Wednesday Night Excitement

So, it’s been quite a night! I took the dogs for a walk, and then I sewed on a bag!!! I know! You can’t believe it!!!

I did see a really pretty moon while we were out walking.

And I’m loving that I’m starting my evening walks in daylight! That gives me the chance to take a different route that gets me off the streets and onto the trail. I don’t walk the trail when it’s dark because it’s just too damned dark, and there are critters like nutria, bunnies, and coyotes. I’m not very worried about the bunnies, but the nutria and coyotes are another story.

Oh, and we had a special treat for our afternoon walk today when a co-worker joined us for a three mile stretch. It was really great to see him and the dogs were really happy to see him. He just loves Bender and Rico. It was a good walk.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and I took the opportunity to get a photo of the boys in front of my forsythia bush. They all look pretty spectacular.

My siblings and I posed in front of our forsythia bush every spring when I was a kid. It just seems right that I make these poor boys do the same.

I had a pretty productive couple of hours in my sewing room tonight. I made the handles and constructed the body of the bag I started last night. And I’m loving these colors!

And the other side.

Then I dug into the lining and got it all cut, fused the interfacing, and got the pockets made and attached to the lining. Look at that yummy green pocket on that purple!!!

Ooh! That’s so pretty! And the pop of green in this pocket lining is so brilliant!

I got the zipper placket made too. I just love the way the design on these fabrics have so much movement.

Here’s all the lining and placket pieces…

Here’s how the lining looks with the outer bag. I think that violet was a good choice. And that green pocket… I mean, come on!!! So good!

I’ve been invited to a friend’s place for dinner tomorrow night… corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day. It will be nice to be around people, like in person and not through a computer!

I will probably finish up this bag tomorrow after dinner if I don’t drink too much wine.

And I just remembered that I’m supposed to bring dessert! Damn. I’m glad I remembered! That would have been embarrassing!

16 Replies to “Wednesday Night Excitement”

  1. Happy St. Patty’s day 🍀 your forsythia bush is really going to town blooming, spring is here.
    Beautiful colors and yes, that green pop in the pocket is a sweet surprise 💕

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  2. I love this post! I love your pic,such a great one of the doggies and the thoughts behind it. We all have our routines, mine includes sewing too when able, and I sometimes think ho hum,same old,same old… it must seem to others( and I don’t see many people, homebound lots) but others have said same to me and lots of us are alike in that.

    The aboriginals are so exciting to see come together in your bags, I kinda like them better there than in quilts! You fit all the different ones on a small canvas one can tote around, love it! I adore the scalloped top of the bag,but am confused (as I often am!) as in the bottom pic it doesn’t look scalloped. The green is wonderful and I’m in awe of your zippers,I just can’t do them. Pls. LMK if this would be for sale. Have a great time tonight!

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    1. Lynn; Sewing is really my main source of entertainment and mental stimulation these days. It just gives me something to do during evenings that might otherwise be spent watching TV.

      And you’re right on with what I like about making these bags. I can try out an idea, or a fabric combo without committing to a large project. And it’s also something that I can and will finish! And when I’m done, I have something that I can give as a gift or keep for later, etc…

      And about the top of the bag being scalloped. It’s not. It’s wavy because it’s not finishes and the handles are hanging oddly and pulling down pieces of the top of the bag.



  3. I so enjoy reading your newsletter every day. There you are on the West Coast and I’m on the East in South Carolina. Our forsythias are just blooming also.
    Your dogs are adorable. I love the one whose ear is always down — must be Rico. When viewing the picture of Bender in the Daisies, I thought you should really post it on I do online puzzles everyday, Keeps my mind active. You can go into the site and choose from hundreds of pictures people load into the site. You then choose how many pieces you want and the design of the pieces and whether you want to be able to rotate the pieces. There’s several categories of pics. The dog and cats are very popular and there is also a quilt category. I enjoy doing quilt puzzles because they are more difficult with the different fabrics. Again the website is And I will continue to follow your newsletter each day. It’s the only one I subscribe to.


    1. I occasionally do jigsaw puzzles on my iPad. And… I have a jigsaw puzzle on my dining table that I haven’t touched in at least a month! I don’t know why I’m finding it so daunting. Thanks for the link!


  4. The boys look so handsome! I had to google nutria, never heard of them, they sound awful 😣! My cow, I would be afraid 😳 to be anywhere near them! Enjoy your St. Patricks day dinner!☘️

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    1. Nutria: basically big ass rats! I’ve actually seen one on the trail. I’ve heard stories of them being aggressive. I’d just rather not run into one in the dark!



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