Succulents and Fast Panels

I wasn’t really planning on doing any sewing tonight as I’m having fun watching the Olympics, but I decided to get in there and get something done. And I finished up two panels for a new bag really quickly.

A couple of months ago I saw a quilt on the Kaffe Fassett Collective Facebook group that was essentially a Jewel Frames quilt… like this one that I’ve been making for way too long…

… except that instead of the bright KFC prints in the center of the blocks, it was made with some digitally printed succulent panels. And I really liked how it looked. So I started searching around the internet and found the panels and ordered one set.

They’re really pretty and vivid. Lots of really nice colors there. So I decided that I would use some of the panels to make a bag.

So last night I dug through my batiks and found some muted green and aqua toned fabrics that I thought would work with one of the more traditionally colored succulents in the panel. Tonight I made my final fabric choices and started cutting.

The succulent panels are pretty wonky. So I squared two of them up to 6 inches. That was about the max of what I could do. Then I started making panels. First row of batiks added.

Then more rows..

Then some strips and chunks to make it 17×17 inches.

Then the second panel…

And both panels, because I like to see them side by side.

Tomorrow night I’ll get the fleece cut and fused to the back and get the quilting done. I’ll probably also have time to construct the outer bag. I’ve selected a batik for the lining, so I’ll be ready to go once I’m at that point. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll make this with a zipper placket.

I’m enjoying sewing with batiks. They are so different that the KFC fabrics I’m used to. My blocks are much less wonky with batiks.

We are in a really amazing and unusual streak of beautiful weather. We’ve had at least a week without rain, and have another ten days of beautiful weather in the forecast. It’s supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny later this week.

This picture is from Rico’s sheep herding lesson on Sunday. It was such a gorgeous sky!

We saw our first daffodil on our afternoon walk yesterday! Mine are nowhere near ready to bloom.

The boys are certainly enjoying the weather. They wish I would spend a little less time working while the sun is shining.

Our walk tonight seems to have completely done Bender in.

From that photo you are probably thinking that my Christmas tree is still up. But you would be wrong. That’s actually my sparkly winter tree. I usually leave it up each year into March when the time changes. It just makes me feel better to have that light and sparkle while the days are still relatively short.

I was looking at some old photos earlier today and ran across this picture of me and my Australian shepherd Billie from 1999. That seems like such a long time ago.

Billie would have been just over a year old in this photo. I lost her about a year-and-a-half after I moved to Portland.

I’m happy to announce officially that I’m taking Friday off. I don’t know what I’m going to do but I’m going to enjoy it!

21 Replies to “Succulents and Fast Panels”

  1. Hi Ann, I love your fabric choices. I always struggle with putting the right colour fabrics together so enjoy reading your posts. They give me alot of ideas and i enjoy working with batiks as there are so many colours and patterns that they all seem to work well together..thank you for inspiring me to make a better quilter.

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    1. Thanks for reading!

      As for putting colors together, it’s really the color that excites me most about quilting and sewing. I must have some kind of natural aptitude for it. I certainly don’t have any training!

      One key is just putting stuff together and seeing what your reaction is. for me, It’s very clear when something is right!



  2. I really love reading your emails.I love the way you put fabrics/colors together. Do you sell the bags you make? Enjoy your day off, Helen

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    1. I do sell bags, but I don’t really make them with the intent to sell them. I just like making things, and If I don’t sell them, I end up with huge piles of stuff all over the place!



  3. Another fun art bag! I love the batiks is with the succulents. It gives it a very tropical feel. I love watching the Olympics too – it is taking up much of my time. Enjoy the weather and a much needed day off Friday! Rico and Bender will be so happy have more time with you πŸ’•

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    1. No plans for this bag as of yet. I have all my “second christmas” gifts done. My friends and I often celebrate the holidays either late or a second time. We’re exchanging gifts later this month!


  4. Love those new succulent blocks. The colors are to die for! Where did you find the succulent fabric? I’ve never seen it in my internet fabric wanderings.

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  5. I should have written this months and months ago but I just want to say that your agilejack posts have kept me cheered and feeling connected through the pandemic. You’re a goddess. I found your work through Frankenbag posts on Pinterest, but have so enjoyed the virtual company you provide. Thank you for making the efforts you’ve done to reach out to other sewists. I’m nowhere near as good as you but I love the challenge. I’m about to start a feed bag project!!

    Keep up the awesome sewing and dog work and for generating such inspiration for the rest of us dweebs! I have to say I’m a tiny bit disappointed in the low level of profanity, though others are probably crossing the words out and praying for your soul (for context: this is from a retired geologist who used to work on oil rigs; I learned to speak a lot of bad words there). This last was tongue-in-cheek btw.

    no need to respond; just know your audience loves ya Annie Holmes

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    1. Hahahaha! I always worry about the minor cuss words I use here! My actual language is much worse. Even makes me blush some times!!! You made me laugh!!!

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I started this blog as a way to keep track of stuff I was making. It’s so surprising to see so many people reading and hearing from people all over the world. It’s helped keep me sane as well.

      I just with I was feeling a little more inspired. Maybe it will come back soon.

      Thanks for reading! Holy shit!! I’m damned glad you found me!!!



  6. Oooohhh, those succulents! That will be a gorgeous bag! I love batiks:) Your 1999 picture is so cute – you look a bit like Dorothy Hamill and Miss Billie is So pretty! Did you find the Australian shepherds just as smart as the Border collies? I have always wanted one as well as a Border collie, our Callie Mae is the smartest dog I have ever known and she is a Border collie/pointer mix. We have some daffodils buds soon to open here. We had a hard freeze for a few days last week and temps are inching upwards, supposed to get to 73 on Friday and back to a high of 58 Saturday. Such a cute picture of the boys πŸ™‚

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    1. I enjoy reading the posts. I read you have a Border Collie / pointer mix – I do too! We got her from Animal Defense League here in San Antonio – she was 3.9 years old when she rescued us! Black and white she’s beautiful and so smart – she has us wrapped around her 🐾 ☺ it’s fun to see Anne’s dogs having fun herding along with her talent!
      Cheers to our fur babies!

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    2. I prefer the border collies to the Aussies. My boys have really wonderful temperaments. I find that Aussies can be a little more territorial and possessive… at least mine was. My boys are really easy.

      But overall, I think my Jack Russells were the smartest of all of them. Don’t tell my border collie friends I said that!



  7. Hi Lesley! That is awesome she rescued you too. Callie was from the SPCA and I have a hard time understanding why anyone would not want her. She was a year and 3 months, housebroken, has never been destructive, so smart and sweet. Just great all-around πŸ₯° Anne’s boys are amazing and would love to just hug on them too. We are up in Linden, are you still in San Antonio?

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    1. Yes! Here in San Antonio I love it but miss Washington State especially Mt. Rainer and San Juan Islands. Happy Valentine’s πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


  8. Hello,

    I am writing to say that I really love following your blog and your Frankenbags – I have yet to make some.

    I know somewhere in one of your post you listed the place where you bought your faux leather from for the handles. Would you mention that again please? Also, where do you purchase your zippers? Are they a specific brand, such as YKK?

    Thanks so much, Mary


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    1. the link to the faux leather I use is at teh very bottom of my Frankenbag Tutorial.

      Most of my zippers are purchased through a company called Zipit on Etsy. Some of the metal ones I’m using right now were purchased on Amazon. They are all YKK zippers.

      Thanks for reading!



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