If It’s Monday, It Must Be Slobber Day

We had agility class tonight and I think Rico had a little bit too much fun.

You can always tell how much fun Rico is having by the amount of slobber on his head! This is quite impressive!

I didn’t get home until about 10 pm tonight so I didn’t get any time in my sewing room. But there are a couple things I’m working on.

First, I decided I’m going to sew a strip of elastic into this hat that’s so big. I just love this fabric combo and am sort of attached to this one. And someone asked me to measure my head and it’s a whopping 23 inches. That seems big to me. I think it’s because my brain is so big and powerful.

I did some Google searches to find the average women’s hat size, and apparently it’s 7 – 1/4, which meant nothing to me, so I found this:

So if my head measures 23 inches, that puts me right at the average. So maybe my head isn’t a melon.

I decided I’m going to make the Orange Bettie pattern printed at 100%. I just want to see how it fits. I like the hat I finished last night, but it’s still a little loose.

I’m marking all my different pattern pieces clearly. I would really hate to get them all mixed up.

Oh, and look at this combo! It’s so yummy! I have no idea where that quarter yard of the Lotus Leaf came from. I’ve never purchased quarter yards. Must be left over from some project. I’ll use this for the 100% hat.

I took advantage of a beautiful day to take some better photos of the hat I finished last night.

The color is so much more true when you can get a photo in good natural light. And every hat is better with the right model.

I gave this hat to my friend Anne tonight.

I got an amazing package of fabric scraps in the mail today from my internet friend Kitty Sogren. She is an inspirational quilt maker who lives in Washington state. I knew she was putting a package of scraps together for me, but she really went all out!

It’s a huge pile of fabric! It’s over 6 lbs of scraps!!! I can’t wait to get some time to sit down and go through it all and sort it into groups. Thanks for thinking of me Kitty… although I don’t know if she checks in here or not.

I’d also like to thank everyone who sent me good wishes and positive energy last week! It did me well to know so many people were concerned about me. I’d also like to thank the people who sent cards and care packages! You all rock and made my boring days of isolation brighter.

I do have a few Frankenbags from blog readers to share tonight. This first one was made by Jan Snell and I just LOVE it! She used African fabrics left over from a quilt project. It’s all so graphic and bold and full of color… It’s just so fantastic! I’ve wanted to get some of these amazing fabrics for myself, but I’ve never run across them in stores I’ve been able to visit. But I’m going to be keeping my eyes peeled!

This next bag is from Sheri Knox. This bag is so cool! I’m going to share what Sheri wrote to me about making this bag because I loved it:

I’ve recently been experimenting with improv cutting/piecing, and wanted to try circles – I got my inspiration from Cindy Grisdela who is so awesome at this (you may know of her and have seen her YouTube videos) – I tried her method of 4 squares all laying face up (several inches larger than you want the finished block, then freehand cutting through it three times (resulting in four pieces of each fabric) making differently shaped curves each time you cut, then mixing them up and piecing them. Then trimming them to the final size, not trying to make things match at the seams. In my personal opinion it turned out mega gorgeous – used it as a panel on one side of a bag. I was always a careful piecer, and more geometrically oriented (?!) so trying this was out of my comfort zone, but I am so happy with the outcome! It’s so fun to try all different techniques!

The last bag tonight was made by Lynn Brooks. She used what she called crazy colors for a teacher friend who’s been in her life for a very long time! Lynn said she has brought light and color to her life and all of these reminded me of her of her friend. What a great sentiment and what a great gift! And look … lots of zippers and pockets! Nice job Lynn!

I’m hoping to get out and play some pickleball with friends tomorrow night. The weather is supposed to be glorious. It finally feels like spring is here!

16 Replies to “If It’s Monday, It Must Be Slobber Day”

  1. Love the hat on you but I really like that I had a good laugh at the hat on Bender and the slobber on Rico! Thanks for that laugh on a rainy day here in NC.

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    1. Forgot to say I am so glad you are back to your old (young?) self. Thank goodness your covid experience was not too bad … except for losing those vacation plans of course. Bummer!

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  2. That is a super fun photo of Rico! And of course Bender is the perfect model for your hats and purses too!
    More beautiful art bags ❤ thanks for sharing… so inspirational.

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