Pink and Yellow Algorithm

Holy cow! Have I been busy! It’s been nearly three months since my last post here and I’ve been creating up a storm.

I just have to start chunking away at it all.

So, what happened after the blue Algorithm quilt? Well, I loved making it so much that I decided to use up another KFC layer cake and make another one. And I like this one even better! The best part? THAT BLACK AND WHITE JUMBLE… OMG! IT JUST MAKES THE QUILT SING!!!


And all the color. it’s so fantastic! I like this quilt even more than the original one that inspired me to make this pattern.


I started with a 2016 KFC Layer cake and added a few more fabrics to get the blocks I needed. It was so much fun to put this together because the fabrics were all just so amazing together!

I happened to find some of the yellow Roller Coaster on sale and bought enough for the back. I’m going to wait to take this to my long arm quilter because I have a couple in line in front of it, and I don’t really have any plans for this quilt so I can afford to wait.


I posted photos of this quilt on the KFC Facebook page and someone contacted me and wanted to buy it, but they wanted it bigger. After consider different options to make it bigger, I decided I loved it too much to mess with it and proposed to the person that I make the same quilt again, but make it the desired size, and they said yes. So there will be another, bigger version coming to this blog soon.

GAH! These fabrics!


13 Replies to “Pink and Yellow Algorithm”

  1. Thanks! I have to credit Kaffe and crew. This all started with a layer cake, and I added five or six fabrics to make it bigger. Really hard to go wrong with these amazing fabrics and the way they play so amazingly well together!


      1. I bought the Stripology book but I don’t understand how to cut the jumble strips separately from the triangle squares . If you just fold the jumble triangles you would end up with the extra jumble triangles

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      2. There’s no need to cut out the center of squares since you’re not going to be using those strips in the quilt. Just cut your squares in half diagonally, then cut your strips out of the jumble. I think my strips were 1-3/4 inches wide by around 16 inches. You should check the length of your diagonal so your strips are long enough.

        Also, your squares will be bigger than in the pattern because you’re not cutting out that center section. So you’ll need to square up bigger than the pattern calls for. then you can cut the squares at half of what you square them up to. Your blocks will be bigger than in the pattern but they will go together nicely. No need to square up as small as the pattern calls for.

        Good luck,



    1. It’s not squares. But if I told you how I did it I’d be giving away the pattern and it’s not mine to give. You can get the pattern online. it’s called Algorithm and it’s in a book by GE Designs called Stripology Squared.



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