, it feels good to have another quilt ready to go off to my long armer! I will keep this quilt for myself. No idea where I’ll use it, but it’s one of my favorites and was something that I had wanted to make for a long time. I cut the fabrics for it from 136 unique fabrics from my stash!

And just take a minute to appreciate the amazing color ways that Kaffe Fassett creates!

I’ve decided I’m going to make a backing for my Kaffe Fassett Collective crumb quilt by the end of the weekend. I just love this quilt. In fact, it’s my favorite of all the quilts I’ve ever made. I will be keeping this one as well. I just can’t imagine parting with something that I love so much.

I finished this quilt top in July of 2020. I’ve had the backing fabric for quite some time. It’s another piece that I got on sale. I love finding fabric for a backing on sale!

It will be another simple backing. But I’ll need to add a strip of fabric across the center of this one to get the width I need. I pulled out some of Kaffe’s spots tonight to see what floated my boat. I also included the red guinea flower as an option since it’s the sashing fabric on the top.

I like this option the best.

I didn’t start cutting tonight but I did measure many, many times and wrote it all down.

It should all be pretty obvious when I come back to this later.

A really fun thing happened today. Free Spirit Fabrics featured Bender and my bucket hats on Facebook and Instagram! What a fun thing to see when I was scrolling through my social media feeds!

That Bender is becoming quite a social media star!

I think spring is finally serious here in Portland. We are on our second wave of blooming plants. It’s like everything took a month off and is now waking up! Th Rhododendrons are in all their glory right now. The roses are just starting to bloom. Here’s the first rose I’ve seen this spring. And it’s a doozy!

The peonies are also starting to open up. This one was pretty spectacular!

And this red horse chestnut tree was so vibrant! The pink color is striking. It’s the only one I’ve seen in the neighborhood.

And finally tonight, I’m thinking of making a few more hats so I put some fabric combos together this afternoon.

Most of the combos have at least one fabric that is a smaller, partially used piece. I thought that would be a good place to start so I would have smaller scraps left over. I might try to cut another hat out tomorrow night. I won’t have much time to be productive as I’m joining some friends for an evening of dog agility training.

I’m already looking forward to a long holiday weekend!

If It’s Monday, It Must Be Slobber Day

We had agility class tonight and I think Rico had a little bit too much fun.

You can always tell how much fun Rico is having by the amount of slobber on his head! This is quite impressive!

I didn’t get home until about 10 pm tonight so I didn’t get any time in my sewing room. But there are a couple things I’m working on.

First, I decided I’m going to sew a strip of elastic into this hat that’s so big. I just love this fabric combo and am sort of attached to this one. And someone asked me to measure my head and it’s a whopping 23 inches. That seems big to me. I think it’s because my brain is so big and powerful.

I did some Google searches to find the average women’s hat size, and apparently it’s 7 – 1/4, which meant nothing to me, so I found this:

So if my head measures 23 inches, that puts me right at the average. So maybe my head isn’t a melon.

I decided I’m going to make the Orange Bettie pattern printed at 100%. I just want to see how it fits. I like the hat I finished last night, but it’s still a little loose.

I’m marking all my different pattern pieces clearly. I would really hate to get them all mixed up.

Oh, and look at this combo! It’s so yummy! I have no idea where that quarter yard of the Lotus Leaf came from. I’ve never purchased quarter yards. Must be left over from some project. I’ll use this for the 100% hat.

I took advantage of a beautiful day to take some better photos of the hat I finished last night.

The color is so much more true when you can get a photo in good natural light. And every hat is better with the right model.

I gave this hat to my friend Anne tonight.

I got an amazing package of fabric scraps in the mail today from my internet friend Kitty Sogren. She is an inspirational quilt maker who lives in Washington state. I knew she was putting a package of scraps together for me, but she really went all out!

It’s a huge pile of fabric! It’s over 6 lbs of scraps!!! I can’t wait to get some time to sit down and go through it all and sort it into groups. Thanks for thinking of me Kitty… although I don’t know if she checks in here or not.

I’d also like to thank everyone who sent me good wishes and positive energy last week! It did me well to know so many people were concerned about me. I’d also like to thank the people who sent cards and care packages! You all rock and made my boring days of isolation brighter.

I do have a few Frankenbags from blog readers to share tonight. This first one was made by Jan Snell and I just LOVE it! She used African fabrics left over from a quilt project. It’s all so graphic and bold and full of color… It’s just so fantastic! I’ve wanted to get some of these amazing fabrics for myself, but I’ve never run across them in stores I’ve been able to visit. But I’m going to be keeping my eyes peeled!

