A Bit of a Diversion With Jack Russells

I received a message from an old friend about a week ago. She’s a friend I’ve never met in person but have known her for many years through Jack Russell Terriers on the internet. She asked me if I could make here some Jack Russell items to use as prizes in a dog show. Of course, I said I was in.

The dog show isn’t until August, but I wanted to get these done so I don’t have to scramble at the last minute.

She’s having me make six zipper pouches using some Jack Russell fabric I’ve had for years, combined with some fun novelty fabrics.

I got started on them tonight after our walk and got all the panels sewn, pressed and top stitched, and applied the fusible fleece to each one. I Also got zippers selected for each pouch.

I used to make a lot of pouches. I haven’t made any in a while because they became somewhat tedious to make and I had a good number on hand. So I moved on. But it’s fun to make some every now and again.

The next thin I’ll need to do is make the zipper tabs and then sew in the zippers. I may have these done tomorrow.

My friend also wanted 6 Jack Russell key fobs.

There will be a couple left over. Might have to keep one for me.

And, interestingly, I have a lot of zippers! I wonder why I bought so many beige ones? Must have been during my linen phase.

Here’s a detail view of some of the pouch panels.

That Jack Russell fabric is so cute! I’ve had it for years. Can’t even remember where I got it. Have about 3/4 of a yard left. I’m guessing I’ll be hoarding it from here on out.

I did get out and get my hair cut today and it feels great!

I’m guessing it will different tomotrow after I wash it.

Here’s a photo of Rico from this afternoon… killing the game of fetch.

Tomorrow I have two sheep herding lessons! It should be a good day.

16 Replies to “A Bit of a Diversion With Jack Russells”

  1. Anne, love the Jack Russell fabric. I’ve never seen it. I understand about hoarding special dog fabrics…I have yards of Border Collie fabrics that may never get used except a small piece at a time! Will you show us the finished pouches please? And show us how to make them?
    Your haircut looks great. Hope you and Rico have a couple of great herding lessons.

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  2. What a good friend you are.I would make the pouches, too. I have to restrain my let-me-help nature with my current roster of singers. Must get more serious about retiring.

    I hoard music fabric and computer fabric.
    This computer print, from Josephine’s on a Portland/Canby trip for a class with Lois and Diane Ericson in about 2005 is my very favorite fabric.

    And the haircut is great!

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  3. I am so enjoying your story at the end of my day here in New Zealand. Love the dogs and seeing your sewing projects. The Jack Russell pouches and key tabs will be treasured prizes

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  4. Those pouches and fobs 💗!!!
    Your hair is exquisite just like your personality💕 enjoy the weekend and herding with Rico 🍻 cheers to spring!

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