Technical Issues… Please Stand By

I’m having some technical issues with my blog platform. It appears that I’m out of storage and can’t upload any photos. I’ve contacted support, but it being a weekend might mean I have to wait until Monday to get help.

So here’s an old photo of my boys. We’re off on a snowy adventure in sheep herding today.

17 Replies to “Technical Issues… Please Stand By”

    1. Hahaha! Good way to look at it.

      I have so much fabric piled up that I’ve purchased recently. I have no idea where I’m going to put it. I guess I’d better stop using scraps and cut up some of this new fabric!



    1. I’ve been on a paid version for a few years but there isn’t much storage with it. I wish I could just buy more storage and not have to pay for all the other features that come with the higher level package. I’ve asked them if I can do that… waiting to hear back.

      The good thing is that they are responding quickly via email.



  1. I’m anxiously waiting to see the Aboriginal fabric 16 patches up on the design wall! Just keep on sewing etc. with your friend, you’ll accomplish a lot. I’ve so many UFO ‘s that need to be completed, but I’m intensely involved in making more fabric beads. Ohhhhh, not enough energy to do everything I want to work on, so I’ll work simultaneously on several projects, I guess, and take breaks when I run out of steam.

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