This next bag is from Sheri Knox. This bag is so cool! I’m going to share what Sheri wrote to me about making this bag because I loved it:

I’ve recently been experimenting with improv cutting/piecing, and wanted to try circles – I got my inspiration from Cindy Grisdela who is so awesome at this (you may know of her and have seen her YouTube videos) – I tried her method of 4 squares all laying face up (several inches larger than you want the finished block, then freehand cutting through it three times (resulting in four pieces of each fabric) making differently shaped curves each time you cut, then mixing them up and piecing them. Then trimming them to the final size, not trying to make things match at the seams. In my personal opinion it turned out mega gorgeous – used it as a panel on one side of a bag. I was always a careful piecer, and more geometrically oriented (?!) so trying this was out of my comfort zone, but I am so happy with the outcome! It’s so fun to try all different techniques!

The last bag tonight was made by Lynn Brooks. She used what she called crazy colors for a teacher friend who’s been in her life for a very long time! Lynn said she has brought light and color to her life and all of these reminded me of her of her friend. What a great sentiment and what a great gift! And look … lots of zippers and pockets! Nice job Lynn!

I’m hoping to get out and play some pickleball with friends tomorrow night. The weather is supposed to be glorious. It finally feels like spring is here!

My Annual Quest for Crimson Clover

One of my favorite things about spring around Portland are the farm fields filled with crimson clover. And today I headed west to farm country on my annual quest to get my fill of it.

Crimson clover is used as a cover crop that adds critical nitrogen back to the soil and as forage for livestock. Oregon is the largest producer of crimson clover in the US. And the bees who love it and pollenate it make fantastic clover honey.

I still remember the first time I saw a field of Crimson Clover when I moved to Oregon. I had never seen anything like it. It was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen.

And as you stand in the clover you can hear thousands of bees buzzing.

I’m just going to overload you with photos.

It was another gorgeous day here in Portland. It finally feels like spring is really here. I started the day with a nice 4 mile walk with the boys and then I lost a few hours somewhere.

We hurried home after our clover quest and got to Costco before it closed. Then we grabbed some dinner and had our evening walk as the sun was going down.

I had a spurt of productivity after our walk and actually trimmed up that quilt backing that’s been giving me fits this week.

I measured very carefully before cutting! And now it’s all ready to go off to my long arm quilter…. after I make the binding. I’m waiting for some Kaffe strata in red to be delivered later this week.

Then I sat down and started pinning, pinning, pinning to start sewing on the hat I cut out last night.

Any time you’re sewing a straight piece to a curved piece you need a lot of pins. And then you have to sew slowly and adjust your fabric often. If you do these things it all comes together pretty well.

A couple of people have told me they’re confused by the patterns when it comes to sewing the two halves of the hat together. The pattern has you sew the lining crown to the brim, and then sew the main fabric crown to that. But it’s vague on just how to do that.

So, here’s how you do it. You have to turn the lining wrong side out and tuck the brim down into the crown lining.

And then make sure your main fabric crown is right side out, and put it down into the lining crown.

Then pin the two pieces together, matching the side seams and the center points of the brim pieces and the crowns. Pin like the biggest pinning fool that ever stuck a pin in anything!

There’s that neat little package with the brim inside. And that opening that I’m showing will allow you to turn the entire thing right side out.

Here’s the finished hat.

I’m happy to say that this one fits pretty perfectly! So it only took me three hats to get the fit right. And this is why I don’t make a lot of things that have to fit any body part!!! But hey… I’ve got three hats and some mad hat making skills!

Another fun combo of fabrics. I’m thinking these hats are a great way to use up a lot of 1/3 yard pieces in my stash.

Back to work tomorrow after my sad little vacation spent in my house.

An End to Isolation and Another Hat

Today was the official end to my isolation… even though I went to the beach yesterday. Today, I felt like It was ok to walk the dogs around the neighborhood and on the trail without having to worry about being too close to people. It felt good! Also, I’m almost completely back to normal. And that’s good news.

We started out Saturday with a nice three mile walk. It’s the first neighborhood walk we’ve had since May 11! I wonder if anyone was wondering where we were.

It was an absolutely gorgeous spring day here in Portland. We’ve had a cool and wet couple of weeks, so this day felt extra special. When we got home I sat out in the SHADE and had a cup of coffee and poked around the inter webs.

Then I got a productive streak and hit my sewing room and whipped up another bucket hat.

The hat I made yesterday is just too tight. So I poked around and found another pattern, printed it and compared it to the first pattern and it was generously bigger. It’s essentially the same pattern, but this hat turned out a little too big! I’ve sprayed it with water several times and tossed in a hot dryer. I even put it through a hot wash and dried it on hot. It’s still a little to big.

