Finally Made a Decision and Red Fractured is Done

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share your thoughts about purple strips vs no purple strips. It was interesting to see how everyone thought about this simple choice. And I think there really wasn’t a wrong choice.

So, my decision? I went with no strips. And I did it for the same reasons that were expressed by many of you. If you haven’t yet, take a few minutes to read through the comments on last night’s post. It’s an interesting look into the design approaches taken by different people.

In the end, I decided no strips because I felt like the strips emphasized a row of triangles, rather than the interplay of the triangles, chevrons, and fractured pieces across the quilt. The strips seemed to constrain the ebb and flow of the colors, lines, and forms.

I agree that it’s more chaotic, but I like that! It’s sort of ordered chaos.

All done, this quilt top measures around 68 x 75. So it’s a really generous throw size. It would be good for two people to snuggle under on the sofa.

I had considered a thin purple border around the edge, but I think I’ll leave it as it is and bind it with the purple fabric. Well, if I ever actually have it quilted. I don’t have plans for this quilt. So it will probably go into a drawer for now and won’t be completely finished any time soon.

Like making backings, I don’t LOVE the final stages of constructing a quilt top. I really dislike dealing with all that bulk. So I’ve come up with little tricks to make it easier for me to wrangle all that fabric.

First, I pin a lot! Everything just stays together so much better with a generous sprinkling of pins.

Then I fold up the excess fabric and accordion fold it all. Here’s the entire quilt top prepped for sewing the final horizontal seam.

Then I place this little packet on my lap and feed it through the machine.

One really cool thing about this quilt? The blocks are big, so it only took four horizontal seams to sew all the rows into one piece.

Like sewing all that bulk, I’m not the biggest fan of pressing all that bulk. So I’ve been very happy to have my friend here to assume that task.

She’s actually a much better presser than I am. I’m pretty impressed with the job she did in prepping these blocks and in adding the final touches to the top. She handled all that bulk really well too!

I’m guessing that quilt top has some dog hair on it.

My friend’s husband had a negative Covid test today so she’s all clear to head home early Monday morning. I’m going to miss her. It’s been a lot of fun to have her here for an extended time. And I think it’s been really good for her too. We’ll join some friends for dinner tomorrow as our final celebration.

Another vacation adventure… We spent a half hour or so at my brother’s place picking fresh hops and getting them prepped for the dehydrator.

As you may know, hops are a main ingredient in making beer. I really like beer. And I really like hoppy beers. Hops are very aromatic. They are beautiful to look at and to feel. They look like little artichokes, but they feel so different. They feel like they’re made from tissue paper. They’re as light as air.

It didn’t take much time for three of us to pick a couple good size containers full.

And in no time we had the big dehydrator loaded and running.

You very well may be asking yourself WHY I wanted dried hops. Well, a month or so ago a friend of mine gave me some hop water… basically some non-alcoholic sparkling water infused with hops. It was refreshing, fruity, aromatic, really delicious, and ridiculously expensive. So I thought I would try making my own.

So I grabbed a cold bottle of sparkling water, picked some fresh hops and crushed them up a little, then dropped them into the water and let them sit for a while. And it was so delicious! So we got busy so I could bring some hops home with me to flavor my sparkling water. I ended up with two gallon Zip Loc bags full!

And now I’m thinking I might have to plant some hops in my yard next year. I have a trellis that would be perfect for them! And I think Bender might approve.

I got a call from the sewing machine service center that has my Featherweight and it looks like it will be done and ready to pick up on Monday. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the drive to pick it up until next Saturday. But I’m anticipating it’s arrival back home and am planning the quilt I’ll make for my friend who gave it to me. She wants a lap quilt to use when she drinks her coffee in her garden in the morning. And she loves blue. So I’ve been thinking about patterns.

Here’s what I think I might make.

But instead of the green batiks, it will be made from blue KFC fabrics, like this 16 patch I made last year.

I’m thinking I’ll make it around 55 inches by 55 inches or so. I’ll have to see where it lands with these somewhat vertical blocks.

We drove around a LOT today. And I got majorly lost twice! I guess I should have been paying more attention to my route and not to the conversation!

25 Replies to “Finally Made a Decision and Red Fractured is Done”

  1. Your quilt looks amazing, I’m glad you decided to finish it without the extra sashing. I knew hops was for beer but would never think to put them in sparkling water. That photo you showed of them reminds me of some of the flowers on KF fabrics, they certainly would look pretty printed on fabric. thanks Doreen Sherk

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  2. I didn’t get in on the voting but you nailed it. It’s gorgeous. I’ve never heard of hoppy water. Does it make you jumpy? Gosh Bender is so adorable. Just keeps getting cuter every photo. What Brand dehydrator do you use? I’ve not seen one with metal trays.


  3. Quilt looks great! I would have it quilted asap so I could cuddle under it – winter is coming.
    Hop water sounds interesting. Anne’s hop water, or Rico & Benders exquisite hop water 😋. Sorry it’s time for your friend to go back to her hubby. I bet her hubby is happy! Try not to work too hard all next week – usually inevitable.

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  4. I’m glad you didn’t put the strips between rows. I love the zig zag/chevron pattern that is has now. This one would be great made in 2 colors too, each block would be 2 colors and that would give you alternating color zig zag rows.

    Your green quilt, I think that one should be called “the other 16 patch” since each block also contains 16 pieces. I think I will make one of those and that will be my name for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I went without the strips too! And I love your idea for alternating colors. So many things to try with this one.

      I really want to make another of the “other 16 patch quilts. I wasn’t very happy with the green one… not enough color variation.



  5. The hops in sparkling water is new to me..gonna try it. I use my dried hops for tea that has a great calming effect. I also make small pillows with hops and lavender. Place them under your bed pillow all day long. Flip pillow over at bedtime to breathe the aroma for a relaxing effect. Keep the small pillow under your bed pillow at night, too. Always enjoy all your info especially your photos especially with your special pups! Thank you!

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    1. I didn’t really use a pattern. It’s a riff off a sixteen patch. But instead of cutting the strip sets into 2.5 inch pieces, I cut them into 5 inch pieces and made one big block out of each strip set.

      If you search “green batik quilt” on my blog you’ll find some posts about this quilt.



  6. This red quilt looks positively awesome!!! Love the fabrics, colors & zig-zag affect! Congratulations on another masterpiece!! 😀



  7. A drawer for this? OMG I can’t bear the thought of all this kind of gorgeousness languishing in the dark! Please say you’ll get it quilted and gifted, or slung over a sofa somewhere at home.

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    1. I already have TWO quilts with my long armer that I’m keeping. How many quilts do I need? Plus, having to pay someone to quilt them, they make expensive gifts. Not just everyone gets one!!! I’ve covered all my family and friends already!



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