An End to Isolation and Another Hat

Today was the official end to my isolation… even though I went to the beach yesterday. Today, I felt like It was ok to walk the dogs around the neighborhood and on the trail without having to worry about being too close to people. It felt good! Also, I’m almost completely back to normal. And that’s good news.

We started out Saturday with a nice three mile walk. It’s the first neighborhood walk we’ve had since May 11! I wonder if anyone was wondering where we were.

It was an absolutely gorgeous spring day here in Portland. We’ve had a cool and wet couple of weeks, so this day felt extra special. When we got home I sat out in the SHADE and had a cup of coffee and poked around the inter webs.

Then I got a productive streak and hit my sewing room and whipped up another bucket hat.

The hat I made yesterday is just too tight. So I poked around and found another pattern, printed it and compared it to the first pattern and it was generously bigger. It’s essentially the same pattern, but this hat turned out a little too big! I’ve sprayed it with water several times and tossed in a hot dryer. I even put it through a hot wash and dried it on hot. It’s still a little to big.

I got looking at the pattern and when I printed it, it was not at 100%. It printed at 110%. At 100% it’s the same size as the first hat pattern.

Speaking of 110%, Bender is giving that much!!!

And he just keeps on giving…

I really like this fabric combo of Philip Jacobs coleus in contrast and that gorgeous pink jumble. I might sew a piece of elastic into the back of this hat, just because love it so much and want to be able to wear it.

In my continuing Goldie Locksian quest to make a hat that is just right I reprinted the second pattern at 105%. I compared it to the larger version and I think the difference is going to make this next one a perfect fit. So I went ahead and cut out all the pieces and got the interfacing fused to the hat pieces.

I have been very careful to mark each pattern piece so I can keep the sizes all straight.

That peacock feather fabric is a Philip Jacobs Snow Leopard design. And of course, more jumble. I’ll finish this up tomorrow. The cutting is the most time consuming part, so this will finish up quickly. And I really should trim the excess fabric off that quilt backing I made a few days ago. I’d like to get that all bundled up and ready to go to the 9long arm quilter.

Apparently I wore my dogs out today. Rico is currently sleeping next to me with his paw over his ear.

Maybe his paw is stuck there!

And Bender is sleeping so hard his eyes are rolling back in his head!

Another beautiful day on tap for tomorrow. I’m hoping to get some pickleball in!

25 Replies to “An End to Isolation and Another Hat”

  1. Sounds like the walks and beach have re-energized you. Yay. Oh my gosh the boys are just so precious. Bender is rocking that hat. Speaking of hats, this next once is so much fun. I’ve never seen that fabric before. Very nice. Enjoy being back to normal!

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  2. I’m traveling and away from my machine and my stash but can’t wait to get back home to make one or a dozen of those Goldlacquian hats. My daughter already wants one and my SIL too…but in his D.C. Nationals team colors…..boring.
    I’m thinking a wider floppy brim for my red headed, fairenough skinned daughter. When she was little, I made her Holly Hobby type sun bonnets to match all her summer clothes. Like little kids and masks these days, in the summer she knew didn’t leave the house without one of her bonnets. It’s a hobbit she’s never outgrown. She has buys hats like some people she knows buy fabric.
    (And, if you ever get to Syracuse, N.Y., check out Calico Gals Quilt shop. We stopped in there yesterday and found great fabric and a friendly staff.)

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    1. Sounds like you’re going to be busy making hats!

      I’ll definitely check out that quilt store the next time I find myself in Syracuse!

      happy travels!



  3. Bender might become a social media sensation! He certainly lets you have your way with him🥰. Glad you are re-energized and ready for pickle ball action. Finally we had a nice storm with rain last night to knock out the 100°. Going to be a lovely 82 yay!!!

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    1. Oh wow… it’s way too early in the year for temps like that! I’m glad you’re getting some relief.

      Bender is a good kid. He is definitely a tolerant soul.



  4. Hello,

    I love reading your stories about your day with sewing and the dogs. You are so talented. I don’t have any animals although I do love them. I live in the UK but I am coming to the US in June. I love all of your Frankenbags and have made about 8 and gifted them to friends. This last one I have made is for anyone who loves dogs. It’s dogs, paws and bones.
    Sue [image0.jpeg] [image1.jpeg]

    Sent from my iPhone

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  5. Thank you for the link to the hat pattern. I need to wear hats when gardening and it will be fun to use some special fabrics in a custom hat (with chin cord as I am on windy Whidbey Island.)

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  6. LOVE your dogs…and hats! Now I’m going to tackle a bucket hat. What type of interfacing do you use for the brim?
    I so enjoy your blog. Thanks!


    1. I use Pellon 931TD. It’s a med weight non woven fusible. It has some structure but is soft and comfy. I use it on all the hat pieces (Iining and outer hat), not just the brim.



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