Blue KFC 16-Patch Fabric List

I like to make a blog post with each finished quilt to make a record of the fabrics I used.

Here’s the fabric list for my Blue KFC 16-Patch quilt top finished 1/28/2021.

Top Row

  • Kaffe’s Guinea Flower in black
  • Kaffe’s Shirt Stripes in cobalt
  • Kaffe’s Millefiore in blue
  • Philip Jacobs’ Begonia Leaves in cobalt
  • Brandon Mably Moss in blue
  • Kaffe’s Enchanted in cobalt

Row 2

  • Kaffe’s Persian Garden in blue
  • Philip Jacobs’ Spiral Shells in blue
  • Kaffe’s Enchanted in blue
  • Brandon’s St. Clements in blue
  • Kaffe’s Elephant Flower in blue
  • Kaffe’s Dahlia Blooms in cool

Row 3

  • Kaffe’s Pencils in blue
  • Kaffe’s Paper Fans in cool
  • Philip Jacob’s Glory in cool
  • Philip Jacobs’ Curly Baskets in Delft
  • Philip Jacobs’ Poppy Garden in blue
  • Brandon Mably’s Jumble in cobalt

Row 4

  • Brandon Mably’s Labels in white
  • Kaffe’s Vine in blue
  • Brandon Mably’s Mad Plain in blue
  • Kaffe’s Spots in sky
  • Kaffe’s Buttons in blue
  • Kaffe’s Mughal in white

Backing will be Kaffe’s Millefiore in blue, and I’m contemplating doing a border in the cobalt shirt stripes just to make the quilt a little bigger.

7 Replies to “Blue KFC 16-Patch Fabric List”

  1. What a beautiful Kaffe 16 patch! Gives me inspiration to get back to sewing. I’m still recovering from Covid and have no energy except to fondle fabric and look thru my quilt patterns and Kaffee Fasset books and decide which project will be first on my list. Have you seen Dresden Blooms video on MSQC? It might send you off in a new direction.

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    1. I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery. Make sure you take care of yourself!

      I have not seen the Dresden Blooms video but I’ll take a look. it would take A LOT to convince me to make Dresden plates!


  2. New to quilting side of sewing! Love your blog, subscribed last week and have not missed an episode since, great job!
    Question 1: You chose 24 fabric patterns. What size did this top as is finish at?

    I was going to attempt a king using 2.5″ jelly rolls to cut down on my time/I work F/T, to see it evolve faster. I’ve calculated I need 6, and should have extra cuts for my stash when done. I can add borders if need be.(and more for shams)

    Question 2: How many fabric patterns do you recommend? Is there a rule because of flow/layout? I almost bought 6 different JR pattern rolls, but now I am not sure.

    Thank you so much, I appreciate your insight and thanks for the lovely inspiration!

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog!

      Question 1 – This quilt is 8 blocks by 9 blocks and is around 64 inches by 72 inches. I am planning on putting a border on this to make it just a little bigger.

      The blocks finish at 8 inches square. So you’ll need to decide how big you want to make your quilt, and then decide how many blocks you’ll need. Divide the total inches for width by 8 and that will give you how many blocks you need. Do the same for the height and that will give you the blocks you need for the height. If you end up with a decimal, I would round up.

      You make this with strip sets made from 2 fabrics. Each strip set makes two blocks. So it’s essentially one block for each strip of fabric. So once you’ve figured out how many blocks you need to make the quilt the size you want, you’ll just need one strip for each block.

      Question 2 – I think quilts are more interesting with more fabrics. I just cut 133 2.5 inch strips for my next quilt… and it’s from 133 different fabrics! That’s kind of going overboard, but you can use a wide variety of fabrics… especially if you’re going for a scrappy look.

      Six jelly rolls would give you over 240 blocks. This quilt has 72 blocks. So 240 blocks would be a huuuuuuuge quilt.

      If you want, figure out how big you want your quilt to be and I’ll help you calculate the blocks and fabric you’ll need.

      good luck! thanks for reading!



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