Pouch Crazy!

I’ve been chunking away at the twelve batik pouch sets I cut out a few weeks ago. . . one a night a few nights each week and then a few on the weekends. I’ve got 11 of the 12 done.


I just LOVE this blue and red set. The colors are so bold and saturated. I wasn’t sure about it when I selected the fabric, but I love it now.


I’m not typically a pink lover, but this set is really pretty. The batik on the top is somewhat unusual. I’ll probably never see it again.


I also really love this blue set. Blue isn’t my favorite color, but I love this shade of blue. And the fabric on the top is really fun and vibrant.


And I love this black and red set. I love the contrast of the dots on the bottom and the botanical print on the top. It’s bold and I love it!


And of course I love this green set. Green is my favorite color and this has just a hint of aqua to make it sing. It feels very watery to me.


Nothing more cheerful than yellow. I love the sunburst on the top and the jaunty dots in the middle. It makes me feel happy!

And here’s the rest. One more to go to finish all 12.

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