Not Very Exciting, But Very Productive

Spent some time in my sewing room this evening and really got a lot done.

I finished eight blocks for my Ice Storm quilt and started on the final four strip sets.

Then I sewed another row of the scrappy KFC trip quilt together and sewed the first two rows together.

Today I got one of the final two packages of black and white fabrics I purchased online. This was a big package of 20 pieces. The one I’m still waiting for has six pieces.

Here’s all the black and white fabrics I’ve purchased in the last few weeks.

There are some really fun fabrics in this stack. It will be fun to see how they work up in a quilt.

Amazingly, I’ve only duplicated one fabric in all the many pieces I’ve purchased recently. I think that’s pretty impressive!

We went for a sheep herding lesson this morning and we had a really productive hour on the sheep. It was such a gorgeous day and so fantastic to be outside after a rainy day yesterday.

After herding I took the boys for a five mile walk around Washington State University. There were a lot of people out walking on this beautiful day. Take a look at this sky!

They’re pretty worn out tonight. Bender is too pooped to play.

8 Replies to “Not Very Exciting, But Very Productive”

  1. I really want to see those Ice Storm blocks! Your new black/white fabrics are most unusual and a lot of them I’ve never seen before. Also, anxious to see the Kaffe quilt you’re working on. Faster, faster, Annie! I’ve been cooped up in my studio for way too long and really want to get out into the world. I can’t get my vaccine shot yet – I have to wait at least another two weeks.

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    1. I’m working on several things at one time so I don’t feel like I’m making much progress! I need to finish putting the top of the scrappy trip quilt together to free up that design wall for the Ice Storm quilt. Chunking away at it.

      I should be eligible for vaccine soon. It’s tough to get appointments here. My siblings are almost all vaccinated now (I’m the youngest so I’m last). It’s nice to see everyone be jabbed!

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    1. I bought them from several online stores. the most recent order was from Hancocks of Paducah. I got some from Island Quilter. Some from Quilt Expressions in Boise. And I have a few coming from the Fat Quarter Shop. I also bought a big stack from a quilt store on the Oregon Coast… Center Diamond in Canon Beach. They’re on Etsy. Some other stores had a good selection but wouldn’t let me buy less than a yard cut.

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  2. You have exactly the same iron as I do! I’ve been contemplating buying a new iron because the cat knocked mine off the ironing board and slightly damaged it, but I like the heat and steam of this one. Over 20 years old? Older? It was strange seeing MY iron on your gorgeous quilt! PS I’m jealous of your fabric budget. Just saying.

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    1. My mom gave me that iron when I graduated from college in 1983!!!!! So I’ve had it for almost 40 years!!! I’ve contemplated buying a new iron a few times, but this iron is so good! It’s nice and hot and the steam is still working really well. No need for a new one!

      Before the pandemic I was commuting back and forth to work and was filling the tank on my SUV every week. Now I fill it about once every three weeks, depending on how active I am. So I have that money to dedicate to fabric!

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