All Alone Again, and Making Plans

I took my friend to the airport early this morning. I was really sad to see her go but am hopeful that she’ll be back soon. Although the reason for extending her visit wasn’t a great one, I’m glad we got more time together.

She also kept me on the straight and narrow and got me moving on finishing up a LOT of things that I’ve been letting slide. It feels good to have all of those tasks done. And… I feel so much better in my sewing room now! It feels huge after decluttering and putting everything into its place.

It’s really quiet here tonight. I took Rico and Bender down to our agility class tonight. And when we got home Rico ran right into my guest room looking for my friend. He was a little disappointed that she’e not here.

Bender broke into a dog biscuit bin at a friend’s place last night. He was a bit of a sick doggie last night as he ate approximately four lbs of cookies. I won’t go into detail, but he got some relief last night, and a lot more relief today. He seems to be feeling fine tonight. I’m guessing he didn’t learn any valuable lessons.

Last night, our last night together, we had a few more things to get done. First, I’ve had these portraits of my mom’s grandmothers hanging on my living room wall for years. They’re big and not very cheerful. I remember them from my childhood!

I decided a couple years ago that I wanted to get them off the wall and purchased a few pieces of art. But I never got around to hanging my new art. So we went to the store and purchased a couple of frames and got it all hung.

It’s all much lighter, brighter, and more colorful and I love it. I purchased the top photo of an aspen grove at a local art show. The photo of the pick up truck was given to me by a friend. And the aspen painting was made by a friend of mine in Colorado.

Since my Featherweight will be back at home on Saturday I wanted to start thinking about the blue KFC fabrics I’ll use to make the lap quilt for my friend to thank her for her generosity. So I pulled out my scraps left over from my blue 16-patch quilt and pulled out some other 2.5 in strips I have in one of my freshly organized scrap bins and was able to put together enough pieces to make the top.

I’ve been noodling on what pattern to make from this and played around with an idea yesterday. This might be it…

It would be really easy and quick to make and the blocks would finish at about 8 inches. Just what I’m looking for in this project. I would make it out of strip sets made from two different fabrics. It will be basically like my blue 16 patch except that the blocks are made from rectangles instead of squares.

And I just remembered. Someone asked me for the pattern for the green batik quilt I shared last night. Although I didn’t use a pattern, this is essentially it. I’m not sure where you can purchase this pattern. Might be worth a Google search.

I really need to make another one of these. Aren’t those colors amazing?!?!

And another quick vacation adventure to share with you. On Saturday morning it was a little rainy at my brother’s place so we decided it was the perfect time to harvest their pumpkins.

These boys were so very helpful!

And I was very helpful too… in my jammies and rain coat!

We lined all the pumpkins up on the front porch under cover.

When we were done my brother went over the patch with his mower and you would hardly even know it had been there.

I’ll close tonight with some pretty flowers and plants from my SIL’s gardens.

Here’s a wide angle view of the upper garden from the back porch.

Hey. Why’s our stuff on the porch?

20 Replies to “All Alone Again, and Making Plans”

  1. Hi Ann, greetings from Extremedura, Spain, where I’m on my final day of my holiday.
    I loved today’s post. It’s sad your lovely friend has to return home but what a lovely time you’ve had and so productive!
    I’m looking forward to being home, seeing my family and getting into my sewing room – I’m no further forward with my crumb piercing but hopefully I’ll get going on that next week. I’m going to use what I piece as a sample for my final quilt in my City & Guilds course.
    There’s a decided nip in the air, even here.. it’ll be autumn when I get home- my favourite season.
    Take care, Lindy
    Ps would send some pics but no idea how!


  2. I look forward to your emails! Your puppies make me smile and remember my border collie “Bandit”. They are the best dogs.
    I am totally enamored with your bags but mostly with your willingness to share, answer questions, and give me motivation to get out and walk. I have started my “in my own store” search for fabrics, with a few purchases, to start my own bag.
    Thank you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry your friend had to leave but it was great she got to stay longer 🥰! I just love ❤️ your brother’s place!!!! What will they do with all the pumpkins 🎃? Poor Bender, he just wanted to party down 🤭


  4. I love your new art in the living room! I, too, have those old portraits where no one is smiling and they look so ancient–they were probably in their 50’s-haha. Your brother and SIL have a beautiful place. Lots of flowers for Fall! Nice you and your friend could visit them, and I’m so glad the two of you had such a nice visit. What fun!

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  5. Oh my, Bender poor baby. He couldn’t help himself. My baby would have done the same! I love your pictures you put on the wall, very refreshing! Those colors on the duet quilt are fabulous! I wonder if the fabric is available – that is right up my ally! Sorry your friend had to go home, you two accomplished so much in that short time ❤️. Oh what fun you and your friend had in the pumpkin patch! Looks like a blast at your brother’s place! And what beautiful scenery they have! No wonder Rico and Bender were wanting to stay longer 💕💕💕

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  6. Lovely blog today with the pumpkins & beautiful scenery. Thank you! BTW, Villa Rosa Designs is here in Grass Valley, CA, up by the airport on Loma Rica. They have a large internet & walk-in business. I love the place. (Lots of Kaffe, too !)

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