Friday… Finally

Well, it’s finally Friday. Only six more sleeps and I will be on 1.5 weeks vacation. Oh, sweet vacation!

Rico has a sheep herding lesson tomorrow morning outside Molalla, Oregon, and then I have to hightail it home to be on the radio for three hours to wrap up our fundraising drive. It’s been a busy ten days.

Here I am live on the radio Thursday morning from my sewing room.

We’ve had a rainy few days. We started out our afternoon walk in a light mist and by the end of it, this is what was happening…

It took me forever to dry out. And it was not easy to get my drenched clothes off so I could warm up. But the boys REALLY enjoyed getting toweled off when we got home.

I was happy to have a lovely and mostly dry evening walk.

And I found some time to hit my sewing room when we got back. I managed to finish up the second blue and yellow bag panel.

That yellow fabric on the side will be the lining. it’s one of the yellow fabrics on the curved blocks of this bag.

And I managed to get one panel quilted.

Here’s some eye candy…

I just love those pops of pint and turquoise.

I love the way it all sparkles under my needle!

The dogwood trees are in full bloom and I just love them. Here’s one that we passed on our walk today that was the most amazing shade of pink.

And down the street from this tree is this amazing lilac bush. It’s the most amazing shade of pale pink and the individual blooms are huge.

Bender has become enamored with my new yellow bath mat. He keeps bringing it to me with great excitement and anticipation.

My house cleaning is continuing. Today I washed some baseboards and cleaned my two ceiling fans. Not much left to do to be ready for company in a few days.

16 Replies to “Friday… Finally”

  1. Isn’t it funny the things animals do! I had a cat that always brought the dish rag onto my bed whenever I was away overnight. Otherwise he never got up on the kitchen counter, let alone even looked at the dish rag. It was cute, but kinda yucky at the same time. Lol

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  2. From New Zealand – I so look forward to your news each day and I hope to make one of your bags soon.
    I’ve made a silly resolution to finish all my half started/half finished projects before I start anything new but your tutorial on the bags is my go to project once that is done. So many temptations, so little time. But you make time. I’m in admiration.

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    1. I have some unfinished projects I need to get to. But I like these bags because I can have a bit of a diversion without starting another project that I’ll never finish!


  3. Beautiful blue, yellow, orange and a pop of pink – it does sparkle! Rico and Bender still get walks in soaking rain ☺. They didn’t have that pep in their step – but still enjoyed a walk – I am guessing! Your motivational housekeeping almost in the books – kudos😄 Enjoy your company💕

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    1. My boys don’t mind walking in the rain. It beats hanging out in the kitchen as I work!

      My housekeeping is not very motivational. I’m forcing myself to get the last few things done.



  4. FYI…Flying Bulldogs has Belle Epoch in blue. I’m on Vancouver Island and I always find it interesting how your weather and ours can be separated by only a few hours. We live on a street called Dogwood and all the trees are in bloom, but they’re white….gorgeous.

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    1. Ooh! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll have to get some because I can’t find it anywhere else.

      I see an occasional white dogwood here, but the pink is much more popular.



  5. That’s pretty funny about Bender and his new fluffy yellow friend! My daughter’s aging dachshund like us to drape a small blanket over her and then she walks around trailing it like a queen or a bride!

    Sure wish I could smell those lilacs. I’ve never see pink ones before! 💕

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  6. Oh, sweet Bender! Maybe he thinks your bath mat is a new toy . Do you throw it for him? Maybe get him another one to lay on 😊! You are getting so much done, I am envious. I was outside all morning working on our garden and flowers, tuckered out! 😅

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    1. YOu are more generous than me! Instead of putting it on the edge of the tub, I hung it on the curtain rod so he can’t get to it!

      It’s still too wet here to do much gardening. I’m hoping to get my tomatoes in next weekend… fingers crossed for good weather.



  7. I just completed the Frankenbag following your excellent directions and photos. But I missed something with the zipper placket. I used the zigzagged edge to attach to the zipper. Then after sewing the bag to the lining I found that I DIDN’T have to finish the placket as directed. It already had a finished seam! That was one less step and it
    Looks great

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