A Fantastic Saturday… So Needed!

What a great day! I spend a good deal of it outside and I really lucked out on the weather. The day started with Rico’s regular sheep herding lesson. It started out in a brief downpour, but most of it looked like this.

There were some sheep out there in the field with Rico, but I just had to take a photo because it was so gorgeous. I think they are just off camera on the left.

After that lesson I hit the road for Molalla for another herding lesson with a different trainer. And after off and on rain storms for the hour long drive, we got really lucky and had great weather for this lesson too!

Had to stop and take another picture of Rico with sheep at this second location. I actually got the sheep in this photo.

Between my two sessions with this trainer, I took Bender and Rico for a little field run since Bender hadn’t had a chance to stretch his legs yet.

And, of course, there was posing involved.

Rico did a great job on the sheep today! He really put in a lot of good work.

After his second lesson, all three of us took a hike on some forest land next to my friend’s property. We all needed this! Nothing like getting out in the forest with just me and my boys and not other people to intrude on our solitude.

It was perfect weather to be out there! Gorgeous blue skies with clouds, and the sun peaking through the Doug fir trees.

Look how gorgeous it was!

And a little bit of me thrown in to show you how happy I was!

Here’s three minutes of video of us on our hike.

And then a really quick video of these boys cooling off in a small creek.

We didn’t get home until after 6:00. It was such a lovely drive home with no traffic. After dinner I sat on my butt for awhile, then decided to hit my sewing room and see if I could finish up the Jack Russell zipper pouches I started last night. And I got them done!

They turned out pretty cute and I was able to use up some smaller pieces of fabric that were in my stash.

Here’s some close ups of the pouches.

And just look how cute this fabric is!

Here’s the measurements for these pouches. Just substitute the BC fabric with Jack Russell fabric, than make the pouch according to my tutorial.

This next graphic goes with this type of zipper pouch. It also gives the size of the gussets for each size pouch.

And now my Advil PM is kicking in and I might just fall asleep on the couch.

20 Replies to “A Fantastic Saturday… So Needed!”

  1. Such a beautiful day! I love your furry buddies. So much fun! Your bags are beautiful! I have been wanting to make some again, mixing my handwoven fabric with cotton fabric, you inspire me!

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  2. Love the pouches and the two videos. Bender and Rico have such wonderful freedom and it’s lovely to see how they keep checking back to make sure you’re still with them. 💜
    I’m jealous of your woodsy walks. It’s beautiful here in SW Florida but I miss tall trees and quiet forests.
    Don’t know if you subscribe to Netflix but I watched a heartwarming movie last night. It’s a little corny but based on true events. The star is a Border Collie mix so think you might like to watch it. “Rescued by Ruby” If you do watch it be sure to go to the end of the credits because there are photos of the real people and dogs. Happy Sunday!

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    1. My boys are very good about not wandering too far from me and they do check in often. I never feel worried that I’m going to lose them in the forest.

      Thanks for the movie recommend. I’ll check it out.



  3. I totally agree with Susan! I miss those Douglas fir trees and woodsy walks! Thank you for sharing – I can smell that fresh woodsy mountain air! Rico and Bender are awesome! They wait for you and your commands💕
    Thank you for sharing your pouch tutorials. They are great and you pouches are gorgeous!
    Happy Sunday 💕💕💕


    1. I’m happy to share.

      I love the smells of the forest! I was noticing yesterday how wonderful the trees smelled. They are going to be doing some logging on this property soon so I really appreciated it while it’s still there.



  4. I enjoyed your videos! They love their Mama! I am so jealous – all the pretty ferns!!! I would be trying to dig some up and plant in my yard, so pretty. I am going to try your bag patterns then progress up to the Frankenbag 🙂

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  5. Rico and Bender are so good. My two BC Girls love going into our NW woods too. They are not as good as your Boys regarding checking back though. There is a lot more saying of “come” and “treat”! We’ve got way too many sword ferns in our yard. Every year I dig some out! There are still hundreds.
    Thanks so much for the tutorial on the pouches. I want to make some of those for sure.

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  6. I was wondering if you have a clear phone case and put fabric in it and change it out occasionally? A lady posted her phone on the FB – Artful Quilting. It looks fun, I might try it!

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  7. Love your hair cut! Wow it grew fast. The boys are always so cute. I’ve got access to pines but nothing like yours!!! So love the smell of earth and pines and quiet. Any quilts in the works? Ever donate any?

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    1. I have several quilts that are unfinished. And many planned but not started. I have not donated a quilt. I should go through tops I have done and donate one through my guild.


  8. I always love to see what you’re doing with your fabric. If you look carefully at the second picture you posted with Rico and the sheep and with a little imagination, in the top left quadrant, there’s a “cloud sheep” bounding across the sky.

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  9. Hallo! I am from South Africa and I enjoy your posts of your beautiful dogs and bags very much! Pls remind where I can find the bag Tutorials pls. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty with us.

    Regards Sandra

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