I got looking at the pattern and when I printed it, it was not at 100%. It printed at 110%. At 100% it’s the same size as the first hat pattern.

Speaking of 110%, Bender is giving that much!!!

And he just keeps on giving…

I really like this fabric combo of Philip Jacobs coleus in contrast and that gorgeous pink jumble. I might sew a piece of elastic into the back of this hat, just because love it so much and want to be able to wear it.

In my continuing Goldie Locksian quest to make a hat that is just right I reprinted the second pattern at 105%. I compared it to the larger version and I think the difference is going to make this next one a perfect fit. So I went ahead and cut out all the pieces and got the interfacing fused to the hat pieces.

I have been very careful to mark each pattern piece so I can keep the sizes all straight.

That peacock feather fabric is a Philip Jacobs Snow Leopard design. And of course, more jumble. I’ll finish this up tomorrow. The cutting is the most time consuming part, so this will finish up quickly. And I really should trim the excess fabric off that quilt backing I made a few days ago. I’d like to get that all bundled up and ready to go to the 9long arm quilter.

Apparently I wore my dogs out today. Rico is currently sleeping next to me with his paw over his ear.

Maybe his paw is stuck there!

And Bender is sleeping so hard his eyes are rolling back in his head!

Another beautiful day on tap for tomorrow. I’m hoping to get some pickleball in!

A Much Needed Beach Day and a Bucket Hat

We went to the Beach today. It was fabulous.

But first, I finished up this bucket hat tonight. It really went together quite easily and quickly.

How cute is that?!?!?!

If you’re gonna make one of these, make sure you have your pins handy.

I didn’t trim off the excess on that quilt back that gave me such pains yesterday. I want to be fresh and alert when I do it because I’m afraid I’ll make even more trouble if I’m not. I’ll tackle it tomorrow after measuring five or nine times.

Ok. Now to the beach.

We left home around 8:15 this morning and were on the beach at about 10:30. There were only four cars in the parking lot when we got there. That’s always a really good sign.

I always check the tide tables before I go the beach because this beach has a cliff and I’ve seen it completely swamped at high tide. You don’t want to be caught between a cliff and the ocean when the tide is coming in.

Low tide was at 10:55 this morning. And this was an extremely low tide, which meant that we could easily walk north onto Cannon Beach with plenty of time to get back before the tide cuts off access.

Cannon Beach features the iconic Haystack Rock. It’s likely you’ve seen photos of it. It’s the large rock formation on the right in this photo.

The beach was covered with these tidal pools today. And that meant fun for doggos!

We walked almost two miles north onto Cannon Beach before we turned around and headed back south. It felt so good to get out and move around after so many days of being stuck at home and so sedentary.

That’s three happy campers!

If you’ve never been to the Oregon coast, I feel a little sorry for you. It’s very rugged with lots of rock formations and it’s often harsh weather. But it’s stunning. The skies can be amazing and the water is gorgeous.

Here’s some more photos of Cannon Beach.

Did I mention that Bender and Rico whole heartedly enjoy the beach?

I walked 6.5 miles today. I’m guessing they RAN close to 20 miles. They are both exhausted tonight and they got a solid 90 minutes of sleep on the drive home. I had to stay awake.

And they LOOOOOOVE the water! They are in and out of it the entire time. But the good thing is that they don’t go in too deep.

Once we turned around and headed back south toward Arcadia Beach the tide had turned. But it was still waaaay out there. It’s about 1.5 miles down to the south end of Arcadia Beach. But first, we took a closer look at the rocks. And look what we found — sea stars. (click on the photos for a larger image.)

When I first moved to Oregon in 2010 it was very normal to see lots of sea stars on the rocks. And then there was a terrible wasting disease that wiped them out. And for a few years you never saw a sea star. But now they are making a comeback! It’s so cool to see them again! Look at those vibrant colors.

And speaking of vibrant colors. Look at this one! I’ve never see one this color purple before! It was so amazing!

Isn’t is amazing to see that color on a live animal!

Here’s the view looking south along the coast. That’s me in the foreground.

On the south end of this beach is an outcropping of rocks. It’s really unusual to be able to walk around that point. It’s almost always impassible except in these extremely low tides. I made a video of it for my friend Linda who used to visit often before the pandemic.

We were all slowing down a little by the time we made it back to the car. I felt really good considering that I’m on the tail end of my Covid experience. It felt so good to be outside and moving around. And a day at the coast always does us so much good. It felt really normal.

I’ll close tonight with this final photo of Bender with a crab on his head. It’s a long story, but I just had to do it.

He’s such a good dog.