And Now… Back to This

I’ve been thinking about my unfinished projects recently… again. I’ve been specifically thinking about this quilt. It’s made in a very free form way, starting with a piece of Kaffe’s sunburst fabric in the corner, and then free form pieced strips on two sides. It’s all made from Kaffe Fassett Collective scraps.

Here’s a view of some of the blocks.

I’m really close to having all the blocks done that I need for a queen size bed quilt. I think I only need to make five or six more and then I can get it on the design wall. I’m just stumped, once again, on what to do about those setting triangles.

I have posted previously about trying to decide what I was going to do for setting triangles. After experimenting with a bunch of different options, I decided to just make the same blocks but a little larger and cut them in half for the setting triangles.

And now I’ve changed my mind. Partly because I am really just wanting to be done with this and don’t want to make another 15 or so blocks. Partly because I like the effect of the setting triangles made from yardage. Partly because I want to put that bin of scraps away!

So tonight I pulled out some fabrics that are mostly shades of yellow to try out. I had an idea in my head as I started pulling fabrics and it’s in this set of photos. Here’s what I came up with.

After sending these photos to a friend tonight and a follow up phone conversation, I’ve decided on one of these — my idea that prompted this evening process. Can you guess which one it is?

I even went online and ordered the fabric tonight. So I’m definitely committed. Maybe that will prevent me from changing my mind. Ha! I kill me.

I am really looking forward to getting this thing in the done pile. It will be finished and given to my brother and his wife.

A friend of mine gave me a gift certificate to Island Quilter for taking care of her dog, Jolene, when she went on vacation earlier this fall. So tonight I went online and ordered a bunch of the new KFC collection. I exceeded the certificate she gave me, but didn’t buy the entire collection. I was amazed at my restraint. I can’t wait to see the fabrics in person. I’ve only seen a few pieces of the new collection. it’s always different to see them in person.

45 Replies to “And Now… Back to This”

  1. I recently received a huge half yard bundle of Kaffe’s fabric and reading your blog I’m inspired to try your pattern for Kaffe FassetteTurquoise Algorithm Quilt!

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  2. I’m actually more drawn to gold for the setting triangles ~ Yellow is too passive and pastel, whereas gold is vibrant like the other colors in the quilt.

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  3. Hello, I hesitate between the first one on the left and the one in the middle (first row). I understand you quite regarding the KF fabrics, his designs are gorgeous !
    Looking forward to see your choice…

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  4. My vote is the spirals. Bottom row far right. I like the consistency of “round” along with the colors which seem to blend better but not “fight”.


  5. I’m guessing one of the paler yellows, such as the bottom left and bottom middle. I can’t remember the names of them…lake blossoms and coleus leaves maybe?


  6. hmm, choices, choices. I guess middle of bottom row. I like the paler against the blocks for the contrast and the blocks are easier to make out. Second choice is top row, first option. Miss Jolene was a doll 🙂

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  7. I’ve made this quilt and used light grey dots for the triangles on the edge. It really sets the edge nicely accenting the the main quilt. Also check out the free Tula Pink pattern Electric Slide on the Free Spirit site for more inspiration. Love yours!

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  8. Hi! Not sure where/how to email you, so I hope this works! Just sending pics of the F bag I completed. I made it a bit smaller, at 14″w x 15″h. Thanks for the inspiration! Sheryl K

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  9. I like the first one. The dark gold. It seems to set off the blocks more. But I also like the middle one on the right. It is light enough to frame the blocks also. Most of the others match too much. Except for the spirals which I like the least. They don’t have the same feel as the blocks.

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  10. I loved this quilt so I made one. It has setting triangles same as blocks. I would send pic, but don’t know how.
    Considering your six pics, I like upper right the best. Seems to blend better.

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