Blue KFC 16 Patch is in the Finished Pile

I took advantage of all my screen time today and pinned the final two rows of my blue KFC 16-patch blocks together. I sewed it all together this evening.

I’m happy to be able to put this one in the finished pile. My plan is to use the dark blue millefiore wide backing that’s coming out next month. This quilt will probably be a holiday gift for a friend who absolutely loves blue.

It was really fun to work with a color way that I don’t typically use. And the wonderful thing about Kaffe fabrics is that even though these are all blue, there’s a lot of other color in there. I just love looking more closely at each block to see how the fabrics and colors play together.

Since I had this quilt off the design wall I went ahead and threw the batik 16-patch blocks up so I could get an idea of how they all look together.

I’m really happy with this collection of blocks, but there are some that I really don’t like. So I’m thinking I will dive into my batiks and find some fabrics to make at least four different blocks. I will look at this for a couple days before I decide to do that. But it’s pretty likely to happen.

Here’s a shot of these blocks in black and white. There are definitely a few things I want to change. I’ll give it a couple of days to ferment.

I’d better decide what I’m going to make next!

7 Replies to “Blue KFC 16 Patch is in the Finished Pile”

  1. I love the blue 16 patch and it is a color I don’t use as often too. At first I thought the light fabrics were too light and now I just love what they added to the mix.

    I have a pile of leftover 16 patch blocks that didn’t get included in the original quilt so someday there might be an orphan 16 patch quilt.

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    1. I was a little worried that the light fabrics would just bring in way too much contrast. But I agree with you. I really like what they’ve done in this.

      I can’t wait to see your 16 patch orphan quilt. It all just seems to work together with these blocks.


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