Snow Day Means 80 Aboriginal 16-Patch Blocks Done

I measured the snow on my patio table this morning and was shocked to find this…

But as I thought about it, I realized that a good deal of that was from drifting. So later in the day I put on my boots and ventured out into the middle of the yard where I was able to ascertain that we have a total of around four inches. It’s hard to know for sure because of the winds. Downtown Portland got around 11 inches!

The roads were still at a standstill this morning. They have been working on getting them cleared all day. Many people abandoned their cars which makes that job a lot harder. It will likely be days, at a minimum, until it’s all cleared and back to normal.

I took a few minutes and shoveled some paths around the patio and to my gate. I also cleared the front sidewalk and a path down the driveway. The pat on the driveway was completely drifted over in about an hour.

It was cold to day but the sun did come out and it was really pretty.

I did manage to get the boys out for a walk this afternoon. The streets were pretty icy and we only saw a couple of cars in a 1.5 mile walk.

There were some areas where the streets had cleared off a little. But my street was solid ice and is really frozen solid tonight.

All this snow and cold meant that my friend and I were inside nearly all day today. And we got a lot done. Last night we had 24 blocks done. And tonight, ALL 80 BLOCKS ARE DONE!!!

Amazing what you can get done when you’re stuck in the house during a record breaking snow storm!

That’s not all the blocks. There are 16 blocks in that pile at the bottom. We’ll get them up on the design wall tomorrow and start moving things around.

It feels great to have these blocks done. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to complete this top while my friend is still here. But now I’m feeling pretty confident about getting it done.

My friend set the first row nice and straight.

We just didn’t get it high enough. Tomorrow we’ll add a row at the top and a row at the bottom to make this top 8 blocks by 10 blocks. It will finish at around 64 inches by 80 inches. That’s a good size throw quilt and the same size I’ve made my other 16 patch quilt.s

I just love looking at these blocks as we put them together. Look at this one!

It’s funny how my friend and I have sort of settled into the jobs we’re each most comfortable with. I’m doing all the cutting of the strips and the pinning of the block pieces. My friend has been doing most of the sewing all of today. And we switch off on pressing.

I’m loving this quilt top! I knew I’d like the Aboriginal fabrics, but I love the way they work in these small squares.

I just love that purple block at the upper center.

And one more bit of eye candy.

My brother let me know today that they decided not to come up this weekend. They just don’t want to deal with the winter weather. It’s not a terrible decision but my friend and I were looking forward to their visit.

We’re hoping we’ll be able to get out and about some tomorrow. We will spend some time on this quilt top. We should be able to get it designed tomorrow and get most of it sewn together. We will definitely get it done before she leaves for home.

36 Replies to “Snow Day Means 80 Aboriginal 16-Patch Blocks Done”

  1. What crazy weather! Your snow looks so pretty but I know it makes getting around difficult. Here in the east coast in Baltimore it was 74 degrees, in FEBRUARY! What is going on? I love what you are doing with the Australian fabrics. Have fun.

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  2. You are really holding my interest here with these fabrics. One can never have enough aboriginal fabrics. You have given me ideas for trying this pattern. I can’t remember if you posted a tutorial for this process. Where do I find it? Looking forward to your final layout.
    Be safe there in the snow and ice.

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  3. Hi Anne!
    I love your passion for Aboriginal fabrics, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any in quilt shops here in Calgary. Where do you get yours from, and do you have any suggestions for starting a stash?


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    1. When I’m buying fabrics for my stash I typically buy half yards. Those work well with my style of quilting… using a lot of different fabrics in a quilt. I do buy more of some fabrics that I know I’ll use more, or that I really LOVE. Most of the fabrics in my stash are half yard pieces.

      I have a local quilt shop that has a pretty good selection of the Aboriginal fabrics. It’s Pioneer Quilts in Malwaukie, Oregon. You can find it the a Google search. They have an online shop.

      there are also some sellers on Etsy who carry them.



  4. I love this!
    I’m learning to quilt. The 16 patch looks simple yet stunning for me to try next. Do you have a link/info on making this?
    -number of fabrics and yardage to buy based on finished sizes
    -putting it together
    Thank you so much.
    You’re so inspiring 💗

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    1. This is the tutorial I used when I first learned how to make 16-patches.

      It’s a really good tutorial. It tells you all you need to know to make a 16 patch and will help you develop some quilt making skills.

      I make mine 8 blocks by 10 blocks… so a total of 80 blocks. It’s made from 2.5 inch strips. It takes two strips to make two blocks. So you’ll need 80 width of fabric strips to make one the size that I’m making. It’s a generous throw size.

      You could purchase a couple jelly rolls to make one. That would be a great way to get a lot of variation.



      1. Excellent, thank you! This is very helpful!
        How many fabrics do you aim for-I love variety and love your knack for putting a LOT of patterns together fabulously!

