Friday Night and a Blue Hat

Thank God It’s Friday! And a long holiday weekend at that. I’m so glad I get a long weekend.

After a quick dinner and a 3.5 mile evening walk with my boys, I hit my sewing room and started cutting! I was really careful cutting out these fabrics and realized that I can cut all the pieces for the lining and outer hat for TWO hats from two half-yard cuts.

Oh my goodness! That aqua millefiori is so amazing! I don’t typically love the look of fussy cutting and rarely do it, but I did fussy cut the top of this hat and I’m glad I did. It’s so cool! If you look at the top piece sitting on the table, you’ll see it’s NOT fussy cut. I didn’t have enough fabric to fussy cut both. And I do love the more random look of the one on the table!

And I’m very happy that this hat has a pretty good fit! Finally!

Rico got in on the act tonight!

He finds this all very stressful. But he was a good kid and very cooperative, even though he was horrified. He did get some cookies for his effort.

Here’s a few more photos of this hat.

Before I wrapped it up for the evening I cut the fabric for another hat from scraps. This will be a smaller size of the combo I made last week. I love that combo and that hat is just too big. This smaller one will make me happy!

I didn’t have enough of that jumble to cut the top of the hat lining. But this will be fine since I don’t plan on wearing it with the lining out… but it might actually be fun that way!

It’s amazing how difficult it’s been to get a hat that fits right!

I saw this table runner on Facebook today and it gave me an idea. It was made by Stefanie Wolicki Jarrell. She made a strip set and then cut the set into different width pieces and then reassembled them.

I’m thinking this would be a great way to treat the left over Ice Storm quilt strip tubes to combine with the octopus fabric. I think I’ll work on that tomorrow. It should come together quickly and I’m pretty sure I have enough strip tubes to pull this off.

And I have to say, that turquoise binding is the best thing!!! It just sings!

I thought about starting on that tonight but I need to do some measuring and re-measuring before I start.

It was beautiful during our afternoon walk today. There is a second wave of flowers, trees and shrubs blooming. The rhododendrons are in their glory right now.

I’m so lucky to live in a neighborhood where people love having a lot of flowers around!

Rico has a herding lesson tomorrow morning and there is 100% chance of rain, so it looks like we’re going to be getting wet. We’re supposed to be pretty wet this weekend, so it might be a productive weekend for me.

38 Replies to “Friday Night and a Blue Hat”

  1. I love your hats!! I too used that same pattern to make a couple of hats. The first one turned out fine, but I thought the brim was too narrow for really sunny days. So I added an inch to the brim patterns for the second. It was just right for me.

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  2. Cute hats your whipping up ! Never ending fun fabric combinations ! I Love the photo of Bender & Rico in front of the beautiful bush. There can never be enough colorful blossoms !

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  3. I like all your hats but I love this last blue one! The video of the bee is great and don’t your boys look special posing in front of the gorgeous lavender flowery shrub.
    Enjoy your long weekend 🌺😊🌺

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  4. I love all your hats! So glad you have figured out a good fit after a few tries—it’s always a “bonus” when something fits . 😀
    I enjoyed your post a couple days ago with your quilt tops with backing fabrics!
    I emailed some photos of my first Frankenbag a while ago ( maybe even a month+.) Haven’t seen it in a post and wondering if I sent in wrong format. Haven’t seen the bag in awhile either, it’s somewhere in some pile. Aaaargh!

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  5. If this hat fits you, would you please share the pattern and size, ex: 100-110%, that you used?  I think my head is about the same size as yours – 23″ so hopefully I can get it to fit me!  Love your blog and dogs and your smile :~)  Pam in Seatt

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  6. I love hats…on other people! I seem to have a big head when woman’s hats are made one size fits all. Your choice of fabric are totally my taste.

    Question for you. Do you have a process or set up for cleaning your guys after a muddy walk? I have a golden and because of the amount of hair she gets vert dirty.

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    1. I’ve bought a lot of hats over my life and the only ones I ever wear are baseball caps.

      My dogs don’t get terribly muddy, just wet. I don’t mind if they come into the house wet, but I don’t like them to come in muddy.

      The muddiest is when Rico does sheep herding. And there’s more in the mud than just dirt (ewww). He gets hosed off well at the sheep ranch before he gets in the car.



    1. I’ve made a few in different sizes and am making a note of the one I like the best. I have people that have asked about purchasing a hat but it’s so hard to know the size and predict how they will fit. So I’ve said no. But I may sell them in person some day.


  7. Love the fussy cut hat, and Rico makes a good model. The last photo of the your two loves is great! Have you ever done collage? That photo would be a great one to start with. Just a thought. Enjoy your long weekend!

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    1. I have done some collage but never finished what I started. I shared some photos in a post in the last few months but I can’t locate it. but a dog in a hat is a great idea for a collage!


  8. Ricco gets to model now. Hope Bender’s not jealous. Great job on the hats. Love the blue fussy cut. There are so many flowers by you. Wouldn’t it be great if Phillip came to visit and get inspired. I see so many of your pix that would be great for him.
    The table runner gives me an idea for a red white blue holiday frankenbag. And table runner. And hat. And note cards.

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  9. What a great photo of the boys with the beautiful purple flowers 🥰 you are really going with those hats 😻. I hope your holiday weekend lasts a real long time!

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    1. I’m wondering if I can find a quicker way to sew the hats together. All those straight pieces sewn to curves is slow. Thinking about a few ideas. I cut out a few more hats this afternoon Having so much fun with these fabrics.


  10. Your color choices for the bucket hats and the KFC fabrics are fabulous. I made a huge mistake with my first bucket hat 😦 Instead of sewing the middle part to the crown, I sewed the brim section to the crown and all the time, wondering, no matter how hard I try, I can not ease this properly! Oh well, redo time. I cut out all new crown and 2 new brim pieces. Luckily, for the first trial hat I used only fabric from stash. May I ask which interfacing is the best one to use both for the outer part and for the inner lining? Also, which is the best source for the beautiful KFC fabrics. Rico did a great job modeling for the hat. Thank you!

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    1. It’s hard enough to ease in all that fabric when you have the correct pieces together! I can’t imagine how much time it too you to do that! Hahaha!

      I’m using a med weight Pellon non woven fusible interfacing. I’m sorry I don’t have the number. It’s not Shapeflex.

      I hope that ‘s enough info.



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