My First Commission

I finished this quilt and shipped it off earlier this week. Since it has arrived at its destination, I can share it here now.

aaa quilt from left

And you’re not seeing double. This is the second quilt I’ve made out of these fabrics.

Someone saw it online and wanted to buy the original, but wanted me to make it bigger by adding big borders. Well, I loved the first quilt so much, and I felt like the wide borders would just make it look odd, so I talked the buyer into having me start over and make the same quilt bigger, and they agreed.

I was lucky to find the same layer cake that the first quilt was made from. So I ordered it lickity split and was on my way.

The buyer has blue bedroom walls and wanted blue fabrics in the quilt. I convinced them to let me find reds and yellows that had bits of blue, and I made a visit  to my LQS that has a good selection of KFC fabrics. I found a handful of fabrics that had pieces of blue in them, and the fabrics did the trick.

aa no

I went back and forth on the quilting design several times. The buyer wanted the quilt more “fluffy” so I opted for a looser design. I love the way the long wavy lines work with the vertical lines of this quilt. Here’s the quilting pattern that my long armer stitched into the quilt. It’s Urban Elementz Modern Beach Bubbles design.


We chose a light yellow thread for the quilting, thinking it would read somewhat bright. I love the way it appears and disappears in the fabrics.

aaa quilting back good

aaa quilt back gooder

aaa back quilting really good

AA quilting front 1

This is the first quilt where I’ve included a label. The buyer requested one, so I enlisted the help of my friend, Carol, who has a top notch embroidery machine. I think I’ll do more labels in the future!

aaa label blurred

I opted to use the black and white jumble for the binding. For me, there just wasn’t any other choice. I just love what that fabric does on this quilt!!!

AAa Back & Border

The buyer said that the quilt exceeded their expectations and they appear to be thrilled with it. Plans on it becoming a family heirloom. What a lovely thought!

10 Replies to “My First Commission”

    1. I’ve made four of these quilts. Two in these red fabrics. The pattern is called Algorithm and it’s in the Stripology Squared book by GE designs. I used a KFC layer cake and added more to it. The person who bought it wanted a little more blue in it so I picked out reds and yellows that had pops of blue to add in.


  1. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous, I’m sorry but I didn’t see the name of this quilt. If it has one please let me know. Thanks very much

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