        I am planning to make both a queen and a king, different fabric colorings for each, so no overlap of fabrics used. I’m thinking of 4 blocks per color-pair, so around 30 something fabrics…Oh my, clearing off a shelf or 2 at the store…I think this can get out of control-fast….lol

        Do you ever use same fabric color/design in your 16 patch, but paired with different fabrics for different effects?

        I appreciate your help! I have spent hours researching this via the google rabbit hole! 🙂

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      2. I tend to use a lot of different fabrics in a quilt. This Aboriginal quilt required 80 2.5 inch strips to make. I think we repeated maybe five or six fabrics. and those appeared in different combinations. With each strip set of two you get two blocks. I made one out of KFC blue fabrics. I used 24 different fabrics for that quilt. You can see them here:

        That one is different because it was monochromatic. but again, fabrics were repeated but never combined with the same fabric twice. So that meant a lot of variety.

        That blue grouping might answer your question about the same color/design.

        I have a 16-patch board on Pinterest. there’s a ton of examples of different 16 patches there.

        Good luck!


  5. Wow! Even if you could drive in the snow, not everyone out there can. I found that out when I live in Albuquerque. Smarter to stay put especially with the ice. Did Bender and Rico like the snow?

    The quilt is great! Such a simple pattern. Once you get a system going I can see how it goes together quickly. The fabric pairs really compliment each other making this quilt lively. It will be interesting to see how you design the quilt. Be safe, stay warm.

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    1. Oh yeah… people here do NOT know how to drive in the snow! I spent so many years of my life developing that skill!

      Bender and Rico do love the snow! They got to get out and play in it yesterday and today.

      We were really productive. Looks like we’ll have the entire quilt top done tomorrow.



  6. I know this is crazy..but i love your snow….n lord knows well need the moisture for the long as you dont have to get out…..its good…ive got 4 inches or so here too…S.OR………you ladies are nailing that quilt…!….wow…i cant wait to see what you’ll do..i wonder what it would look like on point?🌻🙋🏼‍♀️☃️have a lovely productive day…❄️

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    1. I agree that we do need the water. The fires a couple years ago that were threatening Portland were so scary.

      I’ve always wanted to make a 16 patch on point. I’ll have to put that on my list of quilts to make!



  7. The colors are spectacular great pattern to showcase the colors , is your friend going to do her own quilting ? What a winter , sure keeps life interesting. Be safe

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  8. You are having snow and here in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, we are having 96 degrees. We wake up and it’s over 70 degrees at 7am. I’m loving your quilt, it’s very striking. I did research the fabric designs and they come from art that the designers have researched from their past.

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  9. I’m sorry for your icy weather, but we have a coating on top of about 4″ of snow here in New York and currently a frigid 24°. With the whipping wind, UT feels like 10°. Always good quilting weather.

    Just loving this quilt, which is a rich tapestry of color and texture. I hope your friend has fallen in love with this one. If not, I can offer a good home for it. 😄

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    1. Love your posts, very grounding. I live in BC, Canada, 400km north of the Washinton border. We have NO snow but -12 C. 3 feet of snow west of us, Vancouver Is. and the same east in the Rockies. Very strange snow distribution for Canada.

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      1. Yeah, some really crazy weather. Downtown Portland, Oregon, had around 11 inches of snow. My friend who lives about 10 miles to the SE had no snow at all.

        I’m tired of winter!



    2. She HAS finally fallen in love with it. It took sewing the blocks into rows and completing the first half of the quilt top to get her there! It makes me happy to see her love it!



  10. Love the 9 patch and the fabrics. I did a quilt back with one of those. I saw about 10 snow flakes yesterday where I live in the BayArea, CA. We have had lot of rain, and for that I’m grateful! Have a great day!

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  11. Across the other side of the world in South Australia were had a heatwave 41 deg Celsius finally last night rain and a cooler change. Agree those Aboriginal prints are stunning , great to see you have access to them . Enjoy your posts . By the way love all your snow.

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    1. I’m not sure if I’d prefer our weather or yours! I do tolerate cool temps better than hot temps.

      I have a local store that stocks a pretty good selection of the Australian Aboriginal fabrics. I’m lucky because I can see them in person when a lot of other people can’t.



  12. The snow looks beautiful. Your friend’s aboriginal fabric quilt is another feast for the eyes. All those beautiful prints and swirls of colors. I remember when she visited you back in September, you had the ironing station out in your back porch when you were finishing up the 16 patch on Harriet. Have lots of fun with your friend and you both have a great weekend! Love to Bender and Rico!

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    1. It is retractible. A friend saw it at a quilt show man-years ago and bought one for me and had it shipped. I don’t think the guy who made them makes them any more.

      it has two rollers that roll up into a wooden box. So you can pull them up out of the way.

      here’s a video on Youtube that shows how it works:

      I think there may be some instruction online for building one for yourself.



    1. I wish you could see the quilt blocks in person. The colors are so vibrant. It’s been fun to have a quilting friend and we have gotten a lot done. We have half of it all sewn together tonight! We will most likely finish it tomorrow.



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