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    1. I have a friend who is an amazing photographer. My dogs are well photographed. I have a great big canvas version of Bender in the daisies hanging on my dining room wall!



  1. Oh what a fabulous picture that absolutely captures the beauty of a border collie. Makes me long for my borders……Ivy and Rosie. Gone since 2005 and 2021.


  2. What a fabulous picture that captures the beauty and the focus of a border collie! Such intelligence. Oh, seeing this makes me long for my ………Ivy and Rosie. Gone since 2005 and 2021.


  3. As a professional photographer (retired last year now quilting!), I can tell you this image is as good as it gets! Subject off center is the right composition. Bender is gorgeous. I love seeing your posts. I had a quilting blog for 6 months but realized for me it was too much work, and all I wanted to do was quilt and be retired. So I really admire that you can do this blog! You work, you walk your dogs, do sheep herding lessons, play pickleball and watch it on tv, cook, quilt, document your day in words and pics, blog wonderfully, reply to comments, and seem to always have an endless supply of Kaffe fabrics whenever you need them!! Wow. Btw, how do you buy your fabrics, e.g. 3 yards for an on-hand stash? You had the fabric for the setting triangles on the Feb 5, 6 quilt and posts! And how do you get fabric overnight from SewColorful?! Love buying from her. Thanks!


    1. A friend of mine took that photo of Bender when he was around a year old. She’s a wonderful photographer… loves to capture the dogs being dogs. I love it so much. I had it blown up and printed on a canvas. It’s hanging in my dining room above my work desk.

      I actually started this bog as a way to keep track of things I was making… what fabric I was using…notes on how I constructed things or altered patterns, etc… It’s been really fun to meet people from all over the world through this blog… especially during the pandemic.

      So, buying fabric… if I’m just buying fabric for my stash, I typically buy half yard cuts. Because I tend to use a lot of different fabrics in one quilt, rather than using a handful of fabrics and repeat he same block, I can get away with these smaller cuts. If it’s a fabric I tend to use a lot or if it’s open sale, or if it’s something I really like, I’ll buy more. Maybe a couple yards if I know I’ll use it more often. I also buy larger pieces on sale that I use for backings. I typically buy around 6 yards for that purpose. That way I have enough with some left over. Better than running short. Most of the pieces in my stash are half yards.

      I’m glad you discovered SewColorful One of my favorite online shops!



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