Voila! Sea Glass Wall Hanging Progress

I didn’t have much time to spend in my sewing room today. But I did get in for a few minutes this afternoon and then again later this evening. And I got this sea glass wall hanging all designed and fused.

I’m really happy with how this is turning out. It’s big, but not freakishly big. It has good proportions.

I love the colors. The little bit of green at the upper right is nice.

Here it is by sections for a closer look. Here’s the top section.

And the middle section…

I really like all the color in the neutrals in the center.

Here’s the bottom section…

I love those little pops of color here and there.

Tomorrow I’ll get the quilt sandwich done. I still need to buy some thread to quilt it.

I took Rico to his herding lesson today and he was just amazing! He was cool and collected and too my direction really well.

He waited very patiently for our lesson to start.

Such a good boy. We have another lesson tomorrow afternoon.

Had a wonderful time tonight at a pot luck dinner with friends. The weather was just perfect for being outside and the food and drink was really good.

I met this little cutie pie and fell in love.

Her name is Frankie and she’s pretty magical. She kept jumping up on my lap. I really miss having a small dog around.

On our walk last night I noticed how white Bender’s face is getting. Look at those white eyebrows.

He’s only eight. It seems like he’s gotten all this white hair in just the last few weeks.

17 Replies to “Voila! Sea Glass Wall Hanging Progress”

  1. Wow! Your quilt is stunning. This looks like a fabulous way to use up fabric scraps. I’m so inspired. Can’t wait to see how it progresses.

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    1. I have a couple. One is attached to the wall above my closet door. It has two rollers on it. You can see a video of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5h5S52oOts

      I bought that from someone in CA a few years ago.

      The one that this sea glass quilt is one I made. Here’s my blog post about how I made it. https://agilejack1.com/2020/10/14/building-to-accommodate-my-next-make/

      The insulation one was quick and easy to make, and I can pick it up and move it easily. I have a friend who made two and keeps them in her garage, and only brings them into he small sewing room when she needs to use them.



    1. Yes. My hair has certainly gotten whiter over the last year.

      And the batiks… I Love batiks! And I have a pretty good pile of small scarps that were perfect for this. I love looking at the fabrics close up. So pretty!



  2. I’ve seen a lot of the Sea Glass pieces coming up on Instagram, I think they’re delightful and love the colour in yours. I have to say I was tempted!! Frankie looks such a cutie.

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    1. I’ve wanted to make one for awhile. It’s right up my alley.. no precision needed! I looked at a lot of them and determined what it was about the ones I liked the most that made me like them and then set out. It was fun to put all those pieces on teh background. Very meditative and calming.

      And yes… Frankie is dang cute! Tons of personality too. She’s the whole package. I really miss having a small dog around.



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