Somewhat Productive Sunday

We started our day off with a four mile walk knowing that it would rain later in the day. It was a nice walk.

When I got home I decided to run some errands. The back seat of my car has been full of boxes for a couple weeks now. So I drove by Goodwill on the chance that they were open, and they were! So I unloaded all that stuff… finally!

Then I stopped by and filled my tank with gas. A half tank cost me $57!!! Regular here is almost $5 per gallon! Gas is always expensive here, but this is a record.

Then I stopped by the pet food store and purchased two big bags of dog food.

Once I got home I cut the perennial grasses out of the pots on my patio. They will start growing soon and I don’t want to have to cut off fresh growth.

Then we took a short two mile walk and had some dinner when we got home.

Finally, it was time to hit my sewing room. I didn’t know what I was going to work on but I decided to use the Aboriginal fabrics that were piled up in my sewing room and make another couple of panels for a bag.

I took that photo after I had actually straightened up a little. It’s sort of a mess in there!

I chose some darker and richer fabrics and came up with this combo.

I really like the darkness of this one. The other side is essentially the same, with a few minor differences.

Here’s both panels together so you can spot the differences.

Several years ago I heard that they were going to discontinue Kaffe Fassett’s woven stripes fabrics. So I went online and bought a half yard of everything I could find from a number of different online stores. I ended up with 56 half yards. That’s enough for a number of quilts.

And in buying all of these from different sites, I only duplicated two of them!

These fabrics are so amazing. The stripes are woven into the fabric, rather than being printed on. The colors and texture are wonderful! Look at these amazing colors!

I’ve been thinking about patterns to make from these fabrics for some time now. I even have a Pinterest board with some top options. There are some really simple designs on that board that I just love. I think the simple designs really show the stripes at their best.

This one is from a book called Parallel Lines by Quiltmania. It’s so spectacular!

It’s basically a Kaleidoscope quilt. Donna Jordan from Jordan Fabrics has a couple of video tutorials for making this. Here’s one.

I have some more Frankenbags to share tonight. This first one is from Diane Anson. This is the second Frankenbag that Diane has made. She used a foundation paper pieced heart combined with scraps. It turned out great!

This next bag was made by Christy Protheroe. Of course I love all the graphic black and white fabrics, and there’s fun dog prints all over the place. She included a zipper placket and a zipper pocket. I love seeing so many people going for it with the zippers!

Up next is this bag from Yvonne Seaman. I love the gentle curved piecing she did. It’s all very improv, which I appreciate. She included a zipper placket too! She said she made a couple of mistakes, but was able to set them right with her handy unpick tool!

Next up are a number of bags from Lyndia Thomas. This first one is made from really colorful and happy florals. And She included a couple of different slip pockets on the inside.

Lyndia’s next bag features mermaids and other sea creatures. I love the colors and the pinup style fabric designs. And the wavy quilting is so perfect with it!

Lyndia’s next bag was made from the same fabrics. I love how she arranged the panels differently. And the bold yellow borders are nice!

One more bag from Lyndia tonight keeps with the ocean theme and includes lots of fun colors and piecing.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!

16 Replies to “Somewhat Productive Sunday”

  1. Love the Aboriginal fabrics bag you just made. The fabric choices are terrific. Once I have my sewing mojo completely back, I’m going to make a few Frankenbags. I already have several “kits” put together, so I can jump right in.Your blog is the first thing I look for each morning to give me inspiration for the day. Keep on keeping on!

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  2. All your projects are inspirational, beautiful and well executed. But I am so happy to see you getting your quilt-on again! I found your site when you did Ruffled Feathers and have been hooked ever since! Course, your boys are irresistible as well!
    Those stripes are delicious and that book had me ogling and choosing 3 patterns I liked the best. I cannot wait to see you putting that fabric to good use!!! Please say you’ll start it soon! (Btw, could you save enough of the warm stripes to do the Orange star quilt too?? Pretty please. Oh and the triangle one after that! Lol!) You already chose the best with that kaleidoscope!
    Can’t wait!

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    1. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to force myself to cut into those stripes knowing that they can’t be had any more. Luckily, I have enough to make several projects. But still. . . it’s hard to chop them up!

      Thanks for reading, and I’m with you… it’s nice to have a little inspiration to create again.



  3. It will probably be no surprise that I have a lot of those Kaffe yarn dyed woven stripes too. I also have Kaffe’s book “Shots and Stripes” and have chosen one quilt in there that I would like to make. I really like the Kaleidoscope quilt. I have made many Kaleidoscope quilts but never with stripes.

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    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything you made from the stripes. I’ll have to go and search your blog. And I think that’s one of the Kaffe books that I don’t have. I’ll have to check for sure.

      I love the striped Kaleidoscope quilt. I’m also going to search your blog for Kaleidoscope quilts.



      1. I have made a few blocks with the stripes with quarter square triangles so it makes a bullseye pattern. I still have the pile of blocks in a drawer and never figured out if I wanted to make any more or just sew them into a table runner. Also used some of them in the elongated strip pieced diamond quilt in “Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts”.

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      2. When you made the bulls-eye blocks, how careful were you about matching stripes? I feel like the quilts I see have meticulous matching. I wonder if it’s not really that meticulous and taht the quilt is busy enough to hide that fact.



  4. I love all those bags and the mermaids ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•! And your seemingly endless Aboriginal fabrics! OMG – KF woven striped fabrics in so many vibrant fabulous colors! Wowza ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• I will be looking forward to seeing your creations!

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