UFO Zipper Pouches

I’m going to do it! I’m going to finish these seven batik zipper pouch sets that have been all cut out and ready for assembly, sitting in my sewing room for literally months.


I sat down for a couple evenings last week and sewed the front and backs of all seven sets and selected the zippers for each set. The sewing went really fast because I did production line sewing and chain pieced each set.

Next step is to add the zippers.


The zippers are the most time consuming part. But it’s worth taking the time to get them sewn in well. The details make all the difference!


I just love working with these batiks. Picking out the fabric combos for each set is my favorite part of making them. I have probably made more than fifty of these batik pouch sets over the last few years, in addition to all of the sets I’ve made from border collie/batiks and from other fabrics.

These assemble basically like the pouches in my zipper pouch tutorial. It’s just that the front and back of the bag have three sections of fabric, finished with top stitching on the narrow center piece.

I start out with three third yard pieces of fabric and have enough to do the pouch fronts and linings, with some small scraps left over plus one piece about 12×12.


Here’s the dimensions of the pieces for the pouch fronts and linings. Don’t forget the six pieces at 1×4 inches for the zipper tabs. These can be cut from the smaller scraps.


The dimensions next to the pouch size are the measurements for the lining and the finished size of the pouch fronts.

Here’s a good representation of the batik pouch sets I’ve made. But it’s not all of them!

(click on each photo to get a bigger view)

4 Replies to “UFO Zipper Pouches”

    1. $43 for the set of three. I think I have one or two completed sets in a drawer. These will be done soon. Let me know if you need a set by a specific date.


  1. Your zipper pouches are absolutely beautiful. Where do you purchase your zippers? Do you usually use cream or white for your Frankenbag bags – I love those as well. Thank you for your tutorials they are so helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I buy the nylon zippers for my pouches from Zipit on Etsy. The metal zippers for my larger bags are either off white or white. I buy them on Amazon and from Zipit on Etsy.



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