Fastest Quilt Ever!

I’ve been obsessing over a quilt I saw on Facebook last week. Literally thinking about it all the time. I decided to dig into my stash and found this 2016 Kaffe Fassett layer cake and decided to make up this quick throw size quilt. I used a black and white batik that I got on sale for $4 a yard for the accent strips.

I happened to have the pattern that this variation is based on in a book a friend gave me as a gift a couple of years ago.


This literally went together in three evenings. I sewed the blocks and white strips in assembly line fashion over several nights, then tonight I squared them up, cut them in half, and tossed them up on the design wall.

I wasn’t really crazy about this layer cake, and even at the point in the constuction in the photo below was sort of “meh.” But I just LOVE how it turned out when the blocks were done!!! I can’t stop looking at it!


Then there was some magic that I can’t tell you about. It was some pretty fucking amazing magic!!!

With all the bias edges, the blocks ended up really wonky! So it was critical to square them up.


It’s odd, but I just love squaring up blocks! These were damned easy to do because no seams have to match except the corners so I could basically just eyeball the center line. Makes squaring up very quick.

The quilt that I’ve been obsessing over is a version of this made from a more specific color way of Kaffe Fassett Collective Fabrics. I definitely want to make another version while I’m on vacation. I pulled a bunch of fabrics from my stash and ordered a few more to give ma all I need. I will share photos of my vacation quilt when it’s done.

This quilt was made on a variation of a pattern called Algorithm by Gudrun Erla. It can be found on the inter webs. You might also find one legit and legal video about these blocks.





8 Replies to “Fastest Quilt Ever!”

  1. Love this quilt. What size did you square the blocks up to? They look rectangular. Did you square them and then slice them I half?


    1. I used a layer cake for this. I varied the pattern from the book. but I did square them up and then cut them. But there’s a trick to it so you need the pattern. It’s in a book called Stripology Squared II. the quilt is called Algorithm.



  2. I have a K.Fassett “Ocean” layer cake and just bought some green with a blue hue shot cotton for the strips. I have the Stripology book, but I’m making it your way with the whole 10″. Can’t wait!

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    1. Check out this blog post for some suggestions that made it easier.

      Other notes to keep in mind… don’t cut strips out of the center like the pattern tells you to. Just cut the squares in half diagonally. I think I cut my white strips to 1.5 inches so it finished at an inch. I don’t remember how long the strips were. Just measure and make sure they’re long enough to fit the diagonal.

      Then, when squaring the blocks, don’t square them to the size in the pattern. You would waste a lot of fabric. You can keep them bigger and get a bigger quilt!



      1. Isn’t it wonderful that we’re all different. How boring life would be if we were only exposed to people who think and act exactly as we do.



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