Today Was Monday. Yes, Indeedy, it Was.

Yes it was. And I’m happy it’s over.

It rained most of the day, but I did manage to get an afternoon walk in and it felt really good to step away from my desk. After work I had dinner and sat down and watched a co-worker’s appearance on Jeopardy, and she did so good. She was leading going into the final question, but didn’t get the answer… but I did!

Then we took our evening walk in a nice wet mist. I had to clean my glasses several times during our walk, and I even had a baseball cap on. My boys were pretty wet when we got home and thoroughly enjoyed their towel-off.

Then I logged into a dog training webinar and sat down in my sewing room to quilt the bag panels I made last night.

Oh, and before I go too far… I get asked nearly every day where people can find my tutorial for these bags. The tutorial is free on my blog, just click on this link.

I’m really liking these darker fabrics in this bag. And I decided to quilt it using black thread, which I really like now that it’s done, but it was a pain in the ass to quilt! It was so hard to see each line of stitching that I really struggled to keep it all straight. But it turned out really well.

You can see how the threads almost disappear in these fabrics. It’s a cool effect.

Here’s the panels once quilted and with the gussets cut out.

And I love this look at this panel. It looks so three dimensional.

Once my panels are quilted it only takes about ten minutes to get the bag body constructed, so I went ahead and made the handles and got it sewn together.

Oh, man! I really love this one!!!

The other side of the bag is almost exactly the same, with the exception of a couple pieces of fabric at the bottom.

It will be fun to choose a lining for this one.

I’ve nearly used up my first order of the tags I use, so I ordered some more a few days ago. They arrived today.

I get a good number of comments and emails from people asking where I get my tags. This is the Etsy seller I use, called All This Wood. They actually had a record of my previous purchase and were able to recreate my exact order. It was so easy. They provide great service and get my orders shipped quickly.

And I had some surprise visitors in my back yard this afternoon.

This nesting pair has hung out in my neighborhood each spring for a few years now. I’ve seen them with their babies a couple of times over the years. I’m glad they were just visiting and not nesting in my yard. I doubt they would have gotten much peace or privacy.

But the best thing that happened today is that I WON THE LOTTERY!!!!!

Looks like I’ll be retiring any day now!

24 Replies to “Today Was Monday. Yes, Indeedy, it Was.”

  1. Congratulations on the lottery!
    Do you sew your labels on by hand or with the machine?
    It looks like you chose leather but I’m impressed with the cork ones. Thanks for the link. They add such a nice finished touch

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    1. My labels are faux leather, but they look like leather. And I do sew them on by hand. I keep thinking there should be a way to sew them on by machine but I can’t figure out when to do it so I don’t end up having the label in the way of finishing the bag. I’ll keep thinking about it.



  2. Hi There

    It’s a treat each day to receive your emails

    The bags are all so beautiful

    Can I ask what you use for stabiliser?

    I have a lot of love for the Aboriginal Fabric

    My husband was Aboriginal and so therefore my daughters and grandchildren

    We have some many relatives it’s amazing

    Looking forward to your reply

    Kind Regards

    Maria Pender

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    1. Maria; I use a medium weight Pellon fusible interfacing on the lining, pockets and zipper placket. I’m sorry but I don’t have the product number. I use a fusible fleece for the bag panels, and I quilt them. I hope this answers your question.

      And I agree… the Aboriginal designs are really amazing. I just love them. I consider myself to fortunate to be able to create things with them.

      Thanks for reading!


  3. Beautiful! The quilting really pops with the black thread💗. You might be able to buy a fat quarter or two with your lottery winnings 😏. Thanks for the morning funnies 😄.

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  4. Every time I see a Frankenbag of yours that I think is the best one yet – you come up with one I like better! I played with all of my Aboriginal fabrics yesterday getting them organized and all in one place. I see a Frankenbag in the near future! (from the Aboriginals, of course)

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  5. Congratulations on your win!
    Good news about the ducks–now your boys can get some practice herding them. When I took my rough collies herding, we always loved the challenge of duck herding.
    Love the aboriginal bag!

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  6. I was briefly very excited for your lottery win, until I “read on”. Damn! Oh well, there’s always next week. What I like about the bags made with the aboriginal fabrics, especially those darker versions, is that you could really use them as a purse. They don’t read as flowery or anything in particular except pretty!


    1. Yes, I feel like the Aboriginal fabric bags may be more practical. I love the KFC bags, but I’m more likely to carry something around that’s a little more calm. But I love them both!

      And that was my reaction to the lottery win too! I use an app on my phone to scan my tickets and this is the first time it’s ever shown me a win! I was sure I’d won millions!!



  7. What a great bag!! I live in an area where I find few Kaffe fabrics and none of the Aboriginal prints that are so nice. Do you get all of your fabric “in person” or do you have favorite on-line sources? Thanks! – Sandy

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    1. I do buy fabric in person when I see something I need or want. We have a local quilt store that has a good selection of Aboriginal fabrics and they have an online store and do ship. They are Pioneer Quilts in Milwaukie, Oregon. You can find them with a google search. They have a good selection of Kaffe fabrics too.

      Here are several online stores I use for Kaffe fabrics:

      Good luck!


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