Oops… I Skipped Ahead. Light Blue Blocks Assembled

I promised myself that I would finish the 10 duplicate 16-patch dark blocks that are sitting on my cutting table… but I couldn’t do it. I was so excited to see how the lighter blocks would look with the dark ones that I dove in and made five lighter strip sets, sliced and sewed half of them into blocks and got them up on the design wall.

I was a little afraid that I wasn’t going to love this as much when I got the lighter blocks up there, but I absolutely LOVE it!

In fact, I’m so excited to see even more lighter blocks up there that I sewed an additional five strip sets tonight.

And 15 duplicate blocks sit unfinished on my cutting table. And I’m totally OK with that!

Tomorrow I’m going to start chunking away at those 15 duplicate blocks. Yup.. even before I slice the five additional light strip sets I sewed tonight.

This is sort of unusual for me, but I have no idea what quilt I’m going to make next! I’m usually itching to start the next one by this point in a new project! Maybe something red…

10 Replies to “Oops… I Skipped Ahead. Light Blue Blocks Assembled”

  1. This quilt is so exciting! I really like the addition of the light blocks. I understand how it can be so exciting while you’re in the process of constructing with fabrics you really love – I’m the same way! I keep saying this – but I can’t wait to see this quilt up on the design wall. This is like watching Downton Abbey, but in full bright Kaffe colors. I can’t wait for the next episode!

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    1. It’s interesting how adding more blocks changes the feel of the quilt. The first few blocks are seen close up, with larger blocks of color, and as you add more, the blocks seem to get smaller and you start to see patterns from block to block emerge. It’s such a cool process. I love that there are surprises with the addition of each new block!


  2. Both of the 16-patch tops are so nice! It’s fun to see the blue combinations of fabric. Are you thinking of doing the summer quilt-a-long that is the broken dishes pattern?

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  3. Blue is not a color I use on its own very often but I’m really loving these blues. The thing is you could have made an all dark blue 16 patch and loved it and an all light 16 patch and loved it also. This is why I keep making these 16 patches. They are fun to make and I haven’t been disappointed in any of the color and value variations I have made yet.

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    1. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of making one that is more pastel overall. The challenge is that I’d probably be hard pressed to make it our of my current stash! Once this pandemic is over I’m going to be a lot more conscious of lighter value fabrics when I’m out shopping.

      But I think the value variance, even it if it was all in the darker tones, is really important. I see a good number of KFC blue quilts that leave me somewhat uninspired, and I think it’s because the fabrics are all too much the same. Sort of like that “black” KFC quilt I made a few months ago. It’s all muddy and mushy because all the fabrics have the same value.

      I’m learning so much as I play with this pattern! Thanks again for sharing your insight!


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