Hand Embroidered Pouch


I’ve been wanting to try embroidering a panel for a zipper pouch, so sat down today with a piece of canvas that I washed and added some stabilizer to the back.

I’m well aware that I don’t have the patience to do a lot of hand work, so I started by doing some free motion embroidery of the flower stems on my sewing machine. Then I sat down and hand embroidered the flowers and leaves.

I just LOVE this blue chambray — I love the way it looks, I love sewing on it, and I love how the piece turns out… it looks so structured and tailored.

I used the same pocket method as in the other pouches I’ve recently made. it’s a really quick and easy way to put in a zipper pocket.


I used a simple yellow batik for the pouch lining and for the lining of the pocket. It’s really cheerful and pretty. And it’s just lovely with the blue chambray.


Look at how amazing the zipper installation looks on this chambray. So crisp and precise. I just love it!


This picture gives you an idea of how the pocket goes together.

First, sew the zipper to the top of the panel and pocket lining. Then fold up the lining (the pocket lining is essentially twice tie size of the panel) and sew it to the top edge of the zipper. Then sew on the side pieces and top stitch. Then sew on the bottom piece and top stitch. Then sew on the top strip and top stitch. That’s it. The sewing and top stitching on the sides seals the zipper pocket in place. Now you’re ready to put the pouch zipper in and finish the pouch.


I just love the little zipper pulls. I made them from some micro fibre swede and little wooden beads. I just love them!


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  1. Fabulous! Well done. Personally, I really like pockets in bags. While traveling in Peru, I was disappointed that my REI backpack had two too few pockets! Pockets add convenience. Ease of use.

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