Indigo Outer Bag Wrapped Up

It’s been a long day. I was at my desk before 7 am today and have to be up and at ’em early tomorrow.

Our streak of lovely weather started today, after a few days of dreary rain. This is unusual weather for us in February.

This is the equivalent of a tropical island during a Portland winter.

After work tonight I took a few minutes and quilted one of the panels of my indigo and batik Frankenbag. Then after dinner and a nice walk with the stars shining, I finished quilting the second panel.

I just love the way quilting these panels completely transforms them.

I finished the quilting up so quickly that I had time to whip up the handles and construct the bag body. That part actually goes really fast.

I’m loving how this is turning out! It’s so fun to see the bag body come together.

Here’s the other side of the bag.

Tomorrow I’ll start working on the lining and pockets. If I have enough oomph, I might finish this tomorrow night. I’m thinking I’ll go all the way and include a slip pocket, a zipper pocket and a zipper placket.

My boys still had plenty of energy after our 3.5 mile walk this evening.

Luckily, they finally wound down and are sleeping like tired dogs now.

One more day and then it’s the weekend… except that I have to work on Saturday. So maybe it’s two more days and a really short weekend. I’m planning on taking a day or two off next week. Phew!

20 Replies to “Indigo Outer Bag Wrapped Up”

  1. hi Agilejack

    Where do you get the fabric or leather for your handles? I am very interested in trying to make some bags. Judey


  2. Love your photos and stories of your dogs. The bags are so interesting and i really like the use of these indigo fabrics, except, for the handles to the bags which would have looked much better in black or navy. Love to read your blog.

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    1. Interesting. I actually chose the dark brown material for the handles because it feels more natural than the black or navy. And I thought that more natural feel worked really well with the hand dyed fabrics, which are very organic and hand crafted.

      Thanks for reading!



  3. Since blue is my favorite color, this bag tops them all! [Except for maybe 4 or 5 of your others done in Kaffe blues too! ]
    Your high-energy dogs fit you well. More power to all of you.
    Love your area, Tillamook Forest and cheese factory were some of our favorite places when we visited the Portland area several years ago.

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    1. I do live in a beautiful part of the country. But the winters can be dreary. All this wet is part of why it’s so gorgeous here! So many trees… ferns… etc….

      Blue isn’t my favorite color, but I like the more muted and natural tones of hthe indigo. So I’m liking this bag too!



  4. I love your indigo bag, in fact, I love all your Frankenbags. They are inspiring. As soon as I am done being inspired and sit down and actually make one, I will send you a photo!

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  5. Love love love everything you create. And your blog. I have my first bag ready to quilt (for 6 months now!) but that’s not my talent and I don’t want to ruin it! But I can do straight lines with my Bernina walking foot so would you please teach me how far apart you quilt your lines??? Thank you.

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    1. I use my walking foot to do my straight line quilting. And I just use the edge of my foot and line it up with the previous row of stitches and I’m able to keep it all pretty straight.



  6. Hi Agilejack Thanks for sharing. Love your indigo bag. I also love to work it batiks. In your last post you mention people from other countries. I am one of them. I was in Brasil visiting family & friends. At a small rural city called Nova Fatima, about 40 km from Goiania, Goias. A place with a lots of rain like Oregon. Except, it’s summer, the rain is warm. At my friend farm it was nice & cool at night. They have farm animals. Wild animals too. Macaws( They’re loud) my favorite, the tiny monkeys, they love mangoes. Another interesting creature a ” mutum” aka black chickens. In short, what a great escape to read your blog. In a quiet afternoon at hammock. At home now, in time to get busy sewing kilos of knits I got in Campinas.

    Thanks again. Maybe I can make beautiful bags like you one day. Learning fir now


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    1. From now on, when I’m writing a blog post I’m going to picture you reading it in some exotic place with mango-eating monkeys and black chickens all over the place!

      The only way to make a bag is to do it!

      Thanks for commenting!



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