Moss Garden Borders Done, and My Boredom

I finished the borders on my Moss Garden quilt a couple of weeks ago and finally took some photos last night. Borders are not my favorite part of making a quilt… wrestling with all that bulk of fabric. But for me, it’s like eye shadow and mascara… it just brings the whole thing to life.

With the borders this quilt measures about 97 inches square. This will be a nice size quilt for my bed. And yes… I’ve decided that I’m keeping this one. Now I just need to piece the backing and get this off to my long arm quilter.

I think the boredom of the pandemic is finally starting to take its toll on me. I’m feeling another wave of lack of motivation coming on. I’m going to do all I can to keep it at bay, and I know I need new things to do to keep me interested and engaged. I’m concerned about winter coming on. Being isolated and stuck at home will be very different when it gets dark at 4 pm. I’m already noticing the lack of light in the evenings… the the evening light is my favorite part of the summers.

I was not very productive yesterday. I took Rico for his herding lesson and he was amazing. then a friend dropped by the sheep ranch with her new puppy so I got to meet him for the first time, and he’s adorable! He looks like a baby Bender. After that, I took the dogs for a walk around the trails on the WSU campus. We got home around 3:30. And I have to say, the rest of the day was pretty unproductive. I did work on a big pile of masks I have that are partially made. I’m trying to chunk away at them a little at a time so I have some ready when I need them.

I slept in on this gorgeous Sunday… later than I thought I would, but the dogs let me stay in bed so I took advantage of the luxury. We’re going to take a four mile walk soon, and then I think I’m going to try to make four more blocks for my Ruffled Feathers Quilt. It’s half done and this is the point where I usually start wanting to start a new project. And I know if I don’t get this done it will sit in a partially done state for way too long. So I’m going to press on.

I think my next project will be to finish the Aboriginal fabrics quilt that will be a holiday gift. the blocks are almost done. All I have to do is add sashing and cornerstones to one side of each block, then get it on the design wall. Then I’m going to make an Aboriginal quilt for another holiday gift but on a different pattern. I have the pattern selected and it will be a quick and fun make. I want to get these done so they will be quilted in time for the holidays. I’ll be giving four quilts as holiday gifts this year.

16 Replies to “Moss Garden Borders Done, and My Boredom”

  1. I feel the same about borders but some quilts really need them and you chose the perfect fabrics for this one.
    Half way there and wanting to start a new project…..maybe we have to tell ourselves we need twice as many blocks as we really need then when we are half done we are really done.

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  2. Another quilt from Aboriginal fabrics? It must be if you’re talking about adding sashing etc. Can’t wait to see it. Your Moss Garden quilt is very bright and beautiful! I’m just “stuck” right now. Can’t seem to get a new project started even though I have about 10 projects lined up with fabric choices and ready to go. I’m just stuck!!! Any suggestions?

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    1. I was stuck for a few months and finally found motivation. And it came with just doing something spontaneous… this quilt! And now I’m really being productive… but still desiring something new! I’m going to force myself to finish my flying geese quilt before I move onto another one, because I know if I don’t, it will sit unfinished for months. So if I were you, I’d pick the quilt you’re thinking about that has you the most excited… whether it’s the fabrics or the pattern. It worked for me to have a simple pattern that went together really quickly. That way I didn’t get demotivated by fussy piecing.


      1. Thank you! I’m going to take your advice and make a wall quilt in the Lone Star Pattern that I’ve been wanting to do for a few months. Maybe that will get me rolling again. I also have several table runners that I need to machine quilt and bind.

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  3. That “stuck” feeling comes and goes here – we’re about finished with the renovations caused by younger son’s move home (he’s been here since March, renovations began in earnest in early July). There’s been massive decision fatigue for all of us and I’m hoping some of that will subside soon – but there’s still the omnipresent cloud filled with COVID, politics, and so much other ugliness that I find my studio is more important than ever. Many times I just sit and ponder possibilities – sketching notes or saving photos on Pinterest for “someday” – I agree with your spontaneous thoughts (there is far too little of that anywhere in our lives right now – too much planning and considering). And planning for the future . . .

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    1. it’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one feeling this way. I’m getting very fatigued with the sameness of day to day life, combined with the awfulness of the state of our world and concern about the future. Living in Portland gives me special concern over current politics and how events here have been misrepresented, and now how they’ve blown up in recent days. It’s a lot for some pretty fabric to overcome. But I’m doing my best to keep some beauty and normalcy in my life. Thanks for taking the time to offer your experience and approach